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  1. W

    Talented at Meditation or a Serious Problem?

    I heard of meditation and the goal of detachment. I have had a problem with sudden staring and detachment at random. I start to feel like something is wrong and then I sit down and slowly become unaware of my surroundings and my limbs feel cold and far away. What I am not sure is if it is a sign...
  2. Dr. D. P. Singh

    OWN YOUR LIFE: CREATE AS YOU GO (Book Author : Parm Sran; Book Review by Dr. Devinder Pal Singh)

    OWN YOUR LIFE: CREATE AS YOU GO (6 Virtues that can change your life) Book Review by Dr. Devinder Pal Singh Book Title : Own Your Life: Create As You Go Author : Parm Sran, Well-Being Coach & Inspirational Speaker Published by : Amazon.ca, Bolton, Ontario, Canada Year of Publication: 2021...
  3. Dalvinder Singh Grewal

    Travelling From Mind To Soul

    Travelling from Mind to Soul Dr Dalvinder Singh Grewal We are all attached to the world kind courtesy our mind. We are also attached to God kind courtesy our soul. Our mind controls our body and senses and the senses are the outlets of the body towards the world. Our body’s needs like hunger...
  4. Rajveer_97

    Sufism Is It Alright If I'm Interested In Sufism?

    What are your thoughts on me reading Sufi poetry and listening to Sufi music? I just find it beautiful, their principles are very similar to ours. The foundation stone of Harminder Sahib was laid down by Mian Mir by Guru Arjun Dev Ji's request. I see nothing wrong with it as long I keep the one...
  5. D

    My Spiritual Journey Through Sri Japji Sahib - A Mystical Translation Of Mool Mantra

  6. How to Meditate? | How to Do Naam Simran? | as per Gurbani?

    How to Meditate? | How to Do Naam Simran? | as per Gurbani?

    https://youtu.be/shq1QZG7dOI?t=42m28s https://youtu.be/shq1QZG7dOI?t=45m14s
  7. Sherdil

    Phantom Noises Heard In The Morning

    Some people claim to hear strange noises during early morning and meditation. They consider it to be a manifestation of the Anhaad Naad. How can this be if the Dasam Duaar (10th gate), through which we enter the Lord's abode, is only opened after one overcomes the pull of Maya on the other 9...
  8. S

    How To Meditate (dhyaan / Simran) ? Am I Doing It All Wrong. I Can't Concentrate And Feel Sleepy

    Some morning I wake up at 4 am or 5 am and after taking a bath and sipping a cup of tea, attempt to meditate . However as soon as I close my eyes and start reciting waheguru mantar and attempt my best to hear it back as I chant it, soon after a few repetitions, my mind wanes away and I begin to...
  9. G

    Conentrating While Doing Paath?

    As a person who believes in GOD, I must confess that I have a hard time concentrating and taking time out to do paath. When I do paath, its just me reciting words that I know but not really fully understanding and taking in the meaning. I have grown up in a religious family and its not as if I...
  10. Tejwant Singh

    Interfaith The Seven Myths Of Meditation? Do You Agree?

    Despite the growing popularity of meditation, prevailing misconceptions about the practice are a barrier that prevents many people from trying meditation and receiving its profound benefits for the body, mind, and spirit. Here are seven of the most common meditation myths dispelled. Myth #1...
  11. S

    Yoga V/s Simran V/s Meditation?

    So today is International Yoga Day. Yoga is particularly popularized in India by yogi ramdev baba . There are various breathing exercises . My mom does them and says she feels better. But I told her naam simran is above all of it. What do you think ? Is it even fair to compare yogic...
  12. K

    What Does Meditation Mean In Sikhism?

    What I think that meditating means is becoming super conscious, being one with the divine. I believe that everyone has his/her own way of doing that. One might do it in the vedic ways, the other might meditate by doing sewa, The other by reading and understanding the GGS ji. And some other...
  13. singh_man

    Simran And Thoughts

    I've started doing simran and trying to keep my mind focusing in connecting with Waheguru. But what should I be visualizing or envisioning? Is it a light, a picture, a manifestation of God? Forever seeking.
  14. Taranjeet singh

    SciTech Meditation And Brain Structure

    Study Shows Meditation Changes Brain Structure in Just 8 Week This is the first research to document meditation-produced changes in the brain. Previous research has identified differences in brain activity and structure between practised meditators and non-meditators. Researchers noted that...
  15. BhagatSingh

    General Union With God (BoKSD 6)

    Bani of Sant Kabir Das, Shabad #6, starts in the middle of page 324. Introduction: What has to be present in any lifestyle if one wants to merge with Ram? ਗਉੜੀ ਕਬੀਰ ਜੀ ॥ Raag Gaurhi Kabir ji ਨਗਨ ਫਿਰਤ ਜੌ ਪਾਈਐ ਜੋਗੁ ॥ ਬਨ ਕਾ ਮਿਰਗੁ ਮੁਕਤਿ ਸਭੁ ਹੋਗੁ ॥੧॥ If Yog could be obtained by...
  16. namjiwankaur

    Seva As Meditation --- The Way Of Harry Ji Seva

    Sat Nam _/|\_ So the Beloved spoke to me about Harry ji Sunday and again this morning. Here's what SHe said. Sunday I attended a Sant Mat meditation group (a whole different thread will come from that, God'dess willing). But anyway, during the sanghat discussion, it was mentioned that...
  17. BhagatSingh

    General Bani Of Sant Kabir Das 2

    Bani of Sant Kabir Das, Shabad #2, is at the end of Page 92 Introduction: The first shabad was a complete lesson on it's own. In the second Shabad, Sant Kabir describes his experience with the Divine. Documentary on Kabir http://www.petermalakoff.com/kabirmovie.html ਸ੍ਰੀਰਾਗੁ ਭਗਤ...
  18. Harry Haller

    What Does Meditation Mean To You?

    Gurfateh In another thread, I dismissed meditation, however, this could be just semantics, and I do not view myself as anti semantic, therefore, I concede that meditation is fully in line with Sikh philosophy, but, what form should this meditation take, and what should be avoided...
  19. Archived_Member16

    20 Surprising Benefits Of Meditation Everyone Should Know

    Soul_jyot: “For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don't believe, no proof is possible.” - Stuart Chase 20 Surprising Benefits of Meditation Everyone Should Know For decades meditation practice has been viewed with suspicion and often thrown into the same...
  20. Harry Haller

    Yogism Meditation, Why I Do Not Do It. Anymore

    Gurfateh Yesterday, I meditated. I used to meditate before, long ago, but have avoided it for the pure reason that although I found it hugely interesting, it also became very addictive, and towards the end, I did not feel I was getting anything out of it that was increasing my knowledge. So...