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  1. P

    Worshipping The Eternal Lord

    SAt Sree Akaal Sikh 80 ji Satguru ji explains your point in Raag Maru " koyee aakhe bhootna koyee betala 11 koyee aakhe aadmi Nanak vechara 11(1) bhyeea diwana SAH ka Nanak buorana 11 haanon HAR bin awar na jana 11(1 rahao) taon diwana janye je bhai diwana hoye 11 eki SAHIB bahra dooja awar n...
  2. S

    Lord's Devotees Are Fortunate

    Guru Ji reminds us again and again to become humble servants of the Lord God, Waheguru. Guru Ji tells us in the following Shabad that the Lord's Devotees are very fortunate, all their endevours are successful. English Translation (source:SikhiToTheMax): Jaitsree, Fifth Mehl: O humble servants...
  3. S

    God, Master, Guru, Saint, Godman, Lord: 'ALL THE SAME'

    A Master, Guru, Godman or Saint: What do we mean by these terms? These are those souls, which are already merged with Waheguru, Lord, God; SO THERE REMAIN NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THEM AND GOD and they are present on the Earth to show the suffering humanity the way to merge with the same God...
  4. A

    Infinite Lord Remain Unwritten

    Infinite Lord Remain Unwritten 'Word of God' is the Essence of Sikhism. It is the unspoken Speech of Lord. It can be felt and understood only by His Own Grace. Nobody can make claims to make others grasp the 'Word Of God', 'the Ultimate Truth'- 'Gurbani'. Today I am going to share the...
  5. Singhstah

    General I Have Searched And Found That The Lord's Name Is The Most Sublime Reality

    I have searched and searched and searched, and found that the Lord's Name is the most sublime reality. ਸੋਰਠਿ ਮਹਲਾ ੫ ॥ Soraṯẖ mehlā 5. Sorat'h, Fifth Mehl: ਖੋਜਤ ਖੋਜਤ ਖੋਜਿ ਬੀਚਾਰਿਓ ਰਾਮ ਨਾਮੁ ਤਤੁ ਸਾਰਾ ॥ Kẖojaṯ kẖojaṯ kẖoj bīcẖāri*o rām nām ṯaṯ sārā. ਕਿਲਬਿਖ ਕਾਟੇ ਨਿਮਖ ਅਰਾਧਿਆ ਗੁਰਮੁਖਿ ਪਾਰਿ ਉਤਾਰਾ...
  6. S

    The Supreme Lord

    The Supreme Lord: In Gurbani Guru Ji tells us about our Lord and Master. The following is from SGGS JI Ang # 1082/1083. Everything is attached to Him and only Him- All is He Himself. mwrU mhlw 5 ] Acuq pwrbRhm prmysur AMqrjwmI ] mDusUdn dwmodr suAwmI ] irKIkys govrDn DwrI murlI mnohr...
  7. S

    Naanak! Meditate On The Guru's Teachings. Meditate On The Name Of The Lord

    Aasaa, First Mehl: Unto whom do they speak? Unto whom do they preach? Who understands? Let them understand themselves. Who do they teach? Through study, they come to realize the Lord's Glorious Virtues. Through the Shabad, the Word of the True Guru, they come to dwell in contentment. ||1||...
  8. S

    Understanding The Wisdom Of The Guru

    Recitation of Gurbani and meditation or Simran are complementary to each other. While Gurbani brings us closer to an understanding of God’s purpose, Simran truly unites us with the divine. Recitation from Guru Granth and repetition of a particular verse roots its sense in our mind in order that...
  9. S

    The Joyous Lord

    The Joyous Lord, the Sustainer of the World, is my constant Companion. He cherishes the high and the low. Maajh, Fifth Mehl: O my Love, Sustainer of the World, Merciful, Loving Lord, Profoundly Deep, Infinite Lord of the Universe, Highest of the High, Unfathomable, Infinite Lord and...
  10. S

    Drink Of The Lord's Essence

    We are re-absorbed into the One from whom we came; drink of the Lord's essence, and remain attached to Him. Gauree: O my mind, even if you carry someone's burden, they don't belong to you. This world is like the perch of the bird on the tree. ||1|| I drink in the sublime essence of the...
  11. Sherab

    Lord Is The Master Of Both Worlds-Understanding

    maybe maya and its opposite? Someone also please given an scholarly answer! (benti hai)
  12. S

    Sikhi- Love With One Lord

    kbIr pRIiq iek isau kIey Awn duibDw jwie ] BwvY lWby kys kru BwvY Grir mufwie ]25] Kabeer, when you are in love with the One Lord, duality and alienation depart. You may have long hair, or you may shave your head bald. ||25||ANG 1365
  13. S

