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yogi bhajan

  1. Here's the proof: Yogi Bhajan's Sikh Dharma is not Sikhi

    Here's the proof: Yogi Bhajan's Sikh Dharma is not Sikhi

    Jasjeet Kaur explores Yogi Bhajan's deceitful, inaccurate, and often laughable "Victory and Virtue: Ceremonies and Code of Conduct of Sikh Dharma," pinpointing and explaining exactly how this text differs from actual Sikh religion. Even though it is often unintentionally hilarious, this text...
  2. S

    Yogi Bhajan

    I have been watching videos on You Tube which has goreh Sikhs in America talking about Sikhism, naam, bani, japji sahib etc. I have found these videos really good and insightful and have learned a lot. One guy in particular is Guruka Singh who seems to talk a lot of sense and is well...
  3. svea00

    Sects White Sikhs, White Clothes?

    Sat sri akal everyone! I have a question that has been bothering me for quite a while. Why do these white sikhs in the us, but also in europe wear white clothes and white turbans? Has it something to do with kundalini yoga, cause I´ve seen them wearing white too. Beyond that... another...
  4. K

    Hello, And A Question About Yogi Bhajan

    Hi Everybody! As a child, I had a Christian background. I converted to Paganism in 1984. After a long period as a Pagan, I've recently come to the conclusion that the universe is under 'centralised management', and that it is best to recognise the One God behind all the many forces of...