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(previously Lion_Prince_Jatinder)
Jun 29, 2004
west london
There is a granth called Jhatka Nikedh granth. It is written in it that real sikhs never ate meat and never asked anybody to eat it. Their food was naam, and satnaam was powerful enough to keep their physical bodies healthy and strong..
It would be interesting to know who wrote this Jhatka Nikedh Granth? Unfortunately most of the vegeterian amrit dharis I meet or listen to parchar from don't seem to be very good at keeping a Khalsa rehit. Most of them aren't good with wearing bana, and actually not bani either - don't read full Chaupai and some might also have problems with Raagmala which is a bani in Guru Granth Sahib. Luckily a few are good with wearing dumalla but most just wear cultural indian/punjabi turbans. Also most are hopeless with shastar and probably don't know how to wear kammarkasa either, just gatray with the colonial-mandated undersized kripaan. So basically most of them are very much sehajdhari just with a turban and gatra. I wouldn't trust most of them with sikhi knowledge. Nevermind the corrupt ones that run the commitees. Being vegeterian doesn't make up for the lack of rehit present in most amrit-dharis. And the jhatka Singhs are very good at keeping rehit, I wonder why (is it the sukha, lol?) ?

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