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  1. T

    Covering Kesh While Eating And Doing Other Activities

    WjKKWJKF... one of my relative argued and questioned me about the need and purpose of covering one's kesh while eating and going to bathroom (offcourse for attending nature's call). I told that while cooking and eating a sikh should cover his/her head so that his hair do'nt get into food...
  2. P

    Is Meat Eating By Sikhs Acceptable In Sikhism Or Not?

    When Amrit Sanchar is done in Gurdwaras the acting PANJ PIARAS advise the Amrit Dharies that, inter alia, they will not eat meat. In Sikh Gur Maryada (Book of Sikh Ethics) it is nowhere mentioned MEAT is taboo. In Guru Arjan Sahib's Langar meat was served. It was only dispensed with at the...
  3. S

    General Is Eating Non-Vegetarian Not Allowed To A Human Being?

    Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh ! I am starting with one of the questions on which I had a lot of discussion with many of my friends and would like to know from all of you. What's your opinion... Is eating Non-vegetarian consider to be fine for a human being? Well, what I...
  4. Archived_Member16

    Opinion Eating Red Meat Boosts Chance Of Premature Death

    Eating red meat boosts chance of premature death Adding one extra daily serving brings 20% higher risk of dying, study shows By ERYN BROWN, MCT - March 14, 2012 Eating red meat - any amount and any type - appears to significantly increase the risk of premature death, according to a long...
  5. G

    May Sikhs Eat Kosher Foods Other Than Meat?

    I was just wondering if it was ok to eat kosher foods that arent meat. Like fruits, vegtables and juices and stuff.
  6. G

    Eating Foods Cooked In Alcohol

    You aren't allowed to eat foods cooked in alcohol because it still remains even after the food is cooked right? Also, does anyone know if they use alcohol to make food in indian restaurants like the meat appetizers at parties?
  7. spnadmin

    The Claim: Eating Ginger Helps Reduce Muscle Pain And Soreness

    Ginger’s ability to calm an upset stomach is well known. But more recently, scientists have wondered whether its soothing effects might extend to sore muscles. Ginger, a member of the same plant family as turmeric, contains anti-inflammatory compounds and volatile oils — gingerols — that show...
  8. spnadmin

    Arts/Society The Sacred Act Of Eating

    Deepa S. Iyer Researcher, Innovations for Successful Societies In my great grandmother's house in Thanjavur, a small town in Tamil Nadu, every meal represented an elaborate ritual. Each night, she washed a fresh set of clothes for the next morning (always a colorful nine yards sari and its...
  9. Archived_Member16

    How Could Fish Die By Eating The Prashad In Darbar Sahib? ਜੇ ਮੋਟੇ ਢਿੱਡਾਂ ਵਾਲੇ ਜੱਥੇਦਾਰ ਕੜਾ&#261

    BACKGROUND: 5 dozen fish found dead in Golden Temple sarovar G.S. Paul Tribune News Service Amritsar, September 21 More than five dozen fish were found dead in the sarovar of Golden Temple today. The management of the holy shrine today called upon experts to ascertain the exact cause...
  10. Admin

    Sikhism A Debate On Meat Eating With Bhai Hari Singh Ji

    YouTube - Gurmat Ansar Maas Nirnay Part 1 YouTube - Gurmat Ansar Maas Nirnay Part 2 YouTube - Gurmat Ansar Maas Nirnay Part 3
  11. G

    Eating Human Flesh?

    what about eating human flesh in Sikhism? as long as the human was not ritually slaughtered, of course... maybe it would be preferable to kill the human by Jhatka method.. (although i don't see the logic there, because Jhatka is hindu method of sacrificing animals to Kali, but ok) the question...
  12. Setarah

    General Is Eating Meat Allowed In Sikhism?

    Sat Sri Akal 2 all, I've got a question.. I've always been wondering this.. Couldn't get a clear anwser on my question.. But is eating meat allowed in Sikhism? As far as I know.. it is allowed.. But why do some Sikhs prefer to be vegeterian then? Hope u can help me out with this ( btw this...
  13. Randip Singh

    Benefits Of Eating Meat

    In direct reply to the vege-fascist post!!! Sorry folks to stoop to their level!! http://www.iloveindia.com/nutrition/recipes/non-veg-dishes/goodness-of-meat.html Health Benefits of Eating Meat There are innumerable health benefits of eating meat, to say, for example, it serves as a...
  14. J

    Disadvantages Of Eating Meat

    Waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ke fateh An excellent video on disadvantages of eating meat. http://youtube. com/watch? v=ZzFC7QP628A&mode=related&search=
  15. Randip Singh

    Fools Who Wrangle Over Flesh

    FOOLS WHO WRANGLE OVER FLESH FOREWARD The authors of this paper (one a vegetarian and one meat eating Sikh) wrangled hard with their own common sense which told them, dont be a fool and start wrangling over an issue which our great Gurus dismissed as not worthy of discussion. We did...
  16. V

    Beef Eating In Sikhism

    Ek Oankar Wahiguru Ji Ki Fateh Das wants to say that yes he eats beef. And it was decided on 14/08/2004 evening in meeting between many a Sikhs that Sikhs must eat beef.This is an ample proof that we are not Hindus. more Detail will follow tomorrow but reply are requested.