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  1. spnadmin

    (In Punjabi/ਪੰਜਾਬੀ) Mool Mantar Guru Nanak Dev Ji Punjabi Animation Sunny The Proud Sikh

    Mool Mantar Guru Nanak Dev Ji New Punjabi Animation Film 2012 Sunny The Proud Sikh - YouTube
  2. spnadmin

    Christianity Buzz Over Malachy's 'last Pope" Prophecy Outdoes 2012 Apocalypse Hype

    Why the buzz over St. Malachy's 'last pope' prophecy outdoes 2012 hype By Alan Boyle, Science Editor, NBC New http://cosmiclog.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/02/12/16940253-why-the-buzz-over-st-malachys-last-pope-prophecy-outdoes-2012-hype?lite Just when you thought it was safe to go out of the...
  3. spnadmin

    SciTech Doomsday 2012: If The Mayan Calendar Doesn't Kill Us, Solar Flares Will

    By Kathleen O'Brien/The Star-Ledger http://www.nj.com/entertainment/index.ssf/2012/12/doomsday_end_of_the_world_2012.html It's official: NASA has already reassured a grateful nation that civilization will not come to a screeching halt tomorrow, courtesy of the Mayans. The...
  4. Archived_Member16

    India Akal Takht Decisions Of November 23, 2012

    For a complete gist in English, please refer to the fifth post by Gyani Ji in this thread below. Gurfateh!
  5. bscheema

    Annual Gurmat Smagam AND Bhai Nand Lal "Goyea" Award Ceremony 2012

    Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh With due respect to all Gurusangat, I beg for your permission to gladly share with you that Gurdwara Sahib, Guru Nanak Dev University is going to organize it’s Annual Gurmat Smagam(Welcome Function)2012 to have the blessings of Guru for the new...
  6. Admin

    Devinder Pal Singh Appreciation Thread

    Devinder Pal Singh, Indian Idol Contestant 2012 An Appreciation Thread Principal Sukhwant Singh gave us Ishmeet Singh and now he has delivered with Devinder Pal Singh, the 17 year old prodigy, who has shot to fame in a matter of days! We have been following his progress from his first...
  7. SikhiStore

    Vismaad 2012 Film - Bhai Subeg Singh Shahbaz Singh

    Vismaad, who are the producers of the great animated Sikh films like Sahibzade and Bhai Taru Singh have now released BHAI SUBEG SINGH SHAHBAZ SINGH. They have been carrying out theatrical showing for a few months, and now their DVD is finally available to the Worldwide Sangat. Show Vismaad your...
  8. W

    Movies Total Recall (2012)

    A factory worker, Douglas Quaid, begins to suspect that he is a spy after visiting Rekall - a company that provides its clients with implanted fake memories of a life they would like to have led - goes wrong and he finds himself on the run. I welcome Colin Farrell's return to mainstream...
  9. findingmyway

    Sikh Coalition Diversity Video Competition 2012

    Background The Sikh Coalition invites you to participate in this year’s Diversity Video Competition! If you win first place, you’ll not only get the $1,500 cash prize but your film will be premiered at the Sikh Arts and Film Festival in New York City this November! The last day to submit...
  10. J

    Amrit Sanchar UK 2012

    Please can someone help and give me dates when the next Amrit Sanchar will happen in the UK..... I have a Very strong feeling to take the Amrit, and do not wish to pass upon this feeling please help Btw i have and am googling for dates and calling gurdwaras they say it will happen in...
  11. findingmyway

    Opinion London Marathon 2012: Paralysed Claire Lomas Reaches Finishing Line After 16 Days

    Paralysed Claire Lomas has completed the London Marathon after 16 days, becoming the first person ever to complete the race in a bionic suit. Lomas crossed the finishing line on The Mall having started the 26.2 mile route on 22 April with some 36,000 other participants. The 32-year-old...
  12. sukritkaur

    India MODERN DAY HORROR STORY,Stop Kony 2012

    Joseph Koney Profile Source: http://topics.nytimes.com/topics/reference/timestopics/people/k/joseph_kony/index.html Joseph Kony is one of the most vilified rebel leaders on the planet. He stands accused of brainwashing countless children across northern Uganda, turning the girls into...
  13. Archived_Member16

    World International Women's Day - March 8, 2012

    International Women's Day - March 8, 2012 International Women's Day - information: http://www.un.org/ecosocdev/geninfo/women/womday97.htm Women on the Verge of an Economic Breakthrough: http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/hautala1/English
  14. BaljinderS

    March 14th, Sikh Vatavaran Diwas (Environment Day) 2012

    Sikhs around the world will come together again to celebrate the Gurdgaddi of Guru Har Rai Ji again Sikh Vatavaran Diwas (environment day) for a second year in a row. On this day, Gurdwaras worldwide will focus kirtan and katha on the concept of kudrat, and participate in a number of hands on...
  15. Archived_Member16

    India Assembly Polls 2012: Akal Takht Blasts Leaders Going To Dera

    SOUL_JYOT : These are empty words / threats of Akal Talkht Jathedar. He dare not touch SAD (Badal)group. After all he is Parkash Badal's "employee", since Badal "appointed" him to his post, and thus he is accountable to the Badals ( father & son). Assembly polls 2012: Akal Takht blasts...
  16. A

    Punjabi Subaltern Summit - 2012, Chandigarh

    You are cordially invited to attend the Punjabi Subaltern Summit - 2012 www.subaltern.in Sunday, January 15, 2012, 11:00 AM to 05:00 PM ICSSR Seminar Hall, Panjab University, Chandigarh...
  17. Archived_Member16

    Opinion 2012 News Predictions: The Stories Of Tomorrow!

    2012 News Predictions: The Stories Of Tomorrow! Huffington Post - Christian Cotroneo ( christian.cotroneo@gmail.com ) First Posted: 12/29/11 10:05 AM ET Updated: 12/29/11 10:05 AM ET After a year of near-nuclear holocausts, tyrant-topplings across the Middle East and Egyptian...
  18. spnadmin

    Sikh Foundation Great Sikh Women - 2012 Sikh Arts Calendar Review

    Our Past is With Us: Launching the New Year With the Sikh Foundation Calendar Pre-Order your copy Now! Click here http://sikhfoundation-store.org/catalog/2012-sikh-foundations-great-sikh-womens-calendar-p-294.html?osCsid=7e9fc431a478a36c772e28cb31397528 jal thal mai joti birajat mat ki yahi...
  19. Archived_Member16

    Opinion Mayan Tablet Decoding Rules Out 2012 Apocalypse

    Mayan tablet decoding rules out 2012 apocalypse December 01, 2011 Adriana Gomez Licon MEXICO CITY—The end is not near. At least that’s according to a German expert who says his decoding of a Mayan tablet with a reference to a 2012 date denotes a transition to a new era and not a...
  20. lionsingh

    UK London 2012: Sikhs Allowed To Carry Daggers At Olympics

    A lot of misunderstaning on a national newspaper site...I would appreciate anyone to join in the debate as I alone cant help the right of the Kirpan. Some comments that I am faced with "Sikhs should not be allowed to carry daggers,and if they do not like it,get back to their own country" "The...