Gurpreet "Peter" Sarin: American Idol Top 40! Appreciation Thread


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Meet Gurpreet Sarin – American Idol 2013 Top 40 Spoilers
By: Matthew Boyer

Gurpreet “Peter” Sarin is the next name on the Top 40 singers list for American Idol Season 12 spoilers.

Gurpreet may be about 22 years old and it looks like he lives in the Washington, DC area or at least likes to perform there. This appears to be his first spin through the American Idol machine and if the rumors are true he’s made it through Hollywood Week and down to the coveted Top 20 Boys spot.

Gurpreet Sarin has a good sized YouTube channel with a stack of performances with quite a few John Legend covers as well.

We’ve pulled a few of them in here to give you a preview of Gurpreet’s sound that you can expect later this season on American Idol.


Re: Gurpreet "Peter" Sarin: American Idol Top 40!

Well, It was fun watching him on the Idol this evening.
Although, he has labelled himself as 'The Turbanator' !!

This guy is good, he's actually through to the next level, for which they get a ticket to perform in Hollywood. Yeeeeeh, he has alread gone from NY to LA, this is a good start.

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