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  1. Sacerdote-Italo-Americano

    New to Gurumuki and the Punjabi language

    Greetings, I am new to the SPN, and I have found myself increasingly reading more articles and discussions here, simply from my internet searches, without ever making an account. This is a bit lengthy but thought I should make this post to introduce myself to the community at large. My path of...
  2. L

    Is 'Divine/God/Akaal Purakh' and 'Jot' the same thing?

    If not, what is the difference between these terms ?
  3. Truthsikher31

    God Vs Creation Of The Earth/universe

    Christians are very clear from their bible on how God created the world in 7 days (6000 yrs ago). I believe this to be bogus, and very flawed. I've yet to read up on how Islam or Hindu's explain this question. But was more interested in how Sikhi explains the creation of the world and...
  4. Truthsikher31

    Is It More Important To Believe In God Or To Be A Sikh

    To be a Sikh, you pretty much believe in the existence of God. But people will argue how to be a Sikh, like I'm Sikh but cut hair, yet believe in God inside me. But there are people who are not Sikhs (Jews, Hindus, Christians, etc.) who also believe in God. If it was proven that there is no...
  5. Y

    Why Our Souls Separated From God?

    Since according to sikhi, the ultimate aim of human life is to become ONE with god, I wonder why souls separated from god in the first place? P.S. I don't wanna hurt anyone's feelings so please bear with it if my question sounds arrogant.
  6. Truthsikher31

    If Christianity Can Be Proven Wrong, Then What Makes Sikhism So Right?

    Christianity has many flaws, and yet it's one of the oldest and first religions. Religion is supposed to be the word of God. Yet science, common sense, and flat out ignorant teachings show that Christianity has many flaws or is just wrong and not real. So then what makes Sikhism so right...
  7. Dalvinder Singh Grewal


    TELEPATHY AS A UNIQUE COMMUNICATION SYSTEM WITH THE WORLD AND BEYOND AS PER GURBANI Dr Dalvinder Singh Grewal Dalvinder45@rediffmail.com, 919815366726 'Through Pasroor Guru Nanak reached Kotla Mian Mitha and settled in a garden about a mile away from the town. Mian Mitha got an intuition of...
  8. J

    Hard To Believe In God / Waheguru

    I know that this is uh a bit controversial and all that. Seriously, I do not want to cause any argument and all that, but I am having trouble in believing god in all that. I don't even know that he even exists or not, because there are people who are insane or in cults like ISIS killing people...
  9. O

    Sikhism Is There A Supreme Being / God / Waheguru Or Not?

    To understand the concept of manmukh n gurmukh we need to first, establish whether there is a Supreme Being or not ? Take care -
  10. Harkiran Kaur

    Opinion Definition Of Diety, Human Form, God And Waheguru

    Wikipedia would disagree <snipped unnecessary quip. Try "some members"- AK>. Even the word Deity does not have to point to a human like supernatural figure: "Deities are depicted in a variety of forms, but are also frequently expressed as having human form. Some faiths and traditions consider...
  11. hpsp

    Sikhism What Is The Meaning Of Realization Of God ?

    This question has bothered me. I do not appreciate the meaning of this term as per Sikh philosophy. It is stated that merger of soul with super soul is the objective .Even now we have consciousness that is small jot of God. God has larger consciousness may be called as Jot , itself. In that case...
  12. namritanevaeh

    If There Is A God

    I posted this elsewhere the other day...just things I would enjoy discussing... If there is a god… (Philosophical musings) Things I don’t understand: If god created the earth AND the heavens and universe, and things that are “on the ground” for me in Canada are on “the top of the world” for...
  13. AjitFlora

    Which Is The Right Way To GOD ?

    As the tittle of the blog suggest, this question has been among the biggest question of all, especially for those who are religious.In the following paragraphs I will try to analyze it best to my understanding. To begin with, we see many common things in all religions.Each religion has a...
  14. Harry Haller

    Messages From God

    Hi folks, Just thought I would drop you all a line and see how your getting on! There has been much confusion on the whole God subject for so long, I have to be honest, I am pretty much a non interventionist God, as for God loving you, well I am the supreme being so I don't realty have much time...
  15. IJSingh

    Worship … Love Of God: Greed Or Mortal Dread

    The Creator – God, as usually described; His nature and existence! Not new questions for humanity but baffling, nevertheless. What do historians and linguists tell us about the word god and its origin. I am not a theologian so let me lay the matter to rest with the brief note that the English...
  16. Amos Vos

    Concept Of Total Liberation, Name Of God, Sikhism And Astrology

    Hello everybody I'm mainly interested in the concept of total liberation and the question about the recitation of the Name of God..how do we know the Name of God? Did He/She said it to us..all religions and phlisophies came up with different names....could someone explain that to me..with words...
  17. Harry Haller

    Meeting God

    I often read about the desire to meet god, how people wish to finally meet god and spend eternity at his feet bathing them in tears of joy, personally I can think of better ways to spend eternity, but we are all different. I got up at 6 this morning, as I always do, god was lying next to me...
  18. namritanevaeh

    Atheism My Thoughts On (a) God

    I find myself at a confusing point in my life I think. I enjoy Sikhi. I enjoy learning about religions in general. But none of my learning has convinced me there is (a) god. Almost, the opposite I might say. Here are some of my thoughts: a) Many religions seem to claim, or at least have...
  19. Inderjeet Kaur

    How Should We Refer To "God"?

    :confusedmunda::confusedkudi: Words are powerful. The words we use and how we use them affects us and those who hear or read our words. What is the clearest, most accurate way to refer to the Supreme Being. This is something I have been wrestling with for years. Let me start withe the noun...
  20. aristotle

    Opinion U.S. Air Force Academy May Drop ‘God’ From Oath

    The Air Force Academy is considering dropping the phrase “so help me God’ from its honor oath after the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) filed a complaint. The Academy’s Honor Review Committee met Wednesday to review the oath in response to the MRFF complaint, said Public Affairs...