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  1. IJSingh

    Foes & Friends: Betwixt & Between

    Foes & Friends: Betwixt & Between by I.J. Singh Over the years I have had the good fortune to work with many Sikh institutions in the United States; not too intimately but closely enough to see their blemishes, wrinkles and warts. I have seen them through their good days and bad. And I...
  2. S

    How Can I Make Decent And Useful Friends And From Where ? Most People Have A Problem With Me

    Most ppl have a problem with me . At first I used to brush it off as 'these people are just being jerks' but when too many people dislike u , then obviously so many people cannot be wrong I am judged quite often . but I also have very few friends I have a problem being friends or...
  3. E

    Find Local Sikh Gurdwara And Friends In Atlanta

    Sat Shri Aka Greetings! I am new to Sikhism, and would like to know if there are Sikhs in my area. I live in Marietta GA 30060 USA. This is in the Northwest suburbs of Atlanta. I am not comfortable traveling long distances in Atlanta traffic. I am hoping to find something close to home...
  4. aristotle

    Friends. A Testimony To Fun!

    Testimony to Fun!
  5. spnadmin

    SciTech Kids "using Coding Skills To Hack" Friends On Games

    Kids 'using coding skills to hack' friends on games, expert says By Dave Lee http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-21371609 Children as young as 11 years old are writing malicious computer code to hack accounts on gaming sites and social networks, experts have said. A report from...
  6. namjiwankaur

    Muslim, Sufi And Hindu Friends

    _/|\_ SatNam I know very little about Sikh history. I will have to look around online for some good websites. At the moment, I would love to hear about Sufis, Muslims and Hindus who befriended the Gurus and the Sikhi message. I wonder if there are any books by Muslims and Sufis who hung...
  7. Kanwaljit.Singh

    India Tytler Friends With Sikhs

    Source - Hindustan Times Delhi 20 Sept 2012, HT City Page 2 Fun facts - Mr. Kochar here is the MD of the biggest shaving cream company, now making headway into beer business while rubbing shoulders with the likes of Mr. Tytler.
  8. C

    FAQs Question Regarding Other Religions As Friends

    Although we as Sikhs are supposed to respect all religions. However in todays world many Sikhs have a friends that are Muslim, Hindu etc. I do myself. But do we keep history in mind while having these people as friends. For example Muslims killed and betrayed many Sikhs, which is why we're told...
  9. Scarlet Pimpernel

    Leisure Why Men Have A Harder Time Making Friends!

    In my college course on the science of well-being, I devote at least three classes to what psychologists have learned about nourishing healthy relationships. Ask school children who their friends are and many list last names close to them in the alphabet. Why? Because most friendships are...
  10. P

    Islam My Interaction With Some Muslim Friends

    Being born in a Sikh/punjabi environment and being acquainted with Baba Farid, Baba Shah Hussien, Baba Bulleh Shah and other sufis I had this idea in my mind that in the Pakistani Punjab the islam would be much similar to these teaching of sufism which are somewhat similar to Sikhism (from a...
  11. Admin

    In Memory Of Friends - A Communist Documentory On Sikhs

    A communist documentary on Sikhs from the time of Bhagat Singh till date... The documentary has English subtitles. <embed id=VideoPlayback src=http://video.google.co.uk/googleplayer.swf?docid=-7755841238032552309&hl=en&fs=true style=width:400px;height:326px allowFullScreen=true...
  12. Admin

    Sikh News Waris Ahluwalia Has Much Cooler Friends Than You

    For as long as we've been going out in this city, we've been spotting Waris Ahluwalia, the hip young Sikh in the corner, dancing—not drinking—and flashing his disarming smile to a well-chosen few. His social connections have led to appearances in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou and Inside...
  13. Archived_Member16

    True Friends

  14. S

    General Can Men And Women Be Friends ?

    Can Men and Women Be Friends ? Please read this interesting article Psychology Today: Can Men and Women Be Friends?
  15. K

    General Friends Mistook Ishmeeth Cries For Help As Prank

    SINGER ISHMEET Singh apparently drowned when his cries for help was mistaken as "just another prank". The 19-year-old Voice of India winner, from a middle-class family in Ludhiana, had gone to Maldives for a promotional event. He drowned in the swimming pool of a Male resort on Tuesday The...
  16. Vikram singh

    Christianity To My Christian And Muslim Friends

    YouTube - To My Christian and Muslim Friends...
  17. Sherab

    General Need More Friends

    hey all i don't have alot of people to talk to, so i thought i'd try making friends here.. I guess. heh. lol, so how are you all? :D
  18. binnz001

    Islam A Question To My Muslim Friends Here

    Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa , Waheguru Ji ki Fateh i have a few questions for my Muslim freinds here , i have been talking some to muslims in other forums but instead of replies they start abusing. Hope someone here clears the doubts. JUST A FEW QUESTIONS 1:ALLAH -- THE CREATOR ? I f Allah created...
  19. P

    That's What Friends Do

    :)    That's What Friends Do     By T. Suzanne Eller Jack tossed the papers on my desk? his eyebrows knit into a straight line as he glared at me. "What's wrong?" I asked. He jabbed a finger at the proposal. "Next time you want to change anything, ask me first," he said, turning on his heels...
  20. S

    Islam London Bombings- My Friends And I Will Meet And Eat And Drink And Ensure That The Solidarity With Ch

    I live in London and have many from friends from many nations, and am proud to count among them several friends who follow the teachings of Islam. http://us.rd.yahoo.com/dailynews/rss/search/Hindu/SIG=12eevuv3n/*http%3A//www.bangladesh-web.com/news/view.php?hidDate=2005-07-15&hidType=OPT