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Sikhi Sound In The Process Of Creation Of Universe

Discussion in 'Sikh Sikhi Sikhism' started by dalvindersingh grewal, Apr 1, 2016.

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  1. dalvindersingh grewal

    dalvindersingh grewal India
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    Writer Historian SPNer Thinker

    Jan 3, 2010
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    Sound in the Process of Creation of Universe
    Dr Dalvinder Singh Grewal

    Philosophy of Creation

    Philosophy of Sikhism it based on Sri Guru Granth Sahib (SGGS) originally compiled by Sri Guru Arjan Dev and later given the status of Guru by Guru Gobind Singh after adding hymns of the Ninth Guru, Guru Tegh Bahadur. Japuji, Aasa di Vaar, Siddh Goshth and Maru Sohile of Guru Nanak and Sukhmani Sahib of Guru Arjan have descriptions about the origin and development of universe and life in detail. Other Gurus and saints have touched upon the subjects at random. Primary material here is obtained from the hymns of Guru Nanak and Guru Arjan. [1]

    Only One Creator

    According to Sri Guru Granth Sahib, the One and the only One God has created the entire universe. [2]

    Situation before Creation

    Before creation of the universe there was nothing around; whatever is observable in the universe did not exist earlier. [3] There was utter darkness all-around. [4] He had remained in darkness in deep meditation [5] for thirty six yugas. [6] He emerged from this darkness shoonyaHimself and gave Himself a Name. [7]

    Emergence of God with spread of Light

    With His emergence spread the Light around. [8] The Light of the Lord spread everywhere. [9] When in light, the Lord probably felt lonely and thought of creating the universe as a play for Himself. [10]

    Start of Creation with Sound on the base of Light

    God created the universe with one sound [11]. From the sound millions of rivers (of atoms) flowed.[11]. All the segments and continents in the universe were created from one sound of His order alone. [12] Due to wave-particle duality of the Light and it its spread all over, the sound spread through particles all over.

    A research team led by Fabrizio Carbone at EPFL has now carried out an experiment with a clever twist: using electrons to image light. The researchers have captured, for the first time ever, a single snapshot of light behaving simultaneously as both a wave and a stream of particles.

    In the experiment; A pulse of laser light is fired at a tiny metallic nanowire. The laser adds energy to the charged particles in the nanowire, causing them to vibrate. Light travels along this tiny wire in two possible directions, like cars on a highway. When waves traveling in opposite directions meet each other they form a new wave that looks like it is standing in place. Here, this standing wave becomes the source of light for the experiment, radiating around the nanowire.The scientists shot a stream of electrons close to the nanowire, using them to image the standing wave of light. As the electrons interacted with the confined light on the nanowire, they either sped up or slowed down. Using the ultrafast microscope to image the position where this change in speed occurred, Carbone's team could now visualize the standing wave, which acts as a fingerprint of the wave-nature of light.While this phenomenon shows the wave-like nature of light, it simultaneously demonstrated its particle aspect as well. As the electrons pass close to the standing wave of light, they "hit" the light's particles, the photons. As mentioned above, this affects their speed, making them move faster or slower. This change in speed appears as an exchange of energy "packets" (quanta) between electrons and photons. The very occurrence of these energy packets shows that the light on the nanowire behaves as a particle. [13]


    Photograph of light both as wave and particle


    Quantum mechanics tells us that light can behave simultaneously as a particle or a wave [13]. The light energy being at the base and the sound energy being the activating force, the creation of universe was initiated.[14]


    Sound waves are mechanical waves. Sound wave is created because the matter along the wave vibrates and this makes the wave propagate. The source of the matter is the dark matter, the central energy. Sound waves spread through the matter by causing lattice to vibrate causing harmonic (i.e., quadratic) interactions between atoms. Quantum mechanically, the energy changes in multiples of h v hv where v v is the frequency of the mode. Because the energy comes in lumps, all the same size, the lumps of energy are called ‘a particle’. For a lattice, the particles are called phonons; for the em field the particles are called photons. All energy levels are equally spaced in a quantum harmonic oscillator. Field particles do not exist outside the quantum world; conversely, phonons in solids are as real as photons. Graphene said: “Sound is a pressure wave, where the particles in the air (the actual molecules o2, n2, etc) vibrate to create sound. These waves behave approximately as some kind of particle (known as quasi particles). The particular quasi particle that is associated with sound is known as a Phonon.

