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  1. drkhalsa

    A Guide To Cultural And Spiritual Awareness

    A Guide to Cultural and Spiritual Awareness Given the immense diversity between different cultures and religions, this guide can only offer general useful advice. Please refer to the list of contacts on page 18 to find further information Contents AFRICAN/CARIBBEAN The term...
  2. drkhalsa

    Spiritual Britain Worships Over 170 Different Faiths

    Spiritual Britain worships over 170 different faiths By Jonathan Petre, Religion Correspondent (Filed: 13/12/2004) Britons follow more than 170 different faiths or belief systems, according to newly-published official figures which suggest that spirituality is thriving. The huge range of...
  3. N

    Sikh News India's 'Untouchables' Experience Spiritual Awakening, Mass

    http://www.charismanews.com/a.php?ArticleID=10402 India's 'Untouchables' Experience Spiritual Awakening, Mass ... CharismaNews.com - 10 hours ago ... Sikh and Hindu villagers also attend and arrive in big numbers at public meeting grounds in regions such as Firozpur, close to Pakistan. ...