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  1. Ishna

    Arts/Society Man Buns Of Disneyland

    People have been snapping men at Disneyland who have their hair in buns! Sardars everywhere have been rocking this looks for centuries (tucked safely under their turbans/patkas). So sardar jis! Get out your jooras and show them how it's really done :D https://instagram.com/manbunsofdisneyland/
  2. aristotle

    Friends. A Testimony To Fun!

    Testimony to Fun!
  3. Ambarsaria

    General Black Singers And White Audiences: Just Good Fun Nothing Else

    Some of the greatest songs that I have always loved. Synch to the inners of the people singing to enjoy even more. Much close to their souls they sing. Shirley Bassey - I Who Have Nothing Shirley Bassey - I Who Have Nothing - YouTube BONEY M - DADDY COOL BONEY M - DADDY COOL - YouTube...
  4. Navdeep88

    General Just For Fun

    Admin: I hope this is alright. This video doesn't concern spirituality or religion. But it is very funny and I just wanted to share it because it might make some members smile (if they're having a bad day or something). Enjoy! YouTube - Funny Grandpa Dancing To Techno
  5. spnadmin

    Inspirational Film Fun For Girls, Boys, Dads And Soccer Moms

    Inspirational film fun for girls, boys, dads and Soccer Moms Inspirational film fun for girls, boys, dads and Soccer Moms The weather is warming, which means children all over the island are digging their dusty soccer cleats out from under the bed. It's a seasonal ritual that continues...
  6. Admin

    Classmates Make Fun Of Me Being A Sikh?

    Classmates Make Fun of Me (Quoting from an interesting debate going on at sikhnet) Quote: I am a amritdhari sikh of class 10th , I study in convent school and I am the only sikh in class. All my classmates make fun of me , then don't call me by name and just call Gyani and crack dirty...
  7. spnadmin

    Learn Punjabi Bilingual Conversation Circle Makes Reading Fun For Kids

    Bilingual conversation circle makes reading fun for kids Taryn Toor is just four years old, but already the Surrey tyke is an avid library user. Toor has been going to Storytimes to Help Learn English, partly funded by The Sun’s Raise-a-Reader program, for most of her life. “She loves it,”...
  8. Randip Singh

    General Channel 4 Discussion Forum Making Fun Of Kirpan Issue?

    I was reading this link: A religious right to carry a knife? - Topic Powered by eve community The article is this: and some of the comments are: and so the comments go on!:confused:
  9. S

    Leisure Fun

  10. S

    Leisure Fun & Games

    Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh Play and have fun with your kids during holidays. http://www.sikhpoint.com/kidsCorner/kid_games.php?level=2&module=gm http://www.khalsakids.org/games.php http://sikhee.com/downloads.html Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh
  11. S

    Sikh News Hip Sikh Jeweller-actor Just Wants To Have Fun (Reuters Via Yahoo! India News)

    JAIPUR, India (Reuters) - "I can't believe you didn't bring your swimming trunks," splutters Waris Ahluwalia, the jeweller, Hollywood actor and Sikh fashion icon, as he greets a fully clothed reporter at his hotel in Jaipur. More...
  12. N

    Review Of "The Book Of Gods" By Igor Skoglund Appeared On Country Fun Idea Wedding (Culver City News

    Country Fun Idea Wedding posted review of "The book of gods" y Igor Skoglund. "This book contains 4 essays: "The book of gods", "Enigmas of Christianity", "Diamond Age" and "True religion"...
  13. N

    Sikh News Solemn And Fun Events Mark Sikh Religious Do (@Metro KL)

    For the Sikhs, Vasakhi is a major religious celebration. It marks Khalsa Panth’s birth at which the Sikhs took on Singh and Kaur after their names to diminish differences in caste, creed and economic standing...
  14. N

    Thunder Zone Installed ! Have Fun With Some Classic Games

    Its fun time folks !!! I think we cannot discuss spirituality always and change of mindset is actually good for mind to concentrate... Just have a look at the Navigation Bar towards the top of the screen and there will find a button called Arcade ... its a unique place to challenge your skills...