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Tell us which video should head off the SPN 10th Birthday Thread

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1947-2014 (Archived)
In less than 24 hours Delhi time SPN will be 10 years old. A celebration thread will be coming up on the minute.

It seems that SPN went live at 10:14 am US time which would have been approximately 7:30 pm Delhi time, or thereabouts. The first post, that I can find, was a translation of the Mool Mantar by Master Teja Singh.

To all who post regularly, and those who do not post regularly. To LEADERS and MENTORS and ALL MEMBERS!

How has Sikh Philosophy Network contributed to your "spiritual journey?"

We hope you will write a little something about your spiritual journey on that thread as a birthday card for yourself as well as the entire forum.

For the next 24 hours, would you vote to select the video you think we should use to start the thread? There are two choices. Or you can select "Other" and tell us what it is in the thread.

Hurry, because the thread will close in 24 hours.

Thank you:japosatnamwaheguru:
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