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Sikhi- Love With One Lord

Discussion in 'Gurmat Vichar' started by Sardara123, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. Sardara123

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    Jan 10, 2008
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    kbIr pRIiq iek isau kIey Awn duibDw jwie ]
    BwvY lWby kys kru BwvY Grir mufwie ]25]

    Kabeer, when you are in love with the One Lord, duality and alienation depart.
    You may have long hair, or you may shave your head bald. ||25||ANG 1365
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  3. Archived_Member5

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    (previously jeetijohal, account deactivated at her

    Mar 14, 2006
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    It requires innocence and faith to love the Lord, and blind belief in his fidelity to adhere to his doctrine without question until and should one be blessed with divine insight into the teachings.

    To love ones Lord one must be detached from all earthly and worldly instances. If you look about you, your humanity will serve to communicate the suffering and struggling of innocents amidst the deceptive conniving and cunning of the boastful and grinning deceivers. One is then filled with humility and an innate piety if one is such graced with his benefaction whilst others struggle in spiritual confusion or under the delusion of an establishment and society that cares little for their hardships, so consumed it is by its own personal gain and self interest.

    Love of the One Lord also requires a strong internal focus upon his celestial light, and all trials considered as tests of our moral mettle and intellectual integrity. What is mankind without these fundamental principles but an empty and vacuous praise singer opining renditions to his creator in lieu of safe worldly passage to his ultimate end.

    Love of the one Lord invokes a love for his world and creation, the vulnerabilities, responsibilities and objectives of man are assuredly akin to the agenda and purpose of the One Lord. Peace amongst his brethren, in his world, throughout the community and in the hearts and hearth of each family. As our heart breaks to witness social upheaval and domestic strife, thus we observe the world through the One Lords eyes and seek to find why the world system fails in implementing peace and pure love so essential for upholding life and pure humanity.

    Love for the one Lord requires either a detachment and complete focus upon him, a love for his creation in kind, and a journey of truth seeking. Love, a devout and steadfast love for the One Lord is to shoulder his responsibilities and take upon ourselves the task of alleviating pain and struggle where we are able, to bring light, goodwill and love to all who we meet. To ensure our family’s coexist in harmony and devotion to one another, exemplified in the elders and parentage of each extended family.

    There are many ways and path to Love of the One Lord.
  4. Archived_Member5

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    (previously jeetijohal, account deactivated at her

    Mar 14, 2006
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    Bhagavati Chhand|| Tva Prasaadh||

    Ki zaahar zahoor hain|| Ki haazar hazoor hain||
    That Thou art visible illumination. That Thou art All-Prevading.

    Hamesul salaam hain|| Samastul kalaam hain||150||
    That Thou art reveiver of Eternal conpliments. That Thou art Venerated by all. 150

    Ki saahib dimaag hain|| Ki husnal charaag hain||
    That Thou art Most Intelligent. That Thou art the Lamp of Beauty.

    Ki kaamal karoom hain|| Ki raazak rahoom hain||151||
    That Thou art completely Generous. That Thou art Sustainer and Merciful.151.

    Ki rozi dihind hain|| Ki raazak rahind hain||
    That Thou art Giver of Sustenance. That Thou art ever the Sustainer.

    Karoomul kamaal hain|| Ki husnal jamaal hain||152||
    That Thou art the perfection of Generosity. That Thou art Most Beautiful. 152.

    Ghanoomul khiraaj hain|| Gharoobul nivaaz hain||
    That Thou art the Penaliser of enemies. That Thou art the Supporter of the poor.

    Harooful shikann hain|| Hiraasul fikann hain||153||
    That Thou art the Destroyer of enemies That Thou art the remover of Fear. 153.

    Kalankang pranaas hain|| Samastul nivaas hain||
    That Thou art the Destroyer of blemishes. That Thou art the dweller in all.

    Aganjul ganoom hain|| Rajaaik rahoom hain||154||
    That Thou art invincible by enemies. That Thou art the Sustainer and Gracious. 154
    Samastul jubaanhain|| Ki saahibkiraan hain||
    That Thou art the Master of all languages. That Thou art the Most Glorious.

    Ki narakang pranaas Bahistul nivaas hain||155||
    That Thou art the Destroyer of hell. That Thou art the dweller in heaven.155.

    Ki sarabul gavann hain|| Hamesul ravann hain||
    That Thou art the Giver to all. That Thou art ever Blissful.

    Tamaamul tamooj hain|| Samastul ajooj hain||156||
    That Thou art the knower of all. That Thou art dearest to all. 156.

    Parang param oos hain|| Samastul adoos hain||
    That Thou art the Lord of lords. That Thou art hidden from all.

    Adesul alekh hain|| Hamesul abhekh hain||157||
    That Thou art countryless and accountless. That Thou art ever garbles. 157.

    Zamoonul zamaa hain|| Amookul imaa hain||
    That Thou art in Earth and Heaven.. That Thou art Most Profound in signs.

    Karoomul kamaal hain|| Ki jurat(i) jamaal hain||158||
    That Thou art Most Generous. That Thou art embodiment of courage and beauty.

    Ki achalang prakaas hain|| Ki amito subaas hain||
    That Thou art perpetual illumination. That Thou art Limitless fragrance.

    Ki ajab saroop hain|| Ki amito bibhoot hain||159||
    That Thou art wonderful entity. That Thou art Limitless Grandeur. 159.

    Ki amito pasaa hain|| Ki aatam prabhaa hain||
    That Thou art Limitless Expanse. That Thou art selfluminous.

    Ki achalang anang hain|| Ki amito abhang hain
    That Thou art Steady and Limbless. That Thou art Infinite and Indestructible.

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