    upload_2016-3-31_20-11-57.png upload_2016-3-31_20-12-6.png

    From the True God came the air and from air came the water. From water He created the universe and in every element of the universe He entered in the form of light. [15] He created the universe in many different methods in such a way that everything originates from the God and merges into it. [16] He created billions of stars, suns and planets.[17] He created billions of countries and earths [18] and on them He created water, land and mountains.[19] He mixed water, fire and air to create the living beings on earth.[20] The entire universe is made of water and water exists everywhere. [21] There are billions of universes, skies and Netherlands.[22] There are billions of places of worship. [23] The word is the place of residence of the God and He stays in it. 24] He creates and cares Himself. [25]

    This sound is considered to be His Name (naam) or Sabd. [26] Everything is created from this sound Naam. [27] From this sound Naaam all beings are created. All regions and worlds are created from Naam. All knowledge including simritis and Vedas are the creation from Naam. All hearing, knowledge and meditation is on the Naam. All skies and neither worlds are from Naam. All figures are created by Naam. Heavens and whatever is built is all from Naam. Hearing and meditation on Naam one gets emancipated. [28][29]

    The universe originates from the God in the form of Word (sabd) and assimilates with the Word, and with the word it goes on assimilating after getting new shapes [30]

    This way the universe originated from the Sound/Word (sabd)/God’s Name and will assimilate with the Word. It again originates from the Word [31] This is the reason why reciting His Name (Naam) is advocated in Sri Guru Granth Sahib.


    [1] Sri Guru Granth Sahib, Shiromani Gurudwara Parbandhak Committee, Sri Amrirtsar (SGGS). Sri Guru Granth Sahib has been Translated by Singh Sahib Sant Singh Khalsa, MD & Transliteration done by Kulbir Singh Thind, MD; Database making, sentence by sentence text arrangement, conversion to Unicode and formatting etc is also done by Kulbir Singh Thind, MD.

    [2] Eks te sabh opt hoyee. (SGGS:223) eko karta jin(i) jag(u) keeya (SGGS:1188), sabna jeeya ka ik(u) data. (SGGS:2)

    [3] Apna aap upaion(u) tadah(u) hor(u) na koee. (SGGS:223).

    [4] Arbad narbad dhundukara. SGGS:1037

    [5] Sunn samdh(i) lagaida. SGGS p.1035, sunnai taddi laida. SGGS p.1037 Sunnai vartai jug sabhai. SGGS:1037

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    [7] Aaapai aap upai niraala SGGS P.436 aapine aap sajio, aapeene rachio nao. (SGGS:436) gupth(u) pragtee

    aaida (SGGS:1036)

    [8] Nirankar aakaar kar(i) jyot(i) saroop anoop dikhaia. Vaar Bhai Gurdas Vaar 12

    [9] Tis ki jyot(i) tribhavan saare. (SGGS:1037). Toon ghat ghat antr(i) sarb nirantar(i) ji har(i) eks

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    [11] Keeta psao eko kavao.Tis te hoe lakh d . (SGGS:1:3-16)

    [12] Phys.org - News and Articles on Science and Technologytags/light

    [13] http://phys.org/news/2015-03-particle.html

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    [16] Saachay tay pavnaa bha-i-aa pavnai tay jal ho-ay. Jal tay taribhavan saaji-aa ghat ghat jot samo-ay.

    (SGGS:1:19:18). Jal hee tay sabh oopjai bin jal pi-aas na jaa-ay. (SGGS:3:1420-1)

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    P.1003 Onkaar(i) brahma utpat(i) Ongkaar(i) keea jin(i) chit(i). Ongkar(i) sail jug bhae.

