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  1. Dr. D. P. Singh

    Interfaith A Dedicated Proponent of Interfaith Dialogue - Dr. Solomon Naz

    A Dedicated Proponent of Interfaith Dialogue - Dr. Solomon Naz Interviewed by Dr. Devinder Pal Singh Center for Understanding Sikhism, Mississauga, L5A 1Y7, ON, Canada Dr. Solomon Naz, a much-acclaimed theologian, a profound scholar of comparative religious studies, prolific writer, dedicated...
  2. Harry Haller

    Do All Roads Lead To Rome?

    There are many different attitudes to Sikhism on this forum, this is good in my opinion, as somewhere between the first voice and last voice lies the truth, so I would like to think that this forum stands for the truth, and at the very least stands for free speech. The question then is, given...
  3. IJSingh

    Here & Now

    HERE & NOW by I.J. Singh: I had recently posted an essay on heaven, hell and related issues; my goal was to focus attention on how, according to Sikhi, life is or should be lived. This column today, like part of a serial, continues the exploration. Most religions expend volumes and pages on...
  4. FranglophonePunjabi

    Hinduism Difference Between Sikhi And Bhakti Hinduism

    Sat Sri Akal everyone, I was recently wondering if any here can please explain to me differences between Sikhi of our Gurus and Bhakti (e.g. Kabir, Namdev, Ravidas etc...). What are philosophical differences between what Gurus taught and message of the Bhaktis? There is lot of Bhakti Bani in...
  5. Kanwaljit.Singh

    Hinduism Brief Philosophy Of Hinduism

    http://qr.ae/TAu85 Though the question was a bit different, the author touches upon interesting aspects of the 84 lakh lives
  6. namjiwankaur

    Hinduism Sanatan Dharma And Hinduism

    Sat Nam _/|\_ Dogra ji Does Sanatan Dharma allow people to practice other religions together with Hinduism? For instance, if someone felt both Christianity and Sanatan Dharma were the spiritual path they would like to take, would this be frowned upon or accepted? I know Bede Griffiths...
  7. S

    Hinduism Sikhism And Hinduism

    Is Sikhism different from Hinduism or it is separated
  8. Kamala

    Hinduism Hinduism Rant

    I made a new thread because I was told to instead of changing topic in a different one. So anyways you can reply here. I hear many things said badly about the Hindu Gods who the Guru ji himself praises, but most things on SPN is focused on what the western world would think is bad, whenever I...
  9. Harry Haller

    Is Hindu/Sikh A Valid Adherent?

    Gurfatehji A subject that needs some validation, I am aware that it is not uncommon for Hindus to also pray to Guru Nanakji, which I take as a huge compliment, but given the myriad of deities that Hindus have available to them, it does not seem unreasonable for a Hindu to do this. However...
  10. D

    Hinduism Hinduism Teaches The Practice Of Humanity

    Here we have the prime directives in Sanatan Dharma(hinduism) 1) In The Bhagawad Gita, sloka 20, Chapter 10, Lord Krishna says, "I am the Self seated in the heart of all creatures. I am the beginning, the middle and the very end of all beings". All beings have, therefore to be treated...
  11. spnadmin

    Sikhism, Hinduism And Passionate Editorials (Sikh Bulletin)

    Sikhism, Hinduism and Passionate Editorials, from Sikh Bulletin January/February 2011
  12. spnadmin

    Hinduism Radical Hinduism May Still Emerge From The Woodwork

    Comments | Post a comment | Share this article | Print | Email Share [Yahoo Buzz] [Google] [digg] [Delicious] [Reddit] R Jagannathan R Jagannathan RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat said the other day that Hinduism and terror do not go together. He may be right — and wrong. It...
  13. Admin

    Park 51 In India: The Babri Mosque Verdict

    See if this sounds familiar: Several thousand years ago a man who would become a god was born on a land that would become holy, because of him. Several thousand years later, people are still dying because of disputes surrounding this god's birthplace. It's not what you think. It's about...
  14. P

    What Is The Truth Behind Claims That Sikhism Was Largely Influenced By Hinduism And Islam?

    it is claimed by both hindus and muslims that sikhism was just a convienent way of creating a new identity. the first guru never intended it to be a religion; he just wanted something different as a way of worship. what say you sikhs
  15. seeker3k

    Hinduism Hinduism: Science Or Religion

    Hinduism: science or religion? Hinduism started long time ago. No one really knows when. There is lot of misconception about Hinduism. Most of the religions in India have been from Hinduism. But is Hinduism religion or it is science. This will be short version. To write fully will take lot of...
  16. Admin

    Sikh News Canadians View Hinduism Positively, Not Islam And Sikhism

    TORONTO: Canada may claim itself to be the most multicultural country in the world, but Canadians still harbour prejudices and racial stereotypes, says a survey by the nation's premier magazine. According to the survey by Maclean's weekly, almost half of Canadians believe that Islam promotes...
  17. Gyani Jarnail Singh

    Hinduism Hinduism And Christianity Are Kin. NOT So SIKHI !

    AN article prepared by Rawel Singh Of the USA sets out to prove that Hindusim and Christianity have so much in common....when its SIKHI that is always claimed to be part of Hinduism !!! Read below: Hinduism and Christianity are kins, Sikhi Stands Apart There are five organized world religions...
  18. Archived_member7

    Hinduism Hindutva Is Different From Hinduism: Sri Veer Savarkar

    Hindutva is different from Hinduism To this category of names which have been to mankind a subtle source of life and inspiration belongs the word Hindutva, the essential nature and significance of which we have to investigate into. The ideas and ideals, the systems and societies, the thoughts...
  19. R

    Hinduism Idol Worship In Hinduism And Sikhism

    These refrences from Vedas indicate that Idol Worship is not recommended even in Hindu Religion & Society. 1. "Those whose intelligence has been stolen by material desires surrender unto demigods and follow the particular rules and regulations of worship according to their own natures."...
  20. BhagatSingh

    The Importance Of Cows In Sikhism

    Can't believe no one started this thread or (if they did) I can't believe I didn't find it. Cows are so important in Sikhism, how could anyone miss it??? Well, let me show you. :yes: Click on "view Shabad/Paurhi/Salok" to see line in context of the shabad...