1. Truthsikher31

    Is It More Important To Believe In God Or To Be A Sikh

    To be a Sikh, you pretty much believe in the existence of God. But people will argue how to be a Sikh, like I'm Sikh but cut hair, yet believe in God inside me. But there are people who are not Sikhs (Jews, Hindus, Christians, etc.) who also believe in God. If it was proven that there is no...
  2. Admin

    Heritage Why Weren’t The Muslim Rubabi Protected?

    Lost in Partition, the Sikh-Muslim connection comes alive in the tale of Guru Nanak and Bhai Mardana A descendant of the guru’s Muslim disciple speaks of the importance of the rubabi tradition in Sikhism. “Why weren’t the Muslim rubabi protected? They held such high status in Sikhism? Why were...
  3. S

    General Sikh War Memorial Uk

    I personally disagree with the campaign championed by MP Tan Dhesi for the creation of a 'Sikh' war memorial in London.. What do people think about this campaign?
  4. S

    Does Guru Granth Sahib Describe Depression?

    Does Guru Granth Sahib describe depression?
  5. Harry Haller

    Opinion What Is A Sikh? What Is Sikhism?

    Prompted by a discussion on another thread, My own answer, no idea, absolutely no idea at all, however, I do know what is not a Sikh, and what is not Sikhism, although it is all very subjective. If we take what we do know about Sikhism to be true, one fundamental aspect is that there is only...
  6. IJSingh

    Sikhi Forever A Student

    While playing with two languages at the same time -- Punjabi and English – recently an oddity grabbed me. In both, the preschooler or even one who is barely a toddler is happily labeled “student.” But so is the one in school, in college or in graduate school; no matter if he/she is barely able...
  7. Dr Karminder Singh

    Sikhi Sikh & Critical Thinking – Importance In Sikhi - Gurmat

    Meaning of Critical Thinking Critical thinking has been in the news for a long time now with various countries already having incorporated such skills in their educational schemes with some beginning right from the elementary level. What exactly is critical thinking? Some definitions ...
  8. Admin

    It’s A Wrap . A Paradise Canyon 3rd-grade Class Learns Of Sikhism And How A Turban Is Tied

    Paradise Canyon Elementary students in Mickey Block’s third-grade class expanded their horizons Wednesday, when family members of classmate Gurdaas Singh Malik paid a visit and led a turban-tying demonstration. Mom Bhupinder Kaur Malik acquainted kids with the family’s Sikhism, a religion based...
  9. M

    Is Dehdari Allowed As Satguru According To Guru Granth Sahib Ji?

    We all don’t believe in living guru (dehdari guru’s). We believe in SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI but as all sikh guru’s was (dehdari) in human being from now while debating we have to tell the other’s that dehdari or human can not be a guru after 10 guru’s. so i want to know from all of over sikh...
  10. Admin

    Opinion Your Gurudwara Appeared Like A Lighthouse In The Dark

    Stranded In Mumbai Rain, French Family Thanks Gurdwara For Help With every tragedy come incredible stories of humanity and generosity. As Mumbai struggles to deal with the mayhem caused by the heavy downpour on Tuesday, the kind-heartedness of its residents has been an example for everyone...
  11. Admin

    How ‘cut Surd’ Has Stealthily Gained Currency Among Indian Sikhs

    But elsewhere, the community is reclaiming its lost identity. by Harmeet Shah Singh If any researcher wants to study identity, I recommend s/he choose Sikhs as subject. The name Sikh is derived from the Sanskrit word for disciple or learner. Guru Nanak revealed God as a formless, divine...
  12. J

    We Must Support This Petition - Empowering Sikh Women To Administer Amrit Sanchar

    There is a petition initiated in which women will begin the " Amrit Sanchar". We must support this petition and women should get their rights because our Sikh religion is the great and foremost, it doesn't believes in caste system, then why there is a discrimination between men and women...
  13. IJSingh

    Sikh We Are Sikhs . House Divided . Or

    Mine is one Sikh’s (my) perspective on the Sikh journey; enjoyment directly proportional to the generated conversation. More thoughtful the disagreement the greater my joy. Under the lens is a project defining a place for Sikhs and Sikhi in the North American mainstream. We need it. The idea...
  14. K

    Self Curiosity Is Intuition Directing Us

    "2016 was the year I came to the realization life no longer had joy. On the outside life was satisfying from every metric society would measure success by. Internally there was a discontentment with life. After a series of difficult personal events, I decided to take a year off work and assess...
  15. S

    Why Did The Gurus Keep And Stress The Need For Horses

    Why did many gurus keep horses and told their sikhs to also keep horses. Like how guru hargobind sahib ji stressed the need for sikhs to give and have weapons and horses
  16. G

    Is It A Sin? Uplifting Women And Giving Them Practically Equal Rights In Each Custom And Ritual

    Is it a sin? Uplifting women and giving them practically equal rights in each custom and ritual of Sikh religion Thakur Dalip Namdhari did Amrit Sanchar (Baptise) by Amritdhari women to flourish amritdhari community. is it wrong or right ? Yesterday Akal Takht Sahib has announced that they...
  17. J

    My New Blog

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Just wanted to let the brothers and sisters know on here that I have started a new blog. It's still a work in progress but so fair I've gotten positive reviews. Please feel free to read it in your free time My Journey Into Sikhi
  18. Admin

    This Texan Nihang Singhni Has A Christian Mom, Muslim Father

    Harsangat Raj Kaur is one of the rarest white Sikhs who has become a Nihang Kaur takes pride in calling herself Persian-Scandinavian Singhni. She was baptized by Baba Budda Dal Jathedar Joginder Singh in 2012 during his first visit to the UK. AMRITSAR: Born to a Christian mother and Muslim...
  19. S

    I've Been Engaging On Other Forums

    I have found many of them very hostile to exegesis, I believe it is important to engage with people we disagree with or with those who disagree with me.. I think it is important to do this as otherwise I would be surrounded by like minded sycophants with whom I generally have a lot in common...
  20. S

    Reinvigorate This Site

    This website is important at this time, it offers a alternative lense through which to explore sikhi.. As visitors and contributors we are invested.. Let's be belligerent, argue, disagree etc but we must keep the dialogue going How do we do this? What will facilitate it?