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The Joyous Lord

Discussion in 'Gurmat Vichar' started by Sardara123, Feb 7, 2008.

  1. Sardara123

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    Jan 10, 2008
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    The Joyous Lord, the Sustainer of the World,
    is my constant Companion.
    He cherishes the high and the low.

    Maajh, Fifth Mehl:
    O my Love, Sustainer of the World, Merciful, Loving Lord,
    Profoundly Deep, Infinite Lord of the Universe,
    Highest of the High, Unfathomable, Infinite Lord and Master: continually remembering You in deep meditation, I live. ||1||
    O Destroyer of pain, Priceless Treasure,
    Fearless, free of hate, Unfathomable, Immeasurable,
    of Undying Form, Unborn, Self-illumined: remembering You in meditation, my mind is filled with a deep and profound peace. ||2||
    The Joyous Lord, the Sustainer of the World, is my constant Companion.
    He cherishes the high and the low.
    The Nectar of the Name satisfies my mind. As Gurmukh, I drink in the Ambrosial Nectar. ||3||
    In suffering and in comfort, I meditate on You, O Beloved.
    I have obtained this sublime understanding from the Guru.
    You are Nanak's Support, O my Lord and Master; through Your Love, I swim across to the other side. ||4||9||16||

    mwJ mhlw 5 ]
    lwl gopwl dieAwl rMgIly ]
    gihr gMBIr byAMq goivMdy ]
    aUc AQwh byAMq suAwmI ismir ismir hau jIvW jIau ]1]
    duK BMjn inDwn Amoly ]
    inrBau inrvYr AQwh Aqoly ]
    Akwl mUriq AjUnI sMBO mn ismrq TMFw QIvW jIau ]2]
    sdw sMgI hir rMg gopwlw ]
    aUc nIc kry pRiqpwlw ]
    nwmu rswiexu mnu iqRpqwiexu gurmuiK AMimRqu pIvW jIau ]3]
    duiK suiK ipAwry quDu iDAweI ]
    eyh sumiq gurU qy pweI ]
    nwnk kI Dr qUMhY Twkur hir rMig pwir prIvW jIau ]4]9]16]

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