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Reflecting On Spiritual Development Each Month


Jun 1, 2004
Reflecting on spiritual development each month through the year

About the importance of Sankranti, Shri Guru Arjan says that the one gets away from the conscience awareness by the bad and wrong or illogical thoughts and actions. It leads to instability and useless wandering. It promotes the depletion of our energies, and such a person cannot enjoy the great fruits of self-awareness and realization.

This very depletion of energy is lack of Art of Ascendancy or evolution, and it produces such demerits and lack of usability such that person is neither useful neither to himself nor to society.

The most harmful it can be that our life, thus, when it does not contribute to development of any kind; rather degeneration and thus destructive energies start to work. We need to be aware about it.

The Divine Messages of the Sankranti guide us that any kind of these descending results in all actions and thoughts, ****** the soul’s evolution, producing undesired and irrelative web of ignorance, so that greed becomes the sole desire. The harmony of heart, body, mind and soul are lost, and our life becomes like a branch broken from the tree of life. Without the water of life, the spell of ignorance surrounds our ego; making it the treasure of knowledge and thus one desires to see a tree in the seed, forgetting that the whole creation is a tree of one seed planted by God.

The simplest and easiest way to get out of this spell of ignorance is to seek the wisdom, joy and bliss by surrendering to the Supreme Consciousness, God.

The Divine Messages are from the Guru’s surrendering to God to take His Refuge, and serving creation by following the natural laws and principles. Thus, it is the surrender of ego, which belongs to Maya as the Negative Power of Degeneration or Destruction, and all other qualities are from the positive side of Mother Nature, the Power of Maya for Creativity.

We may celebrate the Sankranti (the Sangrand) in whatever manner we wish according to our Religions and the Faiths, but the essence does not change, as it is meeting the ego that is full of ignorance as a river to the sea of Wisdom the Spirit, God.

In other words, the ego if returns to its original source, the selflessness transforms into wisdom as we usually know it–the fruit of the wisdom tree as well.

So, it is as if the river emerging into the sea, and the sprouting of the seed, ego, into the wisdom tree. This emerging and sprouting of ego has a mystical simile. Thus, it is the spiritual transformation helping us in learning the Art of Transcendental Meditation. Let us enjoy the spiritual development and the transformations as the phases of our evolution.

Thanks for your reading it!

Dr. Harmander Singh
Counselor, Writer, Life Coach
Patiala, Punjab



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