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    [28] Naam ke dhare sagle jant. Naam ke dhare khand brahmand. Naam ke dhare simirit(i) Bed Puran. Naam ke dhare suanan gyan dhyan. Naam ke dhare aagaas paataal. Naam ke dhare sagl aakaar. Naam ke dhare puria sabh bhavan. Naam ke sang(i) udhare sun(i) sravan. (p.284)

    [29] Naamo gat(i) naamo pat(i) jan ki (M5, p.680:8), nam-h(u) hi naam manie (SGGS, 426:8) Naam uchar kare har(i) rachna. (SGGS, M 5, 531:3), Naam sunia, Naam maneeai (M3, 426:5)

    [30] Naamai upjai, Naamai Binsai. (SGGS, m3, 246:16),

    [31]Utpat(i) parlau sabde hovai. Sabde hi fir opt(i) hovai. (SGGS:3:117-8)
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  3. Ishna

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    Writer SPNer Thinker

    May 9, 2006
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    I like it and I particularly like how well referenced this is. Very well done, Dr Grewal Ji.

    Just a couple of thoughts arise as I was reading it:
    1. Time is a concept that exists with space. Before there was space, I guess there was no time. Therefore, what is really meant by "He had remained in darkness in deep meditation [5] for thirty sixyugas. [6]"?
    2. Sound is a vibration of particles that requires a medium through which to travel. That's why no one can hear you scream in outer space, because it's a vacuum; there's nothing there for the sound to travel on. If all of creation sprang forth from one "sound" (is this a translation of 'Shabad'?), how is that possible if there wasn't something already created through which the sound could travel on? Perhaps Gurbani is not talking about literal sound?
    Many thanks, again.
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  4. Sherdil

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    Writer SPNer Thinker

    Jan 20, 2014
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    Wonderful article. So many possible points of discussion. Can the Divine be separated from the void (shoonya) or is the void the most primal nature of the Divine?

    "Gave Himself a name" I suppose implies that the Naam emanated from a source which we can call Ek. A personality from which all things arise and are thus a part of. It shines through in the form of life.
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  5. OP
    dalvindersingh grewal

    dalvindersingh grewal India
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    Writer Historian SPNer Thinker

    Jan 3, 2010
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    In Gurbani God is shown as meditating in void (sunn), where he remained for 36 ages (it is likely to be meant for countless period). Void is thus the primal nature. God 'gave himself a name', possibly is pointing to the first sound He produced. you may call it 'Ikongkaar' or anything; it has to be a guess work only since no one else was present at the time to make a record.
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  6. OP
    dalvindersingh grewal

    dalvindersingh grewal India
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    Writer Historian SPNer Thinker

    Jan 3, 2010
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    Thanks for liking the article.
    Time originated with the light, to be exact with the sun only once the bein. Thirty six yugas is mere representation of timelessness as can be seen the use of this in other shabads
    Thanks for liking the article.
    Time started with the origin of concept of time in the human mind. man linked the time with the sun. the concept of thirty six yugas as shown in Gurbani is merely the representation of timelessness as it can be linked with other references.
    Dark energy and light both have the nature of particles and can be considered as the conveyors of sound waves.
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  7. Ishna

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    Writer SPNer Thinker

    May 9, 2006
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    This is all truly fascinating stuff.

    Here's another source, although I don't know how good it is:

    The good news from BOSS is that it really does look like astrophysicists are on the right track when it comes to dark energy, and one model in particular is coming away looking very good. Central to these findings are baryon acoustic oscillations. These are the primordial soundwaves I mentioned earlier. These acoustic waves were formed just 30,000 years after the Big Bang, as regular matter started collapsing around dense dark matter.

    The resultant pressure forged these waves, which oscillated outwards for about 350,000 years, tracing out the future structure of the universe as they went. By the time the universe had cooled enough to stall these waves, matter had clumped around the center and edges of the wave, causing more galaxies to form in these areas than elsewhere.

