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  1. D

    Gurdwara Manji Sahib Guru Gobind Singh Needs Urgent Reconstruction

    Gurdwara Manji Sahib Guru Gobind Singh Needs Urgent Reconstruction Dr Dalvinder Singh Grewal Professor Emeritus Desh Bhagat University After visiting Paunta Sahib and Bhangani our plan was to go to...
  2. Dalvinder Singh Grewal

    Gurdwara Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Hari Parbat, Sri Nagar

    Gurdwara Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Hari Parbat, Sri Nagar Dr. Dalvinder Singh Grewal After visiting Leh in Ladkh and Kargil we reached at night in Gurdwara Sixth Guru (Chhati Patshahi) in Srinagar and paid our obeisance. Before we visit ther Gurdwaras in Kashmir our plan was to start by visiting...
  3. IJSingh

    Sikhi The Sikh Principles & Practices

    I confess that I am addicted to political debate. The ethos encourages good governance for the benefit of the poorest of the poor. In the exciting - but trying reality - of present day political passions and campaigns for the impending elections in the United States, I caught a sane and...
  4. seekingsikhi

    First Trip To The Gurdwara!

    WAHEGURU JI KA KHALSA! WAHEGURU JI KI FATEH! Sangat ji, I went to the gurdwara for the first time last night. Not literally the first time: I've walked in to matha taykna or meditate before, but this was the first time I actually went and spent time with the sangat and sang kirtan and "did"...
  5. Gyani Jarnail Singh

    Hard Talk Racists And Bigots Are Amongst Us. How Would You Have Reacted'?

    Shared by Tegh Singh, Toronto, Ontario, Canada This is a rant about something that happened to me yesterday that really bothered me. I don't entirely know how to talk about it, so I'll just start from the beginning. My 9 month old daughter (Kiran) and I are in the Brampton area and decide to...
  6. IJSingh

    Sikh Some Bridge Building

    I know I am not alone in this exercise but I have often wondered about the facility with which our gurduaras multiply. I remember when my standing response, admittedly a somewhat tasteless joke, to non-Sikhs who asked if we had a Sikh place of worship nearby was in the genre of black humor...
  7. IJSingh

    General To Remember & To Celebrate

    Just days ago The New York Times carried an obituary of Yitzah Navon. He was the fifth President of Israel, serving from 1978 to 1983. Yes, he was a good Jew and one of Israel’s founding fathers. But he was 94, and death must come to all. Yitzah Navon’s biography reads like the life story of...
  8. Tejwant Singh

    Interfaith Shades Of The Old Punjab - Sikhs, Hindus Helping Rebuild Mosques In Punjab

    Across rural Punjab, Sikhs and Hindus are helping restore mosques destroyed during Partition. The Ghuman family of Sarwarpur, near Ludhiana, cannot understand what the fuss is about. Ever since Sajjan Singh Ghuman, an NRI Sikh living in England, rebuilt a mosque in his native village that was...
  9. L

    We Went To Gurdwara For The First Time!

    It was wonderful! I left feeling destressed, peaceful, and energized. If anyone is thinking about attending gurdwara and is nervous, don't be! I emailed the gurdwara and met a member there who helped me. I took my 4 year old daughter with me too and spent about 30 mins with the kids. They gave...
  10. R

    Gurdwara In San Francisco City

    guys Sorry but didn't know where to post this. I'm traveling to SF and can't find a gurdwara right in the city. The only one I'm finding is 20 miles outside of the city which would need a car rental. Does anybody know of one in the city itself Thx
  11. aristotle

    UK Permission Cancelled For Meat Plant Near Gurdwara In Bradford, Britain

    In a first legal victory for the Sikh community in Britain, the planning permission for the setting up of a meat plant near a gurdwara in northern Britain's Bradford city was cancelled by the Bradford City Council Wednesday. Councillor David Green, who heard the "grave concerns" of local...
  12. R

    Charity At Gurdwara

    Folks I didn't know where the post this really. I have a question about charity at gurdwaras. I visit multiple gurdwara often during the week since they are all in my route between jobs. As everybody does, I donate a few dollars every time I go but never get a receipt since those are usually...
  13. aristotle

    A Majestic Makeover For Australia's First Gurdwara

    Progress on the reconstruction of Australia's first gurdwara sped up this week as builders prepare for the arrival of decorative domes from India. Over the Christmas break, fibreglasser Harwinder Saggu travelled from Punjab to Woolgoolga, a town in the Australian province of New South Wales...
  14. spnadmin

    UK In Eight Months The Gurdwara Has Already Made A Big Impact On Glasgow

    In eight months the Gurdwara has already made a big impact on city See slide show at this link http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/home-news/in-eight-months-the-gurdwara-has-already-made-a-big-impact-on-city.23101758 CAROLYN CHURCHILL AFTER more than 10 years in the planning, it finally...
  15. aristotle

    India Bihar Chief Minister Refuses To Cover Head In Gurdwara, Irks Sikh Community

    Bihar CM Nitish Kumar has stoked a controversy after he refused to cover his barehead inside a gurudwara on Thursday evening. Nitish had gone to Bal Leela Gurudwara to inaugurate a six-storied rest house. Nitish was accorded a grand reception by the Sikh community at his visit to the gurudwara...
  16. FranglophonePunjabi

    My First Visit To Gurdwara In A Decade!

    I hope it is okay to start new thread, I have another one from about 5 months ago but the things I would like to say are different, so I think it makes more sense to start a different discussion.Since the last time I was here, I have been doing a lot of reading and a lot of exploring. The past 5...
  17. aristotle

    India Visakhapatnam Gurdwara Attacked, Receives Heavy Damages

    5 October 2013: A mob reportedly attacked the Gurdwara Nanak Darbar, Vijay Nagar, Visakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh) and set the Gurudwara on fire causing major damage. All glass windows and furniture have been destroyed in the fire that was set by the mob. The care takers of the Gurudwara were...
  18. H

    Arts/Society Gurudwara Done Enough Or Not ?

    Back on the street: Sunita Naik in the salwar kameez that was gifted to her by the gurdwara, upon her return to the pavement near it A month after finding new home, ex-editor back on pavement Mumbai: Nearly a month after Sunita Naik and her ageing Pomeranian Sashi found a new home with...
  19. Admin

    Africa's Oldest Gurdwara (Video/ਵੀਡੀਓ)

    010912 Africa's Oldest Gurudwara (Est.1903) - YouTube
  20. spnadmin

    USA Conference On Sri Guru Granth Sahib At Sikh Gurdwara San Jose On Sept 14

    Conference on Sri Guru Granth Sahib at Sikh Gurdwara San Jose on Sept 14 By Parmjit Singh http://www.sikhsiyasat.net/2013/09/08/conference-on-sri-guru-grant-sahib-at-sikh-gurdwara-san-jose-on-sept-14/ San Jose (September 08, 2013): It is learnt that Sikh Gurdwara San Jose and Chardi Kalaa...