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  1. Gyani Jarnail Singh
    this has reached part 9 jios....available on you tube as well as sikhivicharforum
  2. swarn bains
    To say diwali is not a sacred festival is one sided or ignorance. Diwali is an Indian festival which started with human coming to age. Purpose of diwali was to prepare the residence for the winter...
  3. swarn bains
    my objection to Dhonda's katha is that how he comes across. they way kathakars come across. compare him with bhai sahib singh from markanda or prof manjit singh sabka jathedar akal takhat. then...
  4. swarn bains
    Today I was listening to katha from Bangla sahaib. it is from oct 1.2016. the chapter was chandi de war. the kathakar had book which he kept looking at. he started from hindus from ancient times...
  5. swarn bains
    i am not questioning his ability to explain. telling the truth is the best thing but i am saying the way he comes out or speaks. it is a saintly congregation where the kathakars do katha. their...
  6. Aman Singh
    Honestly, i am yet to find anybody reaching his level of understanding of Gurmat values & principles and support his arguments from Gurbani at such a young age. If telling the truth spade a spade...
  7. swarn bains
    Any one can do katha because they all have certain teeka with them they follow that and then add a spice from their own mind. all preachers have their own way to explain but one thing is a must...
  8. Aman Singh
    What is radical about his interpretations? Thank you
  9. swarn bains
    he is a radical preacher
  10. Kully
    @techsingh Sir you ask (and answer) "The answer usually given is to fill Singh's with bir raas. But then how did sikhs of Guru Hargobind Shaib gain bir rass? The logical answer would be via the...

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