    That's the theory behind these baryon acoustic oscillations, or BAOs, and it turns out all the galaxies spotted by BOSS are exactly where they should be according to the BAO model...assuming dark energy was also there to direct how these countless galaxies cluster together.
  8. OP
    dalvindersingh grewal

    dalvindersingh grewal India
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    Writer Historian SPNer Thinker

    Jan 3, 2010
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    upload_2016-4-2_17-21-14.png upload_2016-4-2_17-21-42.png
    Two diagrams above show that dark energy is 74% dark matter 22% and visible matter 4% out of which the total visible universe is made. Out of this only an iota of it can be seen with our eyes. scientists at NASA and major laboratories of the world are trying to identify the real nature of the three but it can be said more of a guess work. The sunn which Guru Nanak spoke of was this dark energy which gets concentrated at the Will of God and there remains nothing except him. However when He stirs this energy it starts expanding as it is expanding even now goes on creating lattices, clusters and galaxies. While dark energy repels, dark matter attracts. And dark matter’s influence shows up even in individual galaxies, while dark energy acts only on the scale of the entire universe. Our universe may contain 100 billion galaxies, each with billions of stars, great clouds of gas and dust, and perhaps scads of planets and moons and other little bits of cosmic flotsam. The stars produce an abundance of energy, from radio waves to X-rays, which streak across the universe at the speed of light. Yet everything that we can see is like the tip of the cosmic iceberg — it accounts for only about four percent of the total mass and energy in the universe. God's ways are great; much beyond the level of normal human beings. Only those to whom this fact is revealed can explain this. so did Guru Nanak. scientists have to take guidance from his revelations.
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  9. chazSingh

    chazSingh Belgium
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    Writer SPNer

    Feb 20, 2012
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    Definitely not literal sound..the way taught to us back in school and they kind that requires particles or striking of objects...

    Described as unstruck. ... no sound can compare to it...
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  10. Ishna

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    Writer SPNer Thinker

    May 9, 2006
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    However, the theory linked to above talks about acoustic waves setting the structure of the universe. So, perhaps it *is* a literal sound. Who knows.
  11. OP
    dalvindersingh grewal

    dalvindersingh grewal India
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    Writer Historian SPNer Thinker

    Jan 3, 2010
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    Two uestions raised by Sardar Chaz singh are:
    Definitely not literal sound..the way taught to us back in school and they kind that requires particles or striking of objects...

    Described as unstruck. ... no sound can compare to it...

    #8chazSingh, Yesterday at 10:22 PM
    Answer to Q 1.
    Guru Nanak's Japuji starts with Ik Aumkar (pronounced as ongkar). meaning 'The One (The Lord) creator of all the figures (of the universe) with one sound' and ends with 'Jinnee Naam dhiaia gaye masskat ghaal. Nanak te mukh ujjle keti Chhuttee naal' meaning, 'Who have meditated on the Name and departed after putting in toil, their faces are enlightened and shall emancipate many with them." Aumkar or Omkar, Oangkar means the 'aum, Om or oang' sound'[ii]. Thus sound is described as the source of creation as well as the salvation or ultimate assimilation with the true Lord. The Light here is the indication of the emerging energies from the body.

    Japuji of Guru Nanak starts with the word 'ik aum kar' or 'ik oam kar'. This means that all the figures (akaar) have been created by the One (Lord) by saying aum or oang. Aum is a sound-symbol, a syllable[iii]. Aumkar or Oangkar means ' aum or oam' sound'[iv]. The word aum consists of three sounds i.e., a, u, m describing expanse of universe adham (below), urdhan (above) and madhyam (between) i.e., everywhere. This is a one word theory of creation of the universe. Guru Nanak further explains this in Japuji (Paudi 16), "Eko Kavao Keeta Pasao" i.e., the expansion of the entire universe was done by one sound (of the Lord). The next word satnaam confirms this one word Naam, the creation of the universe (the word related to the Lord is the ultimate Truth).

    We shall study the role of sound in creation as well as in salvation or assimilation with the Lord in more detail on a scientific point of view. First we shall see the creation of the universe. Guru Nanak has clarified in Japuji in stanza 16, 'The Lord created the entire universe with one sound'[v] In Ramkali Dakhni Ongkar he says, "The sound oanm is the essence of the three words. The word oanm is worth hearing and discussing."[vi]

    What is sound? Sound is something that you can hear and consists of continuous rapid movements called vibrations that travel through a medium. The dictionary thus defines sound as the transmission of vibration through an elastic medium which, may be a solid, liquid, or a gas. (Oxford ALD p.1234).