    As It Pleases The True Lord

    sloku mÚ 1 ] sIhw bwjw crgw kuhIAw eynw Kvwly Gwh ] Gwhu Kwin iqnw mwsu Kvwly eyih clwey rwh ] ndIAw ivic itby dyKwly QlI kry Asgwh ] kIVw Qwip dyie pwiqswhI lskr kry suAwh ] jyqy jIA jIvih lY swhw jIvwly qw ik Aswh ] nwnk ijau ijau scy BwvY iqau iqau dyie igrwh ]1] Shalok, First Mehl...
  14. A

    Lord Is Pervading And Permeating In Everything

    Nanak Bani Nirankaar Paarbrahm Parmesar Waho Waho Bani Nirankaar Hai Tis Jevad Avar Na Koi SGGS JI SATGURU PRASAAD ਭੈਰਉ ਮਹਲਾ ੫ ॥ bhairo mehalaa 5 || Bhairao, Fifth Mehl: ਬਨ ਮਹਿ ਪੇਖਿਓ ਤ੍ਰਿਣ ਮਹਿ ਪੇਖਿਓ ਗ੍ਰਿਹਿ ਪੇਖਿਓ ਉਦਾਸਾਏ ॥ ban mehi paekhiou thrin mehi...
  15. S

    Guru, Satguru And The Lord

    icqvin icqvau ipRA pRIiq bYrwgI kid pwvau hir drsweI ] (1207-1, swrMg, mÚ 5) I think thoughts of Him; I miss the Love of my Beloved. When will I obtain the Blessed Vision of the Lord's Darshan? jqn krau iehu mnu nhI DIrY koaU hY ry sMqu imlweI ]1] (1207-1, swrMg, mÚ 5) I try, but this mind is...
  16. S

    Churn The Churn Of The Lord

    duquky <> siqgur pRswid ] Awsw sRI kbIr jIau ky caupdy iekquky ] snk snµd AMqu nhI pwieAw ] byd pVy piV bRhmy jnmu gvwieAw ]1] hir kw iblovnw iblovhu myry BweI ] shij iblovhu jYsy qqu n jweI ]1] rhwau ] qnu kir mtukI mn mwih ibloeI ] iesu mtukI mih sbdu sMjoeI ]2] hir kw iblovnw mn kw bIcwrw ]...
  17. S

    This Is How We Find The Lord

    <> siqgur pRswid ] (1237-10) One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru: slok mhlw 2 ] (1237-11) Shalok, Second Mehl: guru kuMjI pwhU invlu mnu koTw qnu Ciq ] (1237-11, swrMg, mÚ 2) The key of the Guru opens the lock of attachment, in the house of the mind, under the roof of the...
  18. S

    Who Is The Lord Of Nanak Ji

    jnu nwnku musik JkoilAw sBu jnmu Dnu DMnw ]1] (449-1, Awsw, mÚ 4) Servant Nanak is drenched with His Fragrance; blessed, blessed is his entire life. ||1|| hir pRym bwxI mnu mwirAw AxIAwly AxIAw rwm rwjy ] (449-1, Awsw, mÚ 4) The Bani of the Lord's Love is the pointed arrow, which has pierced my...
  19. S

    Guru Mantra: Here And Hereafter, O Lord, You And Only You

    nt nwrwien mhlw 5 dupdy <> siqgur pRswid ] aulwhno mY kwhU n dIE ] mn mIT quhwro kIE ]1] rhwau ] AwigAw mwin jwin suKu pwieAw suin suin nwmu quhwro jIE ] eIhW aUhw hir qum hI qum hI iehu gur qy mMqRü idRVIE ]1] jb qy jwin pweI eyh bwqw qb kusl Kym sB QIE ] swDsMig nwnk prgwisE Awn nwhI ry bIE...
  20. S

    One Mantra-Center Your Consciousness Firmly On One Lord

    gauVI cyqI mhlw 1 ] AauKD mMqR mUlu mn eykY jy kir idRVu icqu kIjY ry ] jnm jnm ky pwp krm ky kwtnhwrw lIjY ry ]1] mn eyko swihbu BweI ry ] qyry qIin guxw sMswir smwvih AlKu n lKxw jweI ry ]1] rhwau ] skr KMfu mwieAw qin mITI hm qau pMf aucweI ry ] rwiq AnyrI sUJis nwhI lju tUkis mUsw BweI ry...