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Reply To Giani Kulwant Singh Ludhiana Wale | ਮਾਈ ਭਾਗੋ ਦਾ ਕੀਤਾ ਨਿਰਾਦਰ | Baljeet Singh Delhi

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Sat Sri Akaal,

Its a metaphor, its not being naked physically, but can expose or express male or female 100% of mind.

One must have the resolve to criticism, and the right direction.

Mind which is attuned to Guru's bani virtues, even there Mind are fully exposed, like in dope test, they have grace enhance as the pure state gets validated with tests. With test validation there reputation is further exalted, as being tested pure thought which are cause of speech and action.

Guru's Bani is eternal not only external.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalasa
Wahegur Ji Ki Fateh
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Sat Sri Akaal,

Angle which is not reflected, which are basics of spirituality.

There is always a inner perspective and an outer perspective. Spiritual education is inner perspective but the worldly people take it outside. The worldly perception of religious education has duality confusion, on the contrary, inner objective perception is ONE has no duality.

One is the basic principle of SIKHISM.
If there is duality we are far away from learning.

360 degree view Parikarma of shabad is must to get the objectivity so that subjective versions of different mind set to merge in one objective.

While reading any of spiritual education text, outright rejection of thought comes if it is only external It will be dual and rather multi faced.

So first principle is
Inner journey reflection
ETERNAL Outer and Inner connect.

These are the basis of spiritual education.
Else word is a worldly perception.

It's from the above education principles, this conclude is given.

I am Neither a historian nor a literary book man even not read Suraj Parkash, but with times have understood basic logics and analytics view or spiritual education, any spiritual text is read with same intention, and with this awareness, sure as the Name is there it is not outer Suraj but inner vision, of operating system.
With the first principles what is discussed is not passing the stone test. The inner perspective is missing. Only nudity is seen and discussed.

Male and female have different nature, if the female mind routines are not exposed by a noble female, one can not get female. One can not be spiritually awakened, and compassionate for female, one will be fixed to nudity, and get beyond, the inner operative, as the mind is non responsive to female psychology.

One is Oneness.

Waheguru Ji Ki Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
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Sat Sri Akaal,

If one look at religion as ritual and outer operative, and loose the inner connect, which is cause of any religious form. There is initiation and advancement in understanding of inner awareness, each leading to supremacy over other, mistreating the older forms.

But if the inner connect is there, objectively all world religions give same inner awareness, with transitory difference.

EGO, Haume, Ahankaar, etc are same object with different translations.

GOD Generator Operator Distroyer
Brahma Vishnu Mahesh
Jo Upjyo So Binas Hai is same natural phenomenon with translittory difference

Events which has birth has to die.

The supremacy of thoughts, arrogance attached to intellect, leads to supremacy and arrogance, which is cause of conflicts and wars.

For EG Windows 10 shows supremacy over DOS
Sans Kriti was initiation but one has to understand architecture of alphabets, and
english is prevalent because of simplicity l and o can make all 26 letters. Hindu has supremacy of CREATOR of communication system.

Gurbani Educated Breath is Creator Language is Co Creator and Humans shall not equal them with CREATOR. This is to sublime arrogance of researchers. and scientific communities.

English is simple and widely used so supremacy of Language is Dominant.

Obedience and Faith are better ways, intellectual arrogance of acquired learning for survival, with lost understandin that survival operations are already pre ordained by Nature.

Bhugt Gyan Experience Learning of Inner Awareness
Daya Bhandaran Nature has blessed to all
Ghat Ghat Vajey Naad The impulse is in all living
Aap Nath Nature is support
Naathi Sab Ja key And operative system is attached to all.
Rich Sidh Awara Sath To roshi, sidhis and all.
Sanjog Viyog Attachment and Deattachment due to acquire learning and arrogance
Dohey Kar Challavey Are two ways.
Lekhey Awey Bhag Pre Ordained are destined accordingly.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fates
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