    A sound wave is produced when a solitary or repeating displacement is generated in a sound conducting medium, such as by a "shock" event or "vibratory" movement. The vibrations cause waves and in turn energy. The displacement of air by the cone of a radio speaker is a good example of "vibratory" sound waves generated by mechanical movement.[vii]

    The sound is a means of transmitting information, irrespective of our natural ability to hear is also a significant factor, especially in underwater acoustics. A variety of applications, in basic research and in technology, exploit the fact that the transmission of sound is affected by, and consequently gives information concerning, the medium through which it passes and intervening bodies and in-homogeneities. The physical effects of sound on substances and bodies with which it interacts present other areas of concern and of technical application. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America.)

    French-Canadian Nicole La Voie founded Sound Wave Energy in 1992. A particular type of sound generates particular type of energy-waves, which can be measured by its frequencies whose unit is Hertz, which affects a particular sense of our body.

    Research on sound, sound waves and music concurs this. The book "A Powerful Tool And Therapy for Stress Management," includes these results. "The sound is the first sign of the universe. The first Tanmantra of 'chetna' or life is sound. Even in deep meditation a person hears sound such as - chirping of birds, sound of crickets, bells, conch, ring (the Indian Lute), Mridanga (Barrel Drum), flute, Pakhavaj (type of drum), Trumpet and roar of lion. When soul wishes to express the means of mind of wisdom then it stimulates fire of the body and that fire forces air which generates basic sound. The sound multiplies and becomes audible by ear and called 'Shruti'. These shrutis are 22 on which seven swar are based. At present we have 7 basic and 5 secondary, total 12 swaras. The music has seven basic chords and similarly body has 7 chakra, 7 dhatus (constituents), 7sensory organs, 7 desires and obstacles. These all are in harmony with each other.

    We know very well that sound is a kind of energy and human body is encircled by physical and etheric (cosmic, magnetic and telluric) energies. The change in harmony of environmental energy affects the mind of a human and the resulting imbalance and stresses are seen in the form of various mental and physical illness. Thus, the uses of music as energy balancing tool.

    Dr. Hulda Clark, Ph.D. and author of 'The Cure For All Cancers', studied the work of Rife and learned that "every living creature has a vibration. Sounding bodies are in a state of vibration, and that the phenomena of sound and vibration are closely connected"[viii]. Answering as to what kind of sound is to be produced to be in harmony with Him, Dr. Keith Frick of Siemens Medical Systems found that, "Every cell has its own frequency. When you offer, through technology, a harmonic opportunity to the cell it can choose that frequency and become established to its ideal resonance and become recharged to its normal energy state...When we apply this technology we are affecting the intelligence of each individual cell. Every cell is a hologram for the entire body. This area of cellular resonance is the fundamental aspect of vibrational technology."[ix] Masaru Emoto author of "The Message from Water" tested and certified a sound wave therapy device built on vibrational technology for the treatment of orthpedic pain and found it as effective.[x]

    Dr. Peter Guy Manners, MD, an English Osteopath, and pioneer in using sound to heal, studied Dr. Jenny's Cymatics and created Cymatics therapy. Dr. Manners correlated different harmonic frequencies that are the healthy resonant frequencies of various parts of the body[xi].True make-up of the body consists of physical body, subtle or ethereal body and the soul. Where disease most frequently occurs is in the subtle or ethereal bodies, they found.

    Archway Wildlife Rehabilitation Inc., USA participated in a study on Sound Wave Energy,using the Sound Wave Energy recordings, at their facility in Boulder, CO. Below are the results compiled by the Operations Director, Annette Archambeau. "We participated in a sound wave studyAll our babies had many hours of exposure, sometimes 24 hours. We had broken bones heal an average of half the time. Our head trauma patients also responded well, responding/recovering a full week ahead of past cases. The raccoons' survival rate increased substantially. The results, from the sound wave study on people, were just as amazing. We all had increased energy, and didn't get sick, or run down, during this impossibly busy time."

