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General Change Is In The Air At SPN. Did You Notice?


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Khalsa ji!

Have you tried out the new (and recent) features that are now part of the new SPN web site? Some very exciting things have happened.

1. Social networking is now possible. You can create a ring of friends who are able to write to you and all your other SPN friends behind the scenes without having to use private messages. Just go to your profile, and you will see a comment window where messages can be left for you. Go to the profile of another member, and leave a comment there. When someone leaves a comment for you to read, a "Notification" appears when you log on, right below the notice that you have new private messages.

2. The format of your profile has changed. It is tabbed. Now the various sections of your profile can be accessed quickly and are easier to find.

3. When you check your profile, not only will you see that there is room for people to leave messages, but you will also notice a place where the avatars of your friends are listed. This makes it easier to contact the forum members that you converse with most often. And it is quick.

4. You may have noticed that the Blogs section is now featured near the top of the SPN Home Page. You can read member blogs. And you can start your own blog. The blogs are really good reading on an evening when you don't want to get into too much conversation. And starting your own blog is a creative pastime. At times you may just want to think aloud, and a blog works.

5. The SPN Photo Album section has taken on new life. Current albums are featured on the SPN Home Page too, but they are closer to the bottom of the page. Click on an album picture, and you can leave a comment for the album's creator. Click on the tab for All Albums, and you can see all the albums. You can look through them page by page. You can also start your own album.

6. The SPN Bookstore is amazing! The book store was started a few months back. It is a storehouse of interesting reading made available to you: books on spirituality, religion, Sikh culture and history, the Gurus, and the selection is endless. The books are well-priced.

7. The SPN Calendar now includes more than birthdays. Gurpurabs are listed, as wekk as Sikh cultural events, seminars, fundraisers, and smagams around the world are also part of the calendar. You can alert us to an event in your area that you would like to have put on the calendar. Just send us a private message!

If you haven't started a circle of friends, started an album, read a book, or created a blog, now is the time to EXPERIMENT! All of these new features are a lot of fun, and make SPN a more comfortable place on the Internet. :happy:Gurfateh!

And the smilies are getting better everyday!


Jun 1, 2004
Dear Antonia,

Thanks for a wonderful synopsis of new features introduced in SPN recently. :happy: Your message coincides with the newly implemented SPN help-menu at the top of the homepage. This menu will evolve with the passage of time with the invaluable help/feedback from likes of yourself and others of course. :)

Warm Regards.


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
;) You are the person deserving all the credit. Everything was happening in the background under your direction and inspiration. Things are livelier now. The thread is open for people to share what they are doing with all these new functionalities. Let's enjoy the new face of SPN.

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