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Here's the proof: Yogi Bhajan's Sikh Dharma is not Sikhi

Jasjeet Kaur explores Yogi Bhajan's deceitful, inaccurate, and often laughable "Victory and Virtue: Ceremonies and Code of Conduct of Sikh Dharma," pinpointing and explaining exactly how this text differs from actual Sikh religion. Even though it is often unintentionally hilarious, this text sets a dangerous precedent and is having a negative impact on the Sikh world.
yogi bhajan singh was a customs officer at delhi and then migrated to canada and then to usa.he was a very smart man. he had good knowledge of gurbani.he saw that the western culture is hungry for something and either meditation or following sggs alone was not enough to convince them. so he mixed them up and suceeded in becoming a guru. he was even indulged in sexual affairs with many woman. he was also charged by one woman but in the court it was proved that it was with mutual concent and he survived. otherwise he could have been sent to India like rajneesh if found guilty

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