    The countless organic rhythms such as the bip bip of a tiny heart, the muffled syncopation of a mother's pulse, oscillating brain waves, the ebb of flow of hormones, etc., make up the biological drumbeat of life. If we go farther, the whole universe is rhythmic, there exists a particular frequency relation among all particles.

    Nicole author of "Return to Harmony: Creating Harmony and Balance through the Frequencies of Sound", is the creator of the sound wave energy technology (vibrational frequencies)." According to her, "the matter is organized by waveforms and frequencies. We all know that if we have two violins that are tuned exactly the same and we pluck a string on one of the violins; the plucked string will produce a field of sound energy, that will trigger the other violin's matching string to begin to vibrate, and produce the same sound. This is called "resonance," and it happens naturally. Resonance is a basic principle that affects everyone and everything, all the time."

    The sound created by the Lord is aum prolonged with continuous rapid movements i.e., vibrations with the help of tones a u m the three sounds that the word sound aum consists of. The same is apparent from the writing of U as open mouth. I advise you to produce sound by reciting aaaaaa uuuuuu mmmmm with proper prolongation and feel the vibrations in your physical and the astral bodies and especially closer to your forehead in 'dasam duar'. The place of dasam duar is stated to be in the forehead just above your eyebrows in direct line above the center point of tip of your nose. Though the word existed originally in Vedic thought and a similar Cosmo-phonic sound kun was expressed by Islamic mystics, yet Guru Nanak is the only one who has placed numerical one before aumkar. This Cosmo-phonic sound is regarded as celestial music in Western thought and anhad naad in Gurbani[xii]. The Truly Divine, the Divine music plays to the accompaniment of the air of the musical instruments[xiii] There is a scientific evidence that there exists celestial music which has been recorded by the Soviet Scientists through space probe called 'vega'[xiv]. The waves of this celestial music are the cause of creation of air, air is the cause of creation of water and the water the cause of the creation of the universe. The Lord thereafter entered every part of the creation in the form of light[xv] and remains so. The flute of divine knowledge sings spontaneously in a being's heart and he sees Lord's Light amongst all the hearts[xvi]. God thus exists in every part of His creation in the form of Light. God maintains continuous unity of His entire universe and enjoys His celestial music[xvii]. We shall discuss further about the light and the celestial music later.

    Now we have seen that He Himself is in the form of Light. He created the energy in the form of sound waves for creation of the universe. Guru Nanak further states, "From the True Lord the air was created and from the air came the water. From the water God created the three worlds and in every heart He infused His Light" [xviii]. He set the system of continuous circulatory change and controlled this system by being present in the form of light. This creation system can be explained as under:



    [​IMG][​IMG] Control

    [​IMG] Assimilation Development


    Scientifically speaking; from photons of the light came the leptons and the hydrons. From lepton came the electrons and from hydrons came the quark. From quark came the protons and neutrons. Electrons, protons and neutrons combined to form atoms and atoms combined to form molecules. When same types of atoms were combined in a molecule, they formed into elements. Forms of atoms change, with increase and decrease of protons and neutrons e.g., hydrogen atom has one electron and one proton but no neutron. Uranium has 92 electrons, 92 protons and 146 neutrons. So far 109 types of atoms have been identified hence we can say that we have 109 types of elements. When two or more types of elements combine in a nucleus, it is called compound. To form water we have one atom of oxygen and 2 atoms of hydrogen. Further combination of elements and compounds have thus created the universe. This scientific explanation goes well to explain the theory of creation of universe as expounded by Guru Nanak. However this theory is evolutory or developmental in nature and must be called as evolutive-creation or developmental-creation as such. We have seen this aspect further in the theory of Creation.

    Similarly Guru Nanak has explained the importance of sound i.e.; reciting True Lord's Name and the accompanying sound for the purpose of assimilation and salvation. He says, "Uniting together the five elements, the body is fashioned. Within this body the jewel of the soul is placed. The soul is the Lord and the Lord is the soul. The Lord is obtained by pondering over the Name[xix].

