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Imp Annoucement: Its Time For A Major Major SPN Website Facelist


Jun 1, 2004
As you all are aware, we recently completed a successful upgrade of SPN Forums software. And now, SPN is scheduled for a major major facelift keeping in mind the feedback by our members regarding that SPN should be more than a discussion forum on Sikhism but also a complete guide on sikhism like an interactive encyclopedia. :)

For that matter we had to invest heavily in a professional portal system, which offers a professional looking website with minimal technicalities and at the same time looking impressive at first impression to new visitors. This investment was made possible by the generous donations made by a number of SPN members. Team SPN is alwasy grateful for your kind gesture. We hope to get your valued support in coming future as well.:wah:

It was gradully being felt that the precious knowledge base amassed in the forums was getting lost in the heap of new threads & the messages were getting lost. This portal will help us showcase some of our wonderful discussions in a easily approachable environment. This portal will introduce an comprehensive articles management system, which will reflect the precious Knowledge Base on SPN forums in a professional way. This will ofcourse take a lot of time, effort and imagination on our part and as well as on you, the guiding force ie. our members. Let us see how thing turn out to be. :)

NOTE: During this development period our discussion forums will continue to be functional as usual, but a major/minor glitch here and there would have to borne by you till the website is fully & officially ready. We hope you wont mind.

So, let us wait, watch and observe the emergence of a new SPN website coming into form in the coming weeks, ofcourse with grace of waheguru.

Cheers !!

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