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  1. Archived_Member16

    Non-Sikhs On Sikhism

    Non-Sikhs on Sikhism Some thoughts of modem writers on Sikhism and Gurbani. Rev. H. L. Bradshaw After thoroughly studying the philosophy of Sikhism, Rev. H. L. Bradshaw observed: Sikhism is a Universal world Faith, a message for all men. This is amply illustrated in the writings of the...
  2. HannahBanana


    Hi, I have a question about hair. I don't know if anyone asked this question already, so here goes. Sikhs are not supposed to cut their hair. But what is Sikhism's view on dying hair and/or straightening it? Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh...
  3. B

    Islam Women In Sikhism And Islam

    I was wondering about how good or bad is the status of women in Sikhism is as compared to Islam.
  4. Randip Singh

    Fools Who Wrangle Over Flesh

    FOOLS WHO WRANGLE OVER FLESH FOREWARD The authors of this paper (one a vegetarian and one meat eating Sikh) wrangled hard with their own common sense which told them, dont be a fool and start wrangling over an issue which our great Gurus dismissed as not worthy of discussion. We did...
  5. N

    Is It A Sin For A Sikh To Marry A Non-Sikh?

    A friend questioned me on this topic... "Is is a SIN for a SIKH to marry a NON-SIKH regardless on whether or not the Sikh converts to his/her partners religion." I hope that we can have an open discussion about this and I can eventually get a right answer to it... QUESTION: Q1) Is it a sin...
  6. S

    Short-hair Ban On Gurudwara Marriages

    There's a new ban on "short-haired" people getting married in the gurdwara. Discuss. (I'll post my views soon). <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0"></a>
  7. K

    Sikhism And Homosexuality

    Whats are your thoughts on Homosexuality and Sikhi? It could be either way. for Homosexuality.... 1. you wont be judged on your sexuality but your deeds 2. if homosexuality is wrong, why did god create it? Against it... 1. god made adam and eve for one another, not man for man, or...
  8. R

    Christianity Why Do I Believe In Jesus? An Ex-sikhs Journey In Faith

    Why do I believe in Jesus? (An ex-Sikh’s Journey in Faith) What makes Christianity different from all other religions in the world? Why is Jesus different from the likes of, Mohammed, Buddha, Guru Nanak, Krishna and Rama? Let me begin by emphasizing that I am not going to get into the details...