    Anyone who wants to call another person he has to raise his voice to cause his attention. We call him by his particular Name. His parents may have been given to him any name say Ram, Shyam, Karim, Rahim, Ishwar or any other name. He will only respond if you call him by his particular name. He will not respond if you call him by any other name. However if he has many names, you may call him by any of those names. Similarly, if we have to draw the attention of the Lord, we have to call him by His Name. But there are numerous names given to Him the world over. You can thus call Him by any Name. Sound is thus a necessary mode of directing attention. However the right type of sound only directs the right attention. For example, a child when feels hungry, cries for the mother to have her attention. She will keep herself busy in her work otherwise thinking that the child is at ease and does not need anything from her. She will not bother for her normal aa or ii or any other sound. Similarly we have to have a right type of sound to attract the attention of the Lord.

    The best sound He likes is the sound of music. He Himself has created the universe on a music pattern, every one in harmony. Once a person recites His Name continuously, it forms a wave. However, the real wave, which matches the frequency of the Lord is the wave created when all the bodies sing in unison. All the bodies here mean the physical body, the subtle body, ethereal body and the soul. They must sing in unison. Another important aspect is that it has to be totally submissive to the Lord and should be full of love for the Lord. Love is the biggest force to attract the Lord. The depth of the song comes from the depth of the heart and not from just the physical body. Once the True Lord is melted into the tunes of the singer or alternately when the frequency of the singer matches with the frequency of the Lord, one merges with Him. One becomes shuniya (zero) and faces no furterh transmigration.

    Guru Nanak says, "O my soul, you must remember the Lord, the God who will unite you with Himself[xx]." "Praise the True Name. You will be satiated by the true name only[xxi]". He further says, "O my silly and childish soul you must live in your own home. You should contemplate your Lord through subjective visualization. Abandon your avarice and merge in your infinite Lord. This way you will find the door of salvation[xxii]". He explains that the path for salvation is through the Name only. "By reciting Lord's Name the pain of transmigration is removed[xxiii]. "In the cage of Divine Love, the parrot like utters the Lord's praise. It pecks at the truth, quaffs nectar and flies out forever and does not return[xxiv]." "Remembering the Lord's Name, man does not re-enter into transmigration system[xxv]."

    How does we get salvation through the True Lord's Name? He explains this further. "The quintessence of the Name is known to be the most exalted of all. Without the Name, pain and death afflict the mortal. When man's essence merges in the Lord's essence then is his mind satiated[xxvi]. The Name is the true word, the True Sabad. Bhai Kahn Singh Nabha gives the meaning of sabad as," dhuni, awaaz, sur' meaning 'sound or tune'[xxvii].Guru Nanak said, "With the help of the word sound the Lord is won and one gets merges in to Him[xxviii]."

    How do we get merged in Lord's essence? Guru Nanak provided answer to this also. When we recite Lord's Name, we are in the process of uniting with Him. It is not that you just create a sound and then get assimilated to Him. The sound has to be very specific. Guru Nanak calls it Anahat Naad, where the entire body consisting of physical body, astral body and the soul, vibrate together in harmony to the tune of the Lord. Guru Nanak says, "The world is a flute, Within that a being keeps his soul detached and burns the Lord's fire. Gathering the body of five elements, day and night, he burns in it the immaculate light of the Infinite Lord's lamp. The right and left nostrils are the gourds of this body lyre and this lyre synchronizes a wondrous melody"[xxix] By praising the Lord's true Name, one gets satiated[xxx].

    The sound is not just what we hear through our ear, it includes all vibrations contained in the body created by the sound or music in our various bodies. Here both the creations of the sound and then tuning involves all the bodies, where body vibrations are the main sources of conveying information. The Name of the Lord recited like music when matches the frequency of the Lord, tunes the body to the Lord and finally merges into it, being in harmony with Him. The sound at the time of this harmony can only be heard by the blessed. "The desire-less are tinged with the Name and hear the melodious celestial strain[xxxi]."

