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Hinduism Idol Worship In Hinduism And Sikhism

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Hinduism Idol Worship In Hinduism And Sikhism

Aug 9, 2006
Presently living in Delhi
These refrences from Vedas indicate that Idol Worship is not recommended even in Hindu Religion & Society.

1. "Those whose intelligence has been stolen by material desires surrender unto demigods and follow the particular rules and regulations of worship according to their own natures."
[Bhagavad Gita 7:20]

The Gita states that people who are materialistic worship demigods i.e. ‘gods’ besides the True God.
Vedas are considered the most sacred of all the Hindu scriptures.

6. "na tasya pratima asti
"There is no image of Him."
[Yajurveda 32:3]

7. "shudhama poapvidham"
"He is bodyless and pure."
[Yajurveda 40:8]

8. "Andhatama pravishanti ye asambhuti mupaste"
"They enter darkness, those who worship the natural elements" (Air, Water, Fire, etc.). "They sink deeper in darkness, those who worship sambhuti."
[Yajurveda 40:9]

Sambhuti means created things, for example table, chair, idol, etc
Describing Almighty God in anthropomorphic terms also goes against the following verse of Yajurveda:

9. "Na tasya Pratima asti"
"There is no image of Him."
[Yajurveda 32:3]

This also goes against Svetasvatara Upanishad Chapter 4 verse 19.

10. "Na tasya pratima asti"
"There is no likeness of Him"

11. [Rigveda 8:1:1]10
The Brahma Sutra of Hinduism is:

"Ekam Brahm, dvitiya naste neh na naste kinchan"

"There is only one God, not the second; not at all, not at all, not in the least bit."

Based on these verses, a Hindu should not worship the idols.

Regarding idol worship in Sikhism consider following banis :

Shree Kabeer Says in Granth Sahib
कबीर पाहनु परमेसुरु कीआ पूजै सभु संसारु ॥
Kabeer, someone sets up a stone idol and all the world worships it as the Lord.
इस भरवासे जो रहे बूडे काली धार ॥१३६॥
Those who hold to this belief will be drowned in the river of darkness. ||136||
कबीर कागद की ओबरी मसु के करम कपाट ॥
Kabeer, the paper is the prison, and the ink of rituals are the bars on the windows.
पाहन बोरी पिरथमी पंडित पाड़ी बाट ॥१३७॥
The stone idols have drowned the world, and the Pandits, the religious scholars, have plundered it on the way. ||137||
Shree Nanak Says in Granth Sahib

हिंदू मूले भूले अखुटी जांही ॥
The Hindus have forgotten the Primal Lord; they are going the wrong way.
नारदि कहिआ सि पूज करांही ॥
As Naarad instructed them, they are worshipping idols.
अंधे गुंगे अंध अंधारु ॥
They are blind and mute, the blindest of the blind.
पाथरु ले पूजहि मुगध गवार ॥
The ignorant fools pick up stones and worship them.
ओहि जा आपि डुबे तुम कहा तरणहारु ॥२॥
But when those stones themselves sink, who will carry you across? ||2||
Mar 27, 2006
Wahehguruji ka Khalsa Waheguruji ki Fateh

Rabjotji very good post...i am really impressed ..and i thank you for posting good articles ...

Some time back i was thinking on this issue when some things struck me

1) If we go through the ancient texts like Ramayan and Mahabharat there is no reference of idol worship or constructing temples
2) The only 'object' for worship which was temporary was a hand made Shivaling which we find reference in the Ramayan, when Shri Ramchanderji worships Shivji at Rameshwaram..that too gets washed off..there is no permanent 'image' made.
3) Festivals like Durga pooja and Ganesh Chaturthi have idols worshipped for a fixed period and then they need to be submerges ..which again indicates that there was no need for permanent idol worship..The moorat was initially to create spiritual emotions and by submerging the idol they had to pull out of the idol and concentrate on Akaal..The Formless..
4) All the temples made are of post Buddhist period..which means the architectural importance was post buddhist..
5)Vedas strongly approve of Formless worship...

i wouldnt like to repeat things said in the post of Guru Nanak reborn as Krishanji Maharaj..but if you wish you can certainly go through it Rabjotji..these are some thoughts which came to me ..i dont know how true ...Waheguru mere Malak alone knows

Raaj Karega Khalsa


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Rabjot ji

Thanks. Another learning experience -- some new knowledge for me and different way of looking at the issues. Your historical approach was very interesting. :)

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