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  1. J

    Do Sikhs Believe In Heaven Or Hell?

    So, I am pretty curious. Everyday I always ask questions about religion and I sometimes doubt about god, but I still believe in him. I just have this one question," Do us Sikhs believe in heaven or hell"? For some reason, I don't want to ask my dad, because he is pretty religious and might say...
  2. Harry Haller

    Welcome To The Month Of Hell

    OK, today is Monday, and so begins possibly one of the worst 30 days in a long time, I am taking some time out this morning to plan it, be prepared for it, and ensure I align myself as closely to Hukam as possible. Firstly, money is going to be very tight , really tight Secondly, today, in...
  3. Harry Haller

    Goodbye Mr Cuddles Hello Mysticism

    Mr Cuddles is dead, I suffocated him with a pillow whilst he was preaching the value of a good cuddle. I keep making the same mistakes again and again, instead of concentrating on the core me, and understanding me, and developing me through discipline and wisdom, I seem to find it easier to...
  4. Harry Haller

    Why The Hell Am I Here

    The last 3 or 4 weeks, I have wanted answers to questions I never thought would be answered, and I seem to have found answers, not definitive answers, but certainly answers that make a reasonable amount of sense, what do the first 10 lines of Japji Sahib actually mean, and how can you gain...
  5. N

    Hello Everyone :) My Experience Of Sikhi

    Sorry all, please do not mind this thread, I will put in intro yourself
  6. spnadmin

    General Hello? Jathedars Require SGPC Approval To Form Sikh Organizations. Nanakshahi Calendar, Patna Sahib

    Meeting of Jathedars: SGPC approval must to form Sikh organizations; No decision on Nanakshahi Calendar, Patna Sahib Clash By Parmjit Singh...
  7. A


    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! I am a long-time lurker on this site, and have just registered. I'm looking for friendly, reasonable discussion about Sikhi and other topics, and this is the forum to go to for that. I am, I think, the only gora Sikh convert in Nottingham. I...
  8. Tejwant Singh

    Christianity Desmond Tutu Would Prefer Hell Over A Homophobic Heaven

    Desmond Tutu Would Prefer Hell Over A Homophobic Heaven The Huffington Post | By Yasmine Hafiz Posted: 07/26/2013 7:05 pm EDT Desmond Tutu denounced religions that discriminate against LGTB-identified people by making some very strong statements during the United Nations' launch of...
  9. Admin

    USA Michelle Obama Meets With Sikh Shooting Victims, Families

    Oak Creek - First lady Michelle Obama met at a private session Thursday at Oak Creek High School with victims and families of those killed in the Aug. 5 massacre at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin. She spoke briefly with temple secretary Kulwant Dhaliwal and Oak Creek Mayor Stephen Scaffidi...
  10. Archived_Member16

    USA Michelle Obama To Meet Families Of Sikh Temple Shooting Victims

    Michelle Obama to meet families of Sikh temple shooting victims WASHINGTON - Sat Aug 18, 2012 7:06pm EDT WASHINGTON (Reuters) - First lady Michelle Obama on Thursday will meet with families of victims of the shooting rampage at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin earlier this month, a White House aide...
  11. H

    Kirtan Hello Friend! )

    WJKK WJKF!!! Can anyone please find me a(or multiple!) Kirtan for this shabad : halae yaaraa halae yaaraa khusikhabaree | Hello, my friend, hello my friend. Is there any good news? I heard it at a smagam Vaheguru took me to, and loved it but unfortunately it wasn't recorded, or not...
  12. P

    General After Death

    what does sikhism say about swarag & narak!!!!!!!
  13. S

    Do Sikhs Believe In Heaven Or Hell Or Not?

    Hi, Cutting to the chase do sikhs believe in heaven and hell like if you do bad you go hell, if you do good you go heaven because some sikhs say 'no heaven and hell is on earth and we only believe in reincarnation and your deeds in this life will dertimine how good or bad your next life will be'...
  14. Archived_Member16

    Canada 'To Hell With Them' — Father In Honour Killing Trial Caught On Tape

    'To hell with them' — father in honour killing trial caught on tape By Rob Tripp, Postmedia News - November 14, 2011 12:47 PM L to R: Hamed Shafia, Mohammad Shafia, and Tooba Mohammad Yahya walk into the Frontenac Court courthouse in Kingston, Ont. on October 20, 2011...
  15. Scarlet Pimpernel

    Leisure Is Hell Exothermic Or Endothermic

    The following is an actual question given on a University of Washington chemistry mid-term. The answer by one student was so "profound" that the professor shared it with colleagues, via the Internet, which is, of course, why we now have the pleasure of enjoying it as well: "Bonus Question: Is...
  16. spnadmin

    Christianity Are Heaven And Hell Still Real?

    Post-Hell Christianity And Other Questions Of The Afterlife By Kim Lawton Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (RNS) For millennia, people have been trying to imagine what happens after death. Is there an afterlife, a heaven? Who gets in? And what happens to those who don't...
  17. T

    Is One Day Really Missing? (Ang 841-Bilawal Mahella 3 Vaar Satt Ghar 10)

    Dear Sadh Sangat ji and knowledgable readers of SPN. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! With the kind blessings of the Great Guru one reads His Holy Bani. I normally read a few pages everyday in my on-going Sahaj Patth from Adi to Antt. My aim is not to rush through but to read...
  18. spnadmin

    Emotional Links To Genetic Health: Biological Heaven And Hell

    Emotional Links to Genetic Health: Biological Heaven and Hell Posted on March 1, 2011 by iain carstairs I wonder when someone over at the Human Genome Project will research and document the effect of prolonged emotional states on the health of the genes? We already know that an emotional...
  19. K

    USA Is Michelle The Reason For Obama's Amritsar Visit?

    During his November visit to India, Barack Obama will be paying a visit to Amritsar's Golden Temple, a first for a United States president. This stopover may be unusual for a head of state and has many thinking: Is this visit being made especially for First Lady Michelle Obama, who will be...
  20. H

    Heaven & Hell In Guru Granth Sahib

    Besant Swarag Kaatha<?"urn::office:office" /> <o:p> </o:p> by Harsimrat Kaur Khalsa <o:p> </o:p> Guru Granth Parchar Mission of USA, Inc. 510-432-5827 harsimiritkaur@khalsa.com <o:p> </o:p> <?xml:namespace prefix = v ns = "urn::vml" /><v:shapetype id=_x0000_t75 stroked="f" filled="f"...