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Why The Hell Am I Here

Harry Haller

Panga Master
Jan 31, 2011
The last 3 or 4 weeks, I have wanted answers to questions I never thought would be answered, and I seem to have found answers, not definitive answers, but certainly answers that make a reasonable amount of sense, what do the first 10 lines of Japji Sahib actually mean, and how can you gain strength and wisdom from them, how can they help you be a better person, I have come to the conclusion, uhm I cannot believe it, I seem to have left one out, <slapping head> oh well this bit will have to wait till I have competed the missing line,

Moving on to why the hell am I here, Death will come, as it comes to everyone, my wife has warned me not to discuss three things with people that come in the shop, as she worries I will get punched in the face, however I cannot seem to stop discussing religion, politics and sex with every single person that comes in, every person that has come in and stated they believe in god, not one has accepted that life stops at death, I wonder whether the promise of eternal life is what swung them, to me, the meaning of life is simply to make the world a better place for your presence, and to be the best person you could have been. The use of the words better, and best are hugely subjective, is the world a better place if all the women wore mini skirts, well not to me, would the world be a better place if my wife constantly wore mini skirts, yes! so, even personal subjectivity is subjective!

The question next is how do you know what is best, better, what should you aim for in making this world better, well I think that is encapsulated in the first 10 lines of Japji Sahib, which I cannot now comment on because I am missing a line,

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