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  1. Siri Kamala

    Protective Cushion For My Kara

    Hello SPN Friends, I have taken up Krav Maga self-defense training and generally they require that all jewelry be removed during training to avoid injuring both your sparring partner and yourself. For obvious reasons I cannot and will not take off my kara. As such, I need some way to cushion...
  2. K

    Types Of Karas

    Wahe Guru Ji Ki Ka Khalsa, wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh Greetings, everyone, I have a question. There are now different designs of the kara; I have seen some that are ridge, some that are smooth, and I have been wondering how the different forms of karas have come about. A friend gave me one that is...
  3. TigerStyleZ

    Kara Parshad Prepared Is A Ritual?

    Recently I had a thought on Kara Parshad - and the preparing of it . Here is a short summarise: According to the religion, Karah Prasad should be prepared in the following method: Place for preparation must be swept and plastered. Cooking vessels must be scoured and...
  4. Ishna

    Blessing/Ardaas For Kara

    Gurfetehji I recently heard that the Sikh kara is forged by a person reciting naam / bani, and is also blessed with an ardaas at Gurdwara before being given to a Sikh. Is this correct? Is it a common practice? The discussion came about when someone asked if they could get a local...
  5. Chaan Pardesi

    Kara - An Article Of Faith And Its Significance

    Dear Gurmukh Loko, Perhaps, I can try and help here with the little budhi, I have collected from here and there..I once many moons ago, explained this to similarly inquiste people.. For a Sikh, the iron bangle is an emblem of Justice and equality and fairness.A ring or a bracelet has all...
  6. G

    Explaining The Kara

    I am having a hard time explaining why I wear a kara to kids at my school. Can someone help me?
  7. findingmyway

    Origins Of Kara Prasad

    Where did karah parshad originate from? What was it's original function? What are the meanings of the ingredients? Why do some people use suji but others dont? Is 'blessed food' an incorrect translation? :yum: Thanks for educating me
  8. spnadmin

    School Spent £170k On Court Battle Over Bangle (Kara)

    A SCHOOL that fought a legal battle to force a Sikh pupil to remove a religious bracelet spent at least £170,000 on the lost case, it emerged yesterday. And an MP last night accused the school of using technicalities to avoid divulging how much money it actually spent, fearing it could...
  9. G

    Do You Wear Kara?

    Do You Wear Sikh Kara? :khanda3: Sikh Kara Bracelet is an iron bracelet that binds the Sikh, who is wearing it, to God. The Sikh Kara is used to remind the Sikh to do the right deeds. The Sikh Kara is usually worn in the predominant hand so that the Sikh can see the Sikh Kara whenever he...
  10. spnadmin

    Standing Logic On Its Head (On Janeau, Kirpan, Kara, Kesh From SikhChic)

    Standing Logic On Its Head<small>by I.J. SINGH & MANJYOT KAUR</small> <!-- <small>September 11th, 2009</small>--> sikhchic.com | The Art and Culture of the Diaspora | Standing Logic On Its Head Analogies go only so far. To push them further doesn't...
  11. V

    General Kara

    I am wondering, can anyone tell me where to get a kara? I am looking for one that is inscribed with the first part of the Japji Sahib. Can you find them like this or do you need to get it inscribed afterward. I am in the UK.
  12. carolineislands

    General Kara

    Here's my simple question: :rofl: Is there some significance to wearing the kara on the right arm? Why do some Sikhs wear two kara and some one on each arm?
  13. S

    Sikh News School Suspends Sikh Girl Over 'Kara' (Outlook India)

    A 14-year-old Sikh student, who was suspended from her school in South Wales for wearing a religious bangle, has been barred again from attending her classes for declining to remove the bangle. More...
  14. S

    Sikh News Sikh Girl Suspended From School Second Time For Wearing 'kara' In UK (Deepika)

    London, Nov 14 (UNI) Sarika Singh, 14, the only Sikh girl at Aberdare Girls School in south Wales, has been suspended for the second time for refusing to take off her 'kara'. More...
  15. S

    Sikh News Sikh Pupil Again Suspended Over Kara Bangle (Daily Telegraph)

    A Sikh pupil who has refused to stop wearing a religious bangle to school has been suspended for a second time. More...
  16. S

    Sikh News Sikh Student Barred From School For Wearing Kara (IANS Via Yahoo! India News)

    London, Nov 7 (IANS) A Sikh teenager in South Wales has been temporarily barred from attending school after she refused to remove her kara -- a bracelet worn for religious reasons. More...
  17. S

    Sikh News British School Sends Sikh Girl Home For Wearing A Kara (ANI Via Yahoo! India News)

    London, Nov 7 (ANI): A Sikh teenager has been sent back from her school for wearing a Kara (steel bracelet), one of the religious symbols which reminds a Sikh of his or her bondage to the Guru. Sarika Singh (14) refused to remove her Kara because she felt that it is "a constant reminder to her...
  18. S

    Sikh News Sikh Student Barred From School For Wearing Kara (New Kerala)

    London, Nov 7 : A Sikh teenager in South Wales has been temporarily barred from attending school after she refused to remove her kara -- a bracelet worn for religious reasons. More...
  19. Sherab

    Simran And Kara

    Should Simran and Kara be on the same wrist or does it not matter? Also for sue of simran, must it be draped over the hand like the hindus: right hand, but with it draped over the middle finger, using thumb to count, and the index finger not touching the beads? In buddhism we used the left...
  20. HannahBanana

    General New Kara

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh, I need help. I know I've asked before but I always get different answers. What are karas made of? I got one that I think is steel from a friend and I planned on wearing it all the time, only it irritates my skin. I have sensitive skin, always have...