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    Discussion on the book "Science and Sikhism- Conflict and Coherence" Chapter 5 "Creation of Universe - A Fabulous Tale"
  2. Truthsikher31

    God Vs Creation Of The Earth/universe

    Christians are very clear from their bible on how God created the world in 7 days (6000 yrs ago). I believe this to be bogus, and very flawed. I've yet to read up on how Islam or Hindu's explain this question. But was more interested in how Sikhi explains the creation of the world and...
  3. Dalvinder Singh Grewal

    Sikhi Sound In The Process Of Creation Of Universe

    Sound in the Process of Creation of Universe Dr Dalvinder Singh Grewal Philosophy of Creation Philosophy of Sikhism it based on Sri Guru Granth Sahib (SGGS) originally compiled by Sri Guru Arjan Dev and later given the status of Guru by Guru Gobind Singh after adding hymns of the Ninth Guru...
  4. Harry Haller

    Who Is This Creator Who Cares For Us In Such Grand Fashion?

    This is a line from another thread, but its a good question, my own feeling is that this Creator is the sum of Creation, although I would probably dispute the caring bit, slightly Abrahamic, slightly Vedic, Creator cared by giving us a brain, what else is there to do? I do not believe Creator is...
  5. Dalvinder Singh Grewal

    Sikhi Guru Nanak's Methodology Of Finding Truth

    Guru Nanak's Methodology of Finding Truth Col Dalvinder Singh Grewal Concept of Ultimate Truth The ultimate truth is the one that is permanent and does not change. It is 'the Lord alone that is permanent and unchangeable'. Hence the Lord is the ultimate truth and nothing else[1]. …True is...
  6. Ishna

    Sikhi Does Waheguru Intervene?

    Beyond creating and bestowing Grace, does "God" (Guruji, Ik Onkar, Akaal Purakh, Waheguru) intervene in human affairs or natural events?
  7. Harry Haller

    What Is Love?

    I am not big on love, its hard to be big on something that you do not understand, or when you have been told all your life that your 'doing it wrong', I have been told all my life, in probably a dozen relationships that I have a strange and uncommon view of love. Well thats ok, if there is...
  8. P

    Destiny Points, Imagination And Creation

    It's been a while since I have posted something on this site so I thought I would incite some debate using the teachings of wise men from other regions. Mos Egaardpeder Sen tells us that "Imagination, life is your creation" is the key to spiritual enlightenment. I want to know what your...
  9. Chaan Pardesi

    Learn Punjabi The Creation Of Gurmukhi Alphabets

    THE CREATION OF GURMUKHI ALPHABETS--PART ONE The Gurmukhi alphabets are one of the more common alphabets [letters, script] that originated in the Punjab. The Gurmukhi alphabets fall into the semi-alphabetic group of letterings.They contain the three components necessary in a phonetic...
  10. namjiwankaur

    Islam All Creation Glorifies God!

    Sat Nam _/|\_ Everything in creation glorifies God. God appears to believe this is worth repeating (there are several ayat on this in Quran and it begins several chapters of Quran). Are there similar verses in Sri Guru Granth Sahib? I wonder how these verses are understood from a Sikh...
  11. namjiwankaur

    Islam The Quran: The Way All Praise God

    _/|\_ Sat Nam There are several profound verses in Quran that I think are worth reflecting on. I know there are a couple Muslims participating on this board so I hope they will take the time to read and respond. But I hope Sikhs will share their experiences and understanding as they read...
  12. spnadmin

    News Creation In Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji (ਰੋਜ਼ਾਨਾ ਸਪੋਕਸਮੈਨ)

    Forwarded by Gyani Jarnail Singh Arshi The entire story at this link http://rozanaspokesman.com/fullpage.aspx?view=main&mview=Dec&dview=14&pview=20
  13. Ambarsaria

    Do Members Of Creation Really Need Humans?

    Life will be just fine with or withour saviors for most life forms. Why do humans thinks they are somehow special and need third parties to keep them going? Isn't eat, sleep and be merry not enough just like most other forms of life. I believe it may be in large part true. Any comments.
  14. Harry Haller

    Creation And Consonance

    Gurfatehji Ambersariaji kindly wrote this on a thread, I liked its content hugely, and thinking it worthy of discussion have posted it with my questions, Creator/creation really does not care if you are Khalsa or not does creation care about anything? Creator just creates and does not watch...
  15. Ambarsaria

    Living In Consonance With Creation

    There are things to remember when we view creation and hence the creator (known as God, waheguru, kartar purakh, etc.). Now as human beings we get myopic in how we see. A phrase that I paraphrase below comes to mind, Fundamentally it all points to the fact that eye of the beholder...
  16. Scarlet Pimpernel

    Atheism Cosmology And Creation

    COSMOLOGY AND CREATION by Professor Keith Ward ‘In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth’ (Genesis 1, 1). The basic affirmation of most monotheistic religions is that there is one creator of everything other than itself. That is, there is one uncreated being that brings into...
  17. Ambarsaria

    Cycles Of The Soul: Creation, Growth, Death Or Transformation Into Other Souls?

    Soul is the inner self that is like a sounding board of impartiality within. It sees you without clothes, it sees you without bias or ill will or animosity. In our action we have a choice to go with what our soul tells us or decide otherwise. In practical living, the actions you take in...
  18. S

    Atheism Why Did God Create His Creation?

    Little religious introduction of mine I m pseudo Sikh, Kinda trying to get into Gursikh life way. I am not a religious scholar either. What I am trying to find is that If god created all the creation (brahmand) what was the purpose? Did he need some body to appreciate him? Please...
  19. Admin

    Greed And Social Creation Of Wealth

    John Fleming "Because you like nice things" is a wonderful advertising slogan, a real classic. I think this phrase from a local television commercial should be trumpeted throughout the country. It could be applied to everything from automobiles and...
  20. Admin

    How Natural Laws And Principles Make Creation Serve All

    How Natural Laws and Principles Make Creation Serve All The peace, harmony, serenity and tranquility in the vastness of days, weeks and months is sustained in the natural cycle, running yearly, and in a divine way. Shri Guru Nanak says that all the joys and sorrows are the fruit of our own...