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  1. Harry Haller

    Kindness, Good, Bad, Therapy

    It may help you to continue seeing a therapist, don't you think? As far as the comic goes, most people I'm sure would have an innate sense of what 'good' and 'kind' mean. For me, to be good is to do things that come from, and help develop, excellence of character. Keeping virtues like...
  2. Harry Haller

    What Is Good? What Is Bad?

    I have lots of people come into my shop, a whole cross section of people, some take the time to talk to me, some don't, I try and learn what I can from people, my pre conceived ideas have taken a tumble over the years, and my customers include solicitors, accountants, teachers, artists, drug...
  3. K

    Nature Bad News For Vegetarians! Plants Can ‘hear’ Themselves Being Eaten - And Become Defensive When Attac

    Researchers from the University of Missouri found plants respond to attack They discovered the sound of caterpillars eating made them more defensive Plants that heard caterpillar sounds released more mustard oils, which are unappealing to caterpillars and thus ward them off But plants that...
  4. IJSingh

    Khushwant Singh: Cassandra With News Good & Bad

    KHUSHWANT SINGH: Cassandra With News Good & Bad I.J. Singh Khushwant Singh, modern India’s defining man of letters has never been easy to define. Was he a good Sikhs deeply steeped in its tradition, history and literature as many Sikhs and non-Sikhs think of him or was he more in league with...
  5. Harry Haller

    Malaysia Flight MH370: Bad Weather Again Hampers Plane Search

    An air search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has again been suspended because of bad weather in the southern Indian Ocean. Australian officials said all aircraft were returning to base but ships would try to continue. On Wednesday Malaysian officials revealed fresh satellite...
  6. Archived_Member16

    India Supreme Court Concerned Over Rising Rape Cases, Says Situation Going From Bad To Worse

    Supreme Court concerned over rising rape cases, says situation going from bad to worse PTI Posted online: Mon Aug 26 2013, 20:27 hrs New Delhi : The huge spurt in rape incidents across the country, including the Mumbai photo-journalist gangrape, on Monday drew strong concerns from the...
  7. spnadmin

    Canada Good Tidings In Bad Times

    Mission: Good tidings in bad times BY KAREN SEIDMAN, THE GAZETTE DECEMBER 25, 2012 http://www.canada.com/life/theholidayguide12/Mission+Good+tidings+times/7742668/story.html MONTREAL - Everyone Micheline knows, or knew, has died. Her family, she says, is too far to drive on icy roads...
  8. S

    Omens, Bad Spirits, Was Bani Say About It

    SSA kindly enlightened me about wat baani says about bad spirits, black magic, i got ppl telling me about these and me being someone suffering from me , but i say if guru nanak cannot protect me , i believe no one can . Dis is most common pretext to go to babas, and believe me i ab seen ppl wo...
  9. S

    Why Did God Give Me A Bad Life Then Punish Me For Making It Better?

    Hi, I was born into a very poor family, I was born in a poor area of my city, My family then moved to a poorer part of the city where our house was robbed and now we been living on a council estate in another poor part of the city. My father is an massive alcoholic (typical of sikh men these...
  10. Karan vir singh

    Is Watching Hollywood Films Good Or Bad?

    i watch all latest film , i download them from torrentz one thing that bothers me is that it is time consuming, and i cand do simran or path instead help me out where am i going with this:confusedmunda:
  11. S

    Ignorant Person Giving Sikhi A Bad Name. Please Comment!

    I actually made a account on this website to show how ignorant some people like this women are. Shes a former "Sikh" and converted to Christianity who doesn't know an IOTA of Sikhism. Shes telling people that we worship our Gurus and believe in evil spirits! She said our Dharma is full of...
  12. Vikram singh

    SciTech Is It Good Or Bad ?

  13. Archived_Member16

    Bullying Extremists Give All Sikhs An Undeserved Bad Name

    source: http://www.{censored}/life/Bullying+extremists+give+Sikhs+undeserved+name/2959869/story.html Bullying Extremists Give all Sikhs an Undeserved Bad Name By Douglas Todd, Vancouver Sun - April 28, 2010 The extremist Sikhs who have gone online to threaten the life of Vancouver...
  14. spnadmin

    Atheism Richard Dawkins: The Man Who Gave Atheism A Bad Name

    Richard Dawkins – The Man Who Gave Atheism a Bad Name zenbullets.com home of matt pearson, maker of abstract things. Richard Dawkins – evolutionary biologist, popular science writer, professional atheist and all round very clever person. I’ve read a number of Dawkins’ books; he is a very...
  15. D

    Why Are Sikh Girls Behaving Bad When Far From Home/family?

  16. Vikram singh

    World Too Much Money Is Also Bad

    NRI hotelier Vikram Chatwal recently completed a rehab stint to quit drugs at a quiet Byculla hospital NRI business tycoon Vikram Chatwal, once named as one of the richest Indians and whose wedding guests included steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal and former US president Bill Clinton, spent a...
  17. Admin

    Religious Innovation - Good Or Bad?

    Any change in religious practice, organization, or belief is religious innovation. Religious innovation is seen as a departure from traditionalism. Some people believe religious innovation is inevitable because there is a permanent tension between belief in the unchanging nature of tradition...
  18. spnadmin

    Yogism Yoga's 'bad Boy' Bikram Choudhury Makes No Apologies

    Celebrity guru Bikram Choudhury, the self-described "busiest man in the world," said he always makes time to shop Robson Street. "It takes six hours," the L.A.-based yoga mogul said, before laughing: "And I buy all the junk. I love it, you know?" So in-between giving a sold-out lecture to...
  19. BhagatSingh

    Why Do Ordinary People Do Bad Things. Or Good Things?

    An awesome video presentation by Philip Jimbardo YouTube - Philip Zimbardo: Why ordinary people do evil ... or do good Enjoy
  20. Admin

    Are They Bad Mums If They Don't Breast-feed?

    Mumbai: Picture this. A newborn child is brought to the mother for its first feed. Mother and child both glow with health and happiness as they bond over this age-old ritual, which has well-documented benefits. But in the case of Simran Jha, 28, the experience wasn't quite like this rosy...