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  1. Gyani Jarnail Singh

    Glad To Be Back On SPN

    Guru Piayario Jio.. waheguru ji ka khlasa waheguru ji ki fateh. Glad to be back on SPN after a refreshing holiday cum study tour of Gurdwaras in Punjab/India...and of course the Annual attendance at the IOSS Chandigarh...meeting with luminaries and academicians of the Panth, among them HS Virk...
  2. G

    Leisure Minor Visitors At SPN

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Guru Piari Sadh Sangat Ji My children aged 15 & 9 usually sit with me when m reading the topics at SPN. The topics they can't understand, i explain to them. I make it a point to atleast explain one topic daily. Please share ur views. Regards...
  3. dalsingh

    Learn Punjabi Punjabi SPN - Vocabulary And More

    Antonia Lets see how many different types of birds we can learn in Panjabi. I'm not sure of the English equivalent of some of the Panjabi ones I know. For instance is a tittarh a pheasant, partridge quail or what? What is a bataira? I used to think it was a pigeon but then that is called a...
  4. spnadmin

    General Change Is In The Air At SPN. Did You Notice?

    Khalsa ji! Have you tried out the new (and recent) features that are now part of the new SPN web site? Some very exciting things have happened. 1. Social networking is now possible. You can create a ring of friends who are able to write to you and all your other SPN friends behind the scenes...
  5. G

    SPN Seva - Please Donate!

    Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh! I've noticed that although there's a clear reminder that the monthly maintenance goals for this website are only $500... we hardly get more than $50 on any given month. If everyone who can regularly contribute to SPN would commit as little as $10 a...
  6. Sinister

    General Why SPN Is The Greatest!

    Why SPN is the BEST Sikh Forum Site Exaggeration? Or modesty?…I’ll let you be the judge of that! We are always nagging about how this forum needs to be changed (whether it’s constructive criticism or just plain criticism). I would like to change the tone for once and list the things I LIKE...
  7. Sherab

    Arts/Society The Original Poetry And Short Stories Of SPN Authors

    Re: Poetry Corner This poetry is all about my girlfriend... However keep in mind when I wrote this, i was not a Gursikh. The Second Guru By: *me* (note: edited for online use, all it;s right still belong to me, but i do not wish to disclose my name) Chapter One Homage to the Guru, Tamer...
  8. Arvind

    General SPN Has 5000+ Members

    Respected Friends, With great pleasure, I announce that "Sikh Philosophy Network" has more than 5000 members today (19th July 2007). Veer Aman Singh provided this online platform (in June 2004) to cyber sangat, where we all come and learn. Forum leaders have offered their time and efforts to...
  9. Admin

    Finally A New SPN On The Horizon!

    We are glad to annouce the all new SPN!! Many features will be restored soon. Some new features will added as well as SPN plans to transform to a full blown interactive resource on Sikhism... Till then nJoy!!
  10. L

    Returning To SPN

    Well I decided that SPN should be my internet second home! Sikhsangat was just to crazy, and SPN is full of nice and cool members, so I would like to say "SPN your the best!" I would also like to tend back to my mod duties if possible, seeing how a abruptly left last time. I will be sending...
  11. H

    Sikh News SPN Philosophers To Descend On Earth For A Discourse With " Aristotle "

    Time for SPN Philosophers to descend on earth for a discourse with “Super – civilization” philosopher’s :- welcome to Aristotle’s world. It is now well accepted that Sikh religion has been born. How ever it needs Philosopher (thinkers) for its growth from the stage of society /village / town...
  12. S

    Just Thought Of A Little Thing We Could Do For Our SPN Members

    Set up a gurbani mp3 request form. They request a shabad, or singer, we find the shabad and send it to them somehow. I just thought of this idea after I posted a request lol It would be a minor thing, make it easier for the people that dont have the time to search...we'll search for them...
  13. Admin

    Imp Annoucement: Its Time For A Major Major SPN Website Facelist

    As you all are aware, we recently completed a successful upgrade of SPN Forums software. And now, SPN is scheduled for a major major facelift keeping in mind the feedback by our members regarding that SPN should be more than a discussion forum on Sikhism but also a complete guide on sikhism like...
  14. L

    New Group For SPN?

    "Sikhs for Change" By Khalsa_starr Waheguru Ji Ki Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fetah!! Hello SPN leaders and Users (admin?), this may be old news to a few of us user here, but i felt the need to tell everyone else of an idea a few of us have in mind. A new group (or division) for Sikh Philosophy...
  15. Admin

    Leisure SPN Arcade Will Be Back Soon

    Haanji, We will reopen the arcade after resolving some technicalities... this thread will be keep you updated of progress in this front. Please bear with us till such delay. Regards
  16. Admin

    To Do List - SPN Forums Upgrade

    GurFateh Everybody !! You will be glad to know that the initial upgradation process went through quite smoothly and we are now back to our normal level of operations as far as SPN forums are concerned. Please note that some of posted messages yesterday will be restored shortly. Some of the...
  17. N

    Annoucement - SPN Forums Scheduled For Version Upgrade

    Fateh All, Its time for a change!! SPN Discussion Forum Software is slated for a big version upgrade in coming days, so please don't be surprised if our website is down for a few hours sometime in next few days. The new version promises to add some more value to your stay over here with...
  18. N

    Suggest A New Slogan For SPN

    Haanji :) Its time for a new slogan for SPN and you are invited to suggest your picks. Here are some of my picks. Reconnecting People to a Fascinating Philosophy of Sikhsim Connecting People to Sikhism What is your pick for a new slogan for SPN ?
  19. N

    General Introducing SPN Help Desk Facility

    Dear SPN Members, We are pleased to announce a new facility to you for contacting us in an organized and instant manner. In the Navgiation Menu, you can see a new option called Help Desk. So, if you have some query or complaint to make regarding forum working or want to report a bug/error or...
  20. N

    Annoucement : USA Resident Members Can Now Indirectly Support SPN. Plesae Do Read

    Fateh Ji All USA Resident Members may please note. You can now indirectly support SPN by applying for a Free Amazon Credit Card from the above captioned graphics link. Clicking this graphic link is a must for your application to be considered as one supporting SPN. :) Please do keep this...