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  1. P

    Skype Amritvella

    INSTRUCTION TO JOIN SKYPE AMRITVELLA This is just an initiative; we are in process to setup sadh sangat on skype. Other things depends on bless/kirpa of waheguru. We need interested people to join this and give their time. Steps to join this group are as follows: 1. You should have good...
  2. Tejwant Singh

    Simran With The Seagulls

    When I saw the picture of a Burqini in an article in Time magazine recently, a number of thoughts swam through the mental ocean. Laura Fitzpatrick writes: "Since the full-coverage swimsuit dubbed the Burqini (as in burqa plus bikini) hit the international market in January, devout...
  3. P

    Naam Simran And Failure

    NAAM – SIMRAN and failure It is like chasing the wind, nothing materializes but the race goes on, isn’t it very strange that after liking it, dreaming it, the effort of Naam-Simran still doesn’t bring the stillness of mind as it is meant for? Isn’t it necessary to understand the reason...
  4. A

    General Fanaa

    from my blog... fanna is the sufi term for annihilation of the ego, union with God. it literally means "extinction" or "death". poets use it to describe the complete loss of self in true love... or in sikh terms, "ek jot doe murti" - one light (soul) two bodies. the ultimate ideal for...
  5. Vikramkhalsa

    General Learn Gurbani Kirtan At Home!

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! For those of you who have wanted to learn kirtan, but haven't been able to for some reason, here is a great opportunity: With the Learn Gurbani Kirtan (Level 1) set you can start learning at home, without a teacher! Utilizing an instructional book...
  6. Astroboy

    Purpose Of Life In Sikhism

    Purpose of Life explained with the guidance of our everlasting Guru, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee. Guru Ji's bani shows us the way. The way is the path. The path is that of love. The love for True Guru who is within us. The True Guru lightens the path in this world of darkness. Guru Ji's bani...
  7. S

    Something Different !

    Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh Listen to an excellant collection of Gurbani Simran & Keertan (Western Style ) at http://www.sikhnet.com/sikhnet/music.nsf/SelectMusicJukeBoxCategory/f06e3f633c0f0c3e8725678b00787d1f!Open...
  8. A

    What Is Simran?

    Something i have noticed while speaking to sikhs of different backgrounds and from different parts of the world is that we all have different ideas about how to do "Simran". i was taught to do simran in the form of the Mul Mantar... ikoankaar sathnaam karathaa purakh nirabho niravair akaal...
  9. Astroboy

    Meditation Techniques

    This thread invites postings from all members on the various meditation techniques irrespective of one's faith and religious background. To start with, here's one called Simran Healing (by Gurmit Singh) download pdf file: Simran Healing - eSnips, share anything
  10. S

    Nitnem, Meditation,Simran

    http://www.sikhnet.com/sikhnet/discussion.nsf/SearchView/9E167CCE2A8EC59C87257033005A80E5!OpenDocument Sant Attar Singh Ji Maharaj 1. Nitnem (Daily religious observance) One should always do 'Nitnem'. It is the treasure, asset, wealth and property of a sikh. "Amrit Vailey Uth Kae jaae Ander...
  11. S

    Naam Simran -I

    Naam Simran -II -as above-
  12. S

    Simran And Bani

    Simran and Bani The bani of Guru Granth Sahib teaches us how to live. It reveals a way of life. It is not a path of intellectual exercises only. To understand this path you have to walk it. It is of no avail if it is confined to only an intellectual plane instead of using it for practical life...
  13. S

    Discovery OF Self Through Simran

    Discovery of Self through Naam-Simran Gulshan Jeet Singh* * 5-Rampur Mandi Road, Dehradun-248001. U.P. Naam Simran is a purely spiritual experience within reach of all humanity irrespective of race creed on social status. Success varies and depends on the practitioner’s earnestness as well as...
  14. S

    Naam-Simran: A Discourse

    Obedienc: gursiqgur kw jo isK AKweYY so Blky aiT hir nwm iDAwvY ] audmu kry Blky prBwqI ] ieSnwn kry Aim@@@@q sir nwvY ] apdyis gurU hir hir jpu jwpY siB iklivK pwp doK lih jwvY ] iPr cVY idvsu gurbwxI gwvY bhidAw auTidAw hir nwm iDAwvY ] jo swis igrws iDAwey myrw hir hir so gurisK gurU min...
  15. S

    Proper Way Of Doing Simran

    As for as your question about the proper way of doing Simran. Well...I'm sure everyone would give you a different answer but in my experience the following things made my meditation very powerful and focused. Use a Mental Focus: 1. Focus at your third eye point (with your eyes closed...focusing...
  16. S


  17. stupidjassi

    Practical Naam Simran

    WJKK WJKF, I was wondering if somebody can share her/his experience in Naam simran who has been matured into these stages already. He/she can explain the difficulties which they faced and the stages which they encountered. He/She can describe the mystical feeling they got. or so. The...
  18. Sherab

    Simran And Kara

    Should Simran and Kara be on the same wrist or does it not matter? Also for sue of simran, must it be draped over the hand like the hindus: right hand, but with it draped over the middle finger, using thumb to count, and the index finger not touching the beads? In buddhism we used the left...
  19. Archived_Member16

    Naam Simran At Amritvela

    NAAM SIMRAN AT AMRITVELA This Shabad is by Bhagat Kabeer Ji in Salok Kabeer Jee on Pannaa 1372 kbIr swcw siqguru ikAw krY jau isKw mih cUk ] AMDy eyk n lwgeI ijau bWsu bjweIAY PUk ]158] kabeer saachaa sathigur kiaa karai jo sikhaa mehi chook || a(n)dhhae eaek n laagee jio baa(n)s...
  20. G

    Guru And Gurbani

    Guru Piarayo Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Dhur ki baani aaee jin sali chint mittaee In my opinion Baani is for understanding how to do simran. And all Guru Jis first used to do Jap(Simran) and Tap in Bhoras as is evident from the bhroas at various Gurdwaras and then Baani...