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Sidh Ghoshat

Intellectual Discourses in English Language on Sidh Ghoshat by Dr Karminder Singh Dhillon

Media comments

  • Ragmala
    Sat Sri Akaal, Learned Society Gursikhs Will work on spiritual training before dusk and after dawn. There will be no fake bhai, raagis, all...
  • Ragmala
    Sat Sri Akaal, Limit is Anand Bani ie awareness of right and wrong as regular curriculum ie Nitnem, but the transformative when pruning...
  • Ragmala
    Why does it seem that Brar Saab wasn't even interested in listening to Dr. Karminder Singh ? XD
  • Ragmala
    Sat Sri Akaal, Rags are expression that repeatedly erupts within to make sound of Shabad, by virtue of acquired learning. There was reference of...
  • Guru Nanak's Sikhi: Spirituality for the 21st Century | Dr Karminder Singh
    Sat Sri Akaal, TRUTH beyond time. . It is always for all time. More humans are understanding to that level in 21st century, because of better...