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Skype Amritvella

Discussion in 'Get Involved' started by Perwinder@iima.com, Nov 17, 2009.

  1. Perwinder@iima.com

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    Sep 20, 2006
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    This is just an initiative; we are in process to setup sadh sangat on skype. Other things depends on bless/kirpa of waheguru. We need interested people to join this and give their time.

    Steps to join this group are as follows:

    1. You should have good internet connection
    2. Speaker and mic is important
    3. Skype software, which you can download Skype 4.1 for Windows - Download the latest version of Skype and get free computer calls
    4. Register your name and login
    5. Go to contact menu>search for Skype users>search panthkhalsa>add>send.
    6. We will accept only when we will see your interest in writing (at the time of sending invitation you can write text about your interest), that you are interested to join this group for naam jaap and Nitnem.
    7. Timing will be 1 am IST to 3 am IST:
    - First 7 days we will give 20 min to Naam jaap and 45 min to Nitnem
    - Next 7 days, 30 min to naam jaap and 45 min to nitnem
    - Continue with 45-60 min to naam jaap and 45 min to Nitnem
    - Ardaas: Sangat will do their own at their place, end.
    - We have set this time because it comes under first paher of the day and after this we can also get some more sleep before going to office or business work.
    8. All people are invited to attend this, no caste restriction.
    9. Naam will be reciting with Sehjta, Nimrata with slow speed. (Read follow shabad).
    10. Process of jaap is: you need listen and concentrate on Waheguru word. Cut other thoughts, in the initial time you will get all kind of obstacle like:
    - Getting tired, yawning, not able to concentrate, etc.
    - But don’t worry this all happens; it can be drive out when you continue. After some days you will get a proper way to do and concentrate, and other things you know very well if you recite waheguru.
    11. Very very important: Your place should be peace full and calm. So, other people can listen to each other voices clearly (no background noise like children, fan, TV, etc).
    12. All are requested to send your emails on panthkhalsa@khalsa.com, so we can inform you about the future events on skype.
    13. One kind request to all, try to take bath before joining naam jaap. It will be good for your mind and body. You will get to know real essence of Amritvella.
    14. Naam jaap will be doing by all sangat like once we call waheguru then sangat will call waheguru and so on. Nitnem, one pankti from our side and next pankti from sangat Or every day we will distribute baanis like one day somebody will start with japji sahib (pankti wise) other day next person will start japji and the similar process we will follow with other baanis.

    Ang: 478

    <> siqgur pRswid ]
    ik oankaar sathigur prasaadh |
    One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:

    Awsw sRI kbIr jIau ky caupdy iekquky ] snk snµd AMqu nhI pwieAw ] byd pVy piV bRhmy jnmu gvwieAw ]1]
    aasaa sree kabeer jeeo kae choupadhae eikathukae | sanak sanandh anth nehee paaeiaa | baedh parrae parr brehamae janam gavaaeiaa |1|
    Aasaa Of Kabeer Jee, Chau-Padas, Ik-Tukas: Sanak and Sanand, the sons of Brahma, could not find the Lord's limits. Brahma wasted his life away, continually reading the Vedas. ||1||

    hir kw iblovnw iblovhu myry BweI ]
    har kaa bilovanaa bilovahu maerae bhaaee |
    Churn the churn of the Lord, O my Siblings of Destiny.

    shij iblovhu jYsy qqu n jweI ]1] rhwau ]
    sehaj bilovahu jaisae thath n jaaee |1| rehaao |
    Churn it steadily, so that the essence, the butter, may not be lost. ||1||Pause||

    qnu kir mtukI mn mwih ibloeI ]
    than kar mattukee man maahi biloee |
    Make your body the churning jar, and use the stick of your mind to churn it.

    iesu mtukI mih sbdu sMjoeI ]2]
    eis mattukee mehi sabadh sanjoee |2|
    Gather the curds of the Word of the Shabad. ||2||

    hir kw iblovnw mn kw bIcwrw ]
    har kaa bilovanaa man kaa beechaaraa |
    The churning of the Lord is to reflect upon Him within your mind.

    gur pRswid pwvY AMimRq Dwrw ]3]
    gur prasaadh paavai anmrith dhaaraa |3|
    By Guru's Grace, the Ambrosial Nectar flows into us. ||3||

    khu kbIr ndir kry jy mNØIrw ]
    kahu kabeer nadhar karae jae maaeeraa |
    Says Kabeer, if the Lord, our King casts His Glance of Grace,

    rwm nwm lig auqry qIrw ]4]1]10]
    raam naam lag outharae theeraa |4|1|10|
    one is carried across to the other side, holding fast to the Lord's Name. ||4||1||10||
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    spnadmin United States
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    Jun 17, 2004
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    Perwinder ji

    I am going to have to take you personal information out of your signature because it is a dangerous thing to do on the Internet. Please let people contact you for this information by private message. Identity theft and computer invasions are not a joke these days and evil-minded people can turn your computer into a BOT and steal personal information. Same thing goes when knowing telephone numbers.
  4. OP

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    Sep 20, 2006
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    i m just a promoter of skype amritvella.Somebody else is operating this group.

    Kindly requesting to all member of sikhph please follow the instruction for join skype amritvella.

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