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  1. Archived_Member16

    Householder's Way To Spiritual Salvation

    source: Householder's Way To Spiritual Salvation - Edit Page - Opinion - Home - The Times of India Householder's Way To Spiritual Salvation Kulbir Kaur - 2 November 2009 The world is real and withdrawal is considered as the negation of faith in Sikhism. Liberation is to be experienced in...
  2. Admin

    Reflecting On Spiritual Development Each Month

    Reflecting on spiritual development each month through the year About the importance of Sankranti, Shri Guru Arjan says that the one gets away from the conscience awareness by the bad and wrong or illogical thoughts and actions. It leads to instability and useless wandering. It promotes the...
  3. Admin

    Baramaha Manjh: Monthly Spiritual Development And Evolution

    Baramaha Manjh: Monthly Spiritual Development and Evolution In the Sikh religion, Shri Guru Nanak gave the message and prayers for each month, in the Tukhari Raga. The message and prayers were felt a bit difficult to understand by those who were learning about spiritual advancement by following...
  4. nijjharjatt

    Spiritual Crop Sown By Satguru Arjun Dev Ji

    Admin note: Forum member ji - The thread starter has proffered many distortions of Gurbani and Sikh history on this thread. Read with caution. SPIRITUAL CROP THAT WAS SOWN BY SATGURU NANAK DEV JI. deleted as proselytizing. This Kalyug belongs to the spiritually sick people and the...
  5. H

    Arts/Society Spiritual America: Are More Walking The Dharmic Path?

    We Are All Hindus Now America is not a Christian nation. We are, it is true, a nation founded by Christians, and according to a 2008 survey, 76 percent of us continue to identify as Christian (still, that's the lowest percentage in American history). Of course...
  6. A

    Chautha Pad: A Spiritual Life

    Gyaniji, Guru Fateh !! i have earleir said that you are a master to twist the words and this is reference to that. Nothing new this time. As a joke it's o.k. Your joke remind of one similar incident of court where two lawyers were discussing. In the mean time, by provocation of the opponent...
  7. Archived_Member16

    Daily Spiritual Food !

    DAILY SPIRITUAL FOOD : "Many times people report the feeling of divine help and strength when they come close to breaking point. Actually divine help is always there, but we are usually so busy doing things in our own little way that we only look for it when we face absolute defeat. The...
  8. spnadmin

    SciTech Spiritual Virtuosos

    What Turns People Into Spiritual Virtuosos? May 17, 2009 · One mystery about spiritually inclined people is this: What turns people into spiritual virtuosos? I have come to think that people like Scott McDermott are to prayer what Tiger Woods is to golf. From an early age, their natural...
  9. spnadmin

    SciTech Are Spiritual Encounters All In Your Head? (Part 2 Of A 5 Part Series)

    Are Spiritual Encounters All In Your Head? by Barbara Bradley Hagerty Listen Now [8 min 5 sec] add to playlist According to polls, there's a 50-50 chance you have had at least one spiritual experience — an overpowering feeling that you've touched God, or another dimension of...
  10. V

    Rituals, Symbols And Spiritual Cleansing

    Respected PK70 Ji, Thank you very much for the Sabd. Please review my article posted on that very topic of Rituals. It is time to close this topic. Cordially, Virinder
  11. V

    Spiritual Procrastination

    SPIRITUAL PROCRASTINATION ABSTRACT Procrastination is the irrational postponement of tasks in general but spiritual procrastination is much more serious. It hinders spiritual growth and amounts to nothing less than a spiritual suicide. In Sikh thought an individual is advised to remember...
  12. S

    [SPN] Spiritual Bankruptcy

    Sikh Philosophy Network Community Bulletin For unsubscription information, please see the bottom of this email --------------------------------------------------------------------------- $username Ji, Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji Ki Fateh!! Featured TopicSpiritual Bankruptcy By...
  13. V

    Spiritual Bankruptcy

    SPIRITUAL BANKRUPTCY ABSTRACT Most humans are generally spiritually bankrupt. What has blocked their spiritual progress deserves some attention. The teachings incorporated in AGGS are not just abstract statements of theory, but guidance to an active faith, demanding their active...
  14. V

    Divine Knowledge, Spiritual Wisdom/ ਗਿਆਨੁ

    DIVINE KNOWLEDGE/SPIRITUAL WISDOM/ਗਿਆਨੁ ABSTRACT Divine Knowledge is gained through learning honestly, truthfully by living in the message in thought, word, spirit, and deed in the hymns of AGGS. It imparts an understanding of facts and truths about the material world (Maya) and It’s...
  15. V

    Spiritual Ignorance

    SPIRITUAL IGNORANCE ABSTRACT Spiritual ignorance is the shore less ocean of darkness, with no light at the end of the tunnel. The belief in the philosopher’s stone, the jewel in the serpent’s head, alchemy, and miracles is all a matter of ignorance. Those engaged in the worship of idols...
  16. V

    Recitation Of AGGS & Its Spiritual Value

    Recitation of AGGS & Its Spiritual Value ABSTRACT Recitation of AGGS in various ways has been done since Its completion by Guru Arjan in 1604 to remember and praise the Akal Purkh as well as the understand the message contained there in. Its various ritual type recitations are reviewed here...
  17. V

    Spiritual Experience

    SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE ABSTRACT Is awareness of the existence of God (Truth), all that we are to expect of a spiritual awakening? No, accepting the omnipresence of God (Truth) is only a bare beginning; it is only the first gift of the first awakening. If more gifts are to be received, our...
  18. A

    Manmukh Or Gurmukh: Can Mind Serve As Spiritual Authority?

    They come to 2 or 3 different conclusions because some are allergic to the truth and Manmat is there dear friend. Once you decide to let go of the Manmat mentality then the answer becomes clear. Told to give the head but people just want to give a broken nail and consider it Sikhi.
  19. spnadmin

    Life, Relationships And Day-to-Day Coping - Spiritual Retreats

    Sometimes we need to take stock of the balance and imbalances in our lives. And it may help to get away, in mind, in body, or in mind and body, to explore our spiritual health and the impact of our emotional and mental health on our well-being. Retreats Revive Mind, Body, and Spirit...
  20. spnadmin

    Spiritual Ecstasy - What Is Samadhi?

    This thread has been started to enable forum members to discuss the concept of Samadhi as it is understood in various religious and spiritual traditions. The origins of this idea of spiritual bliss arise from a common source in all dharmic traditions. The place of samadhi is not exactly the same...