Welcome To The Month Of Hell

Harry Haller

Panga Master
OK, today is Monday, and so begins possibly one of the worst 30 days in a long time, I am taking some time out this morning to plan it, be prepared for it, and ensure I align myself as closely to Hukam as possible.

Firstly, money is going to be very tight , really tight
Secondly, today, in about 3 hours, we are going to put Alfie down, as well as adding to expenses, I am going to have to be supportive to wife, as this is the last link to her mother we have,
Thirdly, Mum and Dad are due back from India, and I would dearly like them to see we are settled and not living hand to mouth, which means less time contemplating the meaning of life and more time working and earning money.
On top of that there are a few other issues I will not go into, that only add to the Hell that this month will be.

For some reason, I have chosen this month to get through as many of our problems that We can, there is no point in prayer, or deal making, its very simple, just follow the yellow brick road.

In my mind I see a tiny golden thread weaving through the path of this month, it is the thread of Hukam, all I have to do is follow it, and keep my mind on it, and not allow myself to be sidetracked anything that could cause me to leave that path. Weeds have to be dragged out and destroyed, and the shoots of wisdom and understanding must be watered and fed and lovingly given attention.

OK lets do this