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Whataboutery on 'Suraj Prakash', Dera Polarisation, & Verbal Voilence

Sat Sri Akaal,

Negativity, from IGNORANCE,

Leads to Kam Krodh Lobh Moh Ahankaar.

all this is manifestation of outer conflicts.

Suniye Dukh (Negativity) Paaap (Vices) Ka Naas.

Awareness and Getting TRUTH is resolve.

Those have half perceptive TRUTH though intellect, have arrogance of knowledge.

For RICH and POWERFULL and with POSITION, MY WAY IS RIGHT combined with either RICHNESS, INTELLECT or POWER. is conflicting and is Intellectual ARROGANCE..

Weak, humble and without position may have the RIGHTEOUS perspective, but will not be LISTENED.

ONE must listen with SUCH( some space) in MIND for LEARNING of TRUTH.

All this is leading to DERAVAAD and Conflict.

All are having there Half TRUTHs and protecting there way. Though no one is wrong but in the MIDWAY of learning.

Guru's Bani profess to leave the intelligence and follow the path of OBEDIENCE and FAITH.

TRUTH is ONE and can not be DUAL.

Objective VISION can resolve the conflict and will bring DERA VAAD to ONE.

It is going to happen.

The awareness re infused and re evoked is to bring re Connect to ONENESS and ONE by NATURE.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
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it is internet age. so it is time to get rid of derawad. put everything on the internet what you know. sikhs do not have much literature that is why suraj parkash gained popularity. time to clarify it. stop katha in western gurdwaras. sggs is so large and so much to learn from, we should not do katha of anything else

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