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In Memory Of Friends - A Communist Documentory On Sikhs


Jun 1, 2004
A communist documentary on Sikhs from the time of Bhagat Singh till date... The documentary has English subtitles.

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Jul 1, 2009
I can but only smile at these wretched souls. They cry for peace in documentry completely forgetting that

1. The first incidences of violence against state and its people were started by Communists under the name of Naxals and Maosits in Punjab, which was long before Sikhs came into picture esp Bhinderanwale. A lot of communists were part of movement and changed sides often. Most terrorists operating in Punjab were former naxals who had grown Sikh attire to 'blend in the crowd'.

2. Nobody has been more passionate about violence than communists themselves. Their father figure in India, Bhagat Singh, himself believed in justice by the Gun. And their Founding Father in Russia caused cold blooded murder of Czar and his innocent childeren by assassins.

Great propaganda, communists are masters of this!

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