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Testimony to Fun!


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Testimony to Fun!

Life is very complicated and tiring, it can be even more so when you are in a Med School shuttling back and forth between college and home everyday.

So, last week our friend circle decided to do what was required to freshen our minds, we planned a 3 day trip, and not just 10 or 20, but a full 55 of us. And we invaded the Himalayas.

Well, the weather was awesome, and the sites were breathtaking, but what was even more great was that we were together, sharing little inside jokes and playing pranks on each other.

Ours was a camping trip, we lodged in a camping site some 20 kilometers from the nearby city. The instructor was a friendly guy with a hat and all who declared at the outset that ours was not a sightseeing trip and we would have to flex our muscles a bit. A typical day would begin by a wake-up call at 6:30 am, followed by tea at 7 and then a leisure walk in the mountain woods. After returning and having our breakfast, we would again go for a stroll to the activity site, where we had adventure sports till dusk, when we would return for a dance party and dinner.

So, we had a whole lot of activities like Zip lining, valley crossing, river crossing, rope balancing, cliff rappelling etc. The whole experience was exhilarating and though I returned with a pulled shoulder muscle, leg cramps and a badly bruised elbow, like many of my buddies did, we had a hell of a nice time.

All of you may have such cherished memories which bring back a brisk smile to your lips. So, why not share them here??


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Fifty-five of you! That is itself amazing. The landscape is unbelievably beautiful. I think you must have had some sound and peaceful sleep even with all the pranks.

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