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Connected Thread: Quran - To All Sikh Students

Dear Scholars,

As most of the Religious Books Koran , Bible and others including SGGS are written by using words from various languages . And almost all the religious books are written in poetic way . And most of them include parables , allegories , Metaphores and Semaphores.

And also it is rightly said that words have no meaning , the meaning lies in the people who use it .

So, What is the Accuracy of the Intrepretation of these books ?

What about those words , sentences which are almost Misunderstood . Its so because there are as many meaning as there are as many people all over the world.

Many of the incidents prove that , People used to misunderstand the meaning of what the Gurus taught , ie it was when the Gurus where alive .

So, doesn't it seems , there are chances that people may misunderstand most of the written philosophies , when there is no one to correct them or rectify them.

Please do review this and clarify .............................

Thread Recreated From: Quran - To All Sikh Students

hpluthera said:
Dear Friend
Reading other religious books and understanding other religions is very important but it should be important only once you have understood Guru nanak.
His most time associate Bhai Mardana was a Muslim. he went to mecca and ispelled the doubts amongst Muslims who fell to His feet. Guru Nanak said Awal Allah Noor Upaiya Kudrat Ke Sab Bande Ek noor te sab Jag Upjiya Kon Bhale Kaun Mande.

To Reach the almighty Lord which is the only goal of this human life as per Gur Bani
stick to one path of Naam Simran as it is inclusive and simple. Understand all humans equals not their religion as religion does not decide who is good or bad man's good deed give him the place of respect.
Your passion is good to learn about others Bule shah said first read yourself before your read others.
Guru's Message is universal, your facination is temporary.

Read Gur Bani for guidance and Sikh History for understanding reality of Sacrifice.
HP Luthera
It is believed that Holy scriptures are breathed in by God.. His spirit guides the person writing it and then its not his own interpretation but Gods will that drives the message.

There is hence no scope for confusion in it as No scripture can be HOLY untill it has Gods spirit in it. But yes, some scriptures certainly have some elements of ambiguity in them and this shows that they maynot be INSPIRED by God.. We need to be careful in understanding this difference and reading and following ONLY THE scriptures that are completely HOLY

Shabad Vichaar by SPN'ers

Sat Sri Akaal,
Who is Sat Guru
Sat TRUTH or Pure or Non Dual

Guru Humans who have revealed the TRUTH ie Revealed Purity of word forms through logical self investigation of TRUTH.

Not by...