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Understanding The Wisdom Of The Guru


Jan 10, 2008
Recitation of Gurbani and meditation or Simran are complementary to each other. While Gurbani brings us closer to an understanding of God’s purpose, Simran truly unites us with the divine. Recitation from Guru Granth and repetition of a particular verse roots its sense in our mind in order that the mind is moulded accordingly. Naam - Simran increases concentration and raises levels of consciousness to higher level and unites us with the wonderful Lord, Waheguru.

Siree Raag, Third Mehl:
Those who hear and believe, find the home of the self deep within.
Through the Guru's Teachings, they praise the True Lord; they find the Lord, the Treasure of Excellence.
Attuned to the Word of the Shabad, they are immaculate and pure. I am forever a sacrifice to them.
Those people, within whose hearts the Lord abides, are radiant and enlightened. ||1||
O my mind, meditate on the Immaculate Lord, Har, Har.
Those whose have such pre-ordained destiny written on their foreheads-those Gurmukhs remain absorbed in the Lord's Love. ||1||Pause||
O Saints, see clearly that the Lord is near at hand; He is pervading everywhere.
Those who follow the Guru's Teachings realize Him, and see Him Ever-present.
He dwells forever in the minds of the virtuous. He is far removed from those worthless people who lack virtue.
The self-willed manmukhs are totally without virtue. Without the Name, they die in frustration. ||2||
Those who hear and believe in the Word of the Guru's Shabad, meditate on the Lord in their minds.
Night and day, they are steeped in devotion; their minds and bodies become pure.
The color of the world is false and weak; when it washes away, people cry out in pain.
Those who have the Radiant Light of the Naam within, become steady and stable, forever and ever. ||3||
The blessing of this human life has been obtained, but still, people do not lovingly focus their thoughts on the Name of the Lord.
Their feet slip, and they cannot stay here any longer. And in the next world, they find no place of rest at all.
This opportunity shall not come again. In the end, they depart, regretting and repenting.
Those whom the Lord blesses with His Glance of Grace are saved; they are lovingly attuned to the Lord. ||4||
They all show off and pretend, but the self-willed manmukhs do not understand.
Those Gurmukhs who are pure of heart-their service is accepted.
They sing the Glorious Praise of the Lord; they read about the Lord each day. Singing the Praise of the Lord, they merge in absorption.
O Nanak, the words of those who are lovingly attuned to the Naam are true forever. ||5||4||37||

isrIrwgu mhlw 3 ]
ijnI suix kY mMinAw iqnw inj Gir vwsu ]
gurmqI swlwih scu hir pwieAw guxqwsu ]
sbid rqy sy inrmly hau sd bilhwrY jwsu ]
ihrdY ijn kY hir vsY iqqu Git hY prgwsu ]1]
mn myry hir hir inrmlu iDAwie ]
Duir msqik ijn kau iliKAw sy gurmuiK rhy ilv lwie ]1] rhwau ]
hir sMqhu dyKhu ndir kir inkit vsY BrpUir ]
gurmiq ijnI pCwixAw sy dyKih sdw hdUir ]
ijn gux iqn sd min vsY AauguxvMiqAw dUir ]
mnmuK gux qY bwhry ibnu nwvY mrdy JUir ]2]
ijn sbid gurU suix mMinAw iqn min iDAwieAw hir soie ]
Anidnu BgqI riqAw mnu qnu inrmlu hoie ]
kUVw rMgu ksuMB kw ibnis jwie duKu roie ]
ijsu AMdir nwm pRgwsu hY Ehu sdw sdw iQru hoie ]3]
iehu jnmu pdwrQu pwie kY hir nwmu n cyqY ilv lwie ]
pig iKisAY rhxw nhI AwgY Tauru n pwie ]
Eh vylw hiQ n AwveI AMiq gieAw pCuqwie ]
ijsu ndir kry so aubrY hir syqI ilv lwie ]4]
dyKw dyKI sB kry mnmuiK bUJ n pwie ]
ijn gurmuiK ihrdw suDu hY syv peI iqn Qwie ]
hir gux gwvih hir inq pVih hir gux gwie smwie ]
nwnk iqn kI bwxI sdw scu hY ij nwim rhy ilv lwie ]5]4]37]

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