First Trip To The Gurdwara!

Discussion in 'New to Gurdwara' started by seekingsikhi, Dec 28, 2017.

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    Sangat ji,
    I went to the gurdwara for the first time last night. Not literally the first time: I've walked in to matha taykna or meditate before, but this was the first time I actually went and spent time with the sangat and sang kirtan and "did" the Ardas. (I use the quotation marks because I don't have them memorized so I didn't actually say them.)

    When I first walked in there were only two people in the langar hall: one of the kirtani and Bhai Kulbir Singh. They both sort of stared at me at first with a very surprised look, but it turns out that was because their website hadn't been updated in awhile and I was very early. We spoke for a long time about how I came to Sikhi and what resources I have been using to learn on my own, etc. More people began to arrive and we all went upstairs.

    Sangat ji, when rehraas sahib began it was like....almost like a warm sea breeze blowing through me. When the kirtan began, it was as though the sun was glowing inside my chest. And when SGGS passed me during sukhaasan, I felt tears welling up in my eyes. It was like coming home.
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    thanks for sharing,bro !
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    Lol Gurdwarras were made by God's orders. They're divine and a solace to many in the khel. Theyre symbolic of your own divine temple that's within u. When u sit in a Gudwarra and listen with love, you're just going back home into the temple of the Self. You can continue this feeling throughout your life whenever and wherever u are.

    I could meditate in a club when I was at university. I didn't drink or smoke and used to look around at people and see God in everything, In all the maya finding peace in the middle of the chaos.

    He's ever present, so look within yourself and you'll discover that U Are the Peace.

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