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Hijacking of Guru Nanak's Birthdate

Karminder Singh Dhillon PhD (Boston), argues that Guru Nanak was born on 1st Vesakh 1469, and that the date was hijacked 7 months down the calendar to Kathik...

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Thank you for this excellent presentation. You have very nicely, logically and systematically highlighted the reasons why and how Udasis and Nirmalas (with their Brahmanical underpinnings) have been so successful in distorting the Sikh psyche. Unfortunately, it continues to this day by most of our Pujarees, Babas, Deras and so-called self-proclaimed Sants most of these lack "Bibak Budh" and are inadvertently or intentionally entrenched in the same (Nirmalas') school of thought. I am very pleased that you have very thoughtfully highlighted these distortions perpetuated among Sikh masses through fabricated stories and other narratives in form of various Sakhis. Fortunately, we now have many thoughtful intellectuals like yourself who are speaking up and some are writing blogs to educate Sikh masses about the true message of Gurmat. It has been going on for number of years and I have personally benefitted a lot from their insights. On the other hand, many of these individuals/intellectuals who are writing so thoughtfully and eloquently are also becoming victims of one of the basic human idiosyncrasies - "intellectual arrogance". As you would know per Gurmat "arrogance/ haumain" is the worst human trait. I find many who write these blogs are resistant to engage in a meaningful dialogue to dig deeper into this bottom-less ( Athaa, Agham) pit of Gurmat Gyan.

Coming back to your presentation; I am of the view that it is good to figure out what is right date of birth of Guru Nanak Sahib; however, I would also say it is of less importance. Such celebrations ( Gurpurbhs) whether they are in Vesakhi or Katak are less of a value to Sikhs than the degree to which we reflect on Gurmat on these celebratory days. This does not apply only to Guru Nanak Sahib's birth day, it applies to all Gurus and their so-called birthdays/ Gurupurbhs. Focus needs to be on Gurmat so that every day is a celebration, everyday is a gurpurbh, everyday is the birthday of Guru Nanak Sahib - Vasakhi or Katak is of less significance. It is not how you started your presentation with Bhai Gurdas Ji's Var 1, Pauri 27 " HOVIEY KIRTAN SDA VASOA. Guru Fetah!

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