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  1. spnadmin

    Best Video For 10th Anniversary SPN Celebration Thread - Vote Now!

    In less than 24 hours Delhi time SPN will be 10 years old. A celebration thread will be coming up on the minute. It seems that SPN went live at 10:14 am US time which would have been approximately 7:30 pm Delhi time, or thereabouts. The first post, that I can find, was a translation of the...
  2. spnadmin

    Cannot Find A Thread ? Try "Search By Tag."

    Cannot Find A Thread ? Try "Search by Tag." Search by Tag is a way to find threads by aiming a simple "tag" search at a target. There are times when forum members report that they cannot find a thread from using the SPN "Search" tab. This has even happened to me. The problem comes about...
  3. spnadmin

    Gurpreet "Peter" Sarin: American Idol Top 40! Appreciation Thread

    Meet Gurpreet Sarin – American Idol 2013 Top 40 Spoilers By: Matthew Boyer http://americanidolnet.com/meet-gurpreet-sarin-american-idol-2013-top-40-spoilers/ Gurpreet “Peter” Sarin is the next name on the Top 40 singers list for American Idol Season 12 spoilers. Gurpreet may be about...
  4. Admin

    Devinder Pal Singh Appreciation Thread

    Devinder Pal Singh, Indian Idol Contestant 2012 An Appreciation Thread Principal Sukhwant Singh gave us Ishmeet Singh and now he has delivered with Devinder Pal Singh, the 17 year old prodigy, who has shot to fame in a matter of days! We have been following his progress from his first...
  5. spnadmin

    Gurus Martyrdom Of Guru Teg Bahadur (1621 - 1675)

    Tayg Bahaadar simaree-ai ghar nau nidh aavai dhaa-e This is a beautiful tribute in remembrance of Guru Teg Bahadur, rendered in the classic Karnatic style of raag, by Srikant Bhakre. Hope you like it! YouTube - Bhajan - Jo Nar Dukh Guru Tegh Bahadur, 1621-75 A Brief History Born...
  6. M

    Atheism Questions About Blasphemy And Atheism

    I created this thread for those people who are on the fence... perhaps, its good if you hear both sides of the story so you can make up your mind. Ill start.... my first question is, to the believers of course: 1. Why do you believe in god? 2. Why are you religious? :D:happy::happysingh:
  7. K

    Enough Is Enough

    Enough Is Enough Stop Sacrilege Now, Sikh Panth Sends Clear Message WSN Bureau After days of immense patience in the face of highly provocative actions of some sections of the Ravidasia community, the Sikh panth has finally decided to show its resolve and tell the wayward elements...
  8. spnadmin

    1984 Anti-Sikh Pogrom 1984 Commemorative Videos Operation Bluestar

    YouTube - Behind Sikh massacre in india - witness YouTube - 1984: The Sikh Holocaust YouTube - Operation Bluestar - Sikh Holocaust
  9. Admin

    How To Edit A Thread?

    This video shows how to edit a thread in the vBulletin forum software. YouTube - vBulletin - How to Edit a Thread
  10. Admin

    How To Attach Images On A New Thread?

    This tutorial shows how you add an attachment to a post in vbulletin forum software. YouTube - vBulletin - Attachment on a new thread. YouTube - Vbulletin Tutorial How to upload attachments photos YouTube - vBulletin - Attachment on a new thread.
  11. Archived_Member_19

    Leisure Trivia Thread

    Rules: Max 2 hours allowed to post answers before answer is disclosed and new question posed ( keep checking frequently) :advocate: Only one try per question per member Fastest answer gets 1000 points Answers coming in ater half hour get max 500 points, after one hour get 250 and 100 for...
  12. R

    Why Don't Sikh Girls Want To Marry Sikh Guys? Solution!

    WAHEGURU JI KA KHALSA WAHEGURU JI KI FATEH... First of all... let us recognize the root cause. Most of the SIKH guys dont have an answer to the question "What is the importance of hair on our body?" to find an answer.... I'll give u a situation... suppose a person saved ur life but instead he...
  13. dalsingh

    Out Of Interest - Why Was The Thread Closed?

    I was having an interesting debate with Amar Sanghera in the thread started by Randip Paaji about freedom of speech in Sikh Sangat forum when the thread was abruptly closed. I'm just curious as to why that is? Can some sewadar of the site please illuminate me as to why this action was taken...
  14. spnadmin

    Is Anyone Else Having A Problem Loading Gurdwara Search Engine Thread?

    Respected forum members -- Last evening and this morning I have been trying to see what Rajwinder has said about creating a Gurdwara search engine. Since thread notifications are sent to my phone by email, I can get to it that way. However the thread will not load on the computer, no matter what...
  15. T

    General Can You Tell Me If This Thread Is A Spam?

    http://www.sikhphilosophy.net/anand-sahib/14306-sale-xbox-360-cheap-price-150usd.html#post46622 it´s looks in wrong place, and spamming message. :}:-):
  16. Randip Singh

    Fools Who Wrangle Over Flesh

    FOOLS WHO WRANGLE OVER FLESH FOREWARD The authors of this paper (one a vegetarian and one meat eating Sikh) wrangled hard with their own common sense which told them, dont be a fool and start wrangling over an issue which our great Gurus dismissed as not worthy of discussion. We did...
  17. L

    Sects The 3HO Debate Thread

    The 3HO Debate Thread Please keep it clean and cool WJKK WJKF Today I was quite alarmed to find out about several sites that where on 3HO and its former leader “yogi” Bhajan. I’m sure we have all heard about this group and it’s various “controversies” that have come up over the years...
  18. R

    Connected Thread: Sikh Girls: A Confused Lot. Are Parents To Blame?

    Thread Recreated From: Sikh Girls - a Confused Lot - Are Parents to Blame? Proud Singh said: It is the duties of our parents to teach us about our religion and culture but that alone cant show youths the right way. One must be willing to learn and abide by the teachings.I know of parents...
  19. devinesanative

    Connected Thread: Quran - To All Sikh Students

    Dear Scholars, As most of the Religious Books Koran , Bible and others including SGGS are written by using words from various languages . And almost all the religious books are written in poetic way . And most of them include parables , allegories , Metaphores and Semaphores. And also it...
  20. N

    A Classic SPAM Thread

    I'm sure some of you guys have seen this type of thread on other forums, its an either-or game. The thread goes like this: I'll ask an either-or question: say, Vanilla or Chocolate? The next poster will answer either vanilla or chocolate and give a one sentence answer why, ("Chocolate because...