    Can we take any Name? No. We have to take that Name to which we relate ourselves to the Lord. No other Name will get us to the Lord. "There is only One Name, One all pervading Lord and the One light in all the three worlds[xxxii]." Giving out the mode of obtaining the Lord's name, he says, "Without the Guru, no one is saved. Remembering the Lord one is ferried across this world ocean. O, Guru ward soul, you must meditate on Lord's Name. This alone is the supreme quintessence of all the deliberations[xxxiii]." He who gets resigned to Guru's will reflects on the quintessence of the Divine knowledge and through the Name burns his ego[xxxiv]. Without meeting the true guru, the Name cannot be attained[xxxv]. He stresses on the importance of Guru for guidance, "You must recite the Lord's name under the Guru's guidance[xxxvi]. "Man realizes the name by Guru's Grace. When the Infinite Lord abides in the man's mind firmament he sings the Lord's praise and dwells in celestial peace[xxxvii]."

    How does the sound reach Him? He is in all the bodies, prevalent everywhere and one has not to go far to search Him. He who overwhelms his desire enshrines the Lord within his mind and reflects. Gathering this body of five elements, day and night, he burns in it the immaculate light of the Infinite Lord's lamp. He is thus detached and imbued with the Name. Now then and ever, he sees the Truest of the true[xxxviii]. The one, in whom the un-manifest sound becomes manifest, he comes to know the True Lord[xxxix]. The sound of the resounding body, in which the soul is also stirred, stirs the Lord. By perfectly controlling the nine doors, one reaches the tenth gate. In this tenth gate resounds the music of the Imperishable Lord[xl].

    What happens if one does not remember Him? Forgetting the Name being suffers pain and perishes. Without the Name, one does not obtain refuge at the Lord's Court. The false ones are caught in the web of transmigration. Without the name, nothing becomes acceptable[xli].

    What other benefits we have of The Name? By taking His Name a man does not go to hell.[xlii] Through His Name, one remains dispassionate and keeps the True Name enshrined in his mind[xliii]. Those who remember Him, He calls only them in His presence[xliv]. By living truthfully, and self-restraint, contemplating over Lord's praises, acting upon Guru's teaching and practicing True Lord's Name, a man gets into the real home, i.e., the Lord's abode and obtains the true Lord, treasure of excellence[xlv].

    Guru Nanak's Theory of Energy

    Guru Nanak says, "The entire universe is a play of the Lord with the help of energy."[xlvi] "He Himself is the Light Energy and is settled in each being; His light creating light in each being"[xlvii]. "He recited Om creating the sound energy".[xlviii] "From sound came the air, water and fire energies and these energies turned into various shapes as per His orders. He has ever remained present in each figure of the universe in the form of light energy"[xlix]. "He appeared as a part of every creation in the form of light energy"[l]. "The energy is continuously changing forms. It neither increases nor decreases. It was created only once"[li]. "Human body is moved by the energy of fire, water and air"[lii] and keeps the life in each being in the form of light.

    There are bodies within the body including energy body. Guru Nanak says, "In the town of the body, there is another body, where exists a body consisting of the mind. In the Tenth gate of the internal body is the abode of the True Lord. Ever stable and immaculate is the place, which the Lord Himself has created. Within this fortress body there are numerous balconies and shops. Lord takes care of all the goods in these shops. The adamantine doors of the tenth gate are knowingly closed. Through the Guru's word these are wide opened. Within the fortress, in the cave stays the soul where the Lord resides. By the Lord's order nine apertures have been made in the body house. The In-computable and Infinite Lord abides in the tenth Gate. The Invisible Lord reveals Himself when He so desires. The Lord is in all air, water and fire. He has set a play of continuous change of energies to keep the world going. By the Lord's Grace, the water quenches the burning fire. He himself hides this fire in ocean if He so desires. Creating the world He has made it the place to practice faith. He continues creating and destroying, Himself watching this game detached from it. The Lord has staged the game of air in all the beings. Withdrawing His force He makes the beings to fall. The nature has eighteen loads of vegetation. The air acts like fly-brush to wave and whirl around the entire nature. The Sun and moon act as the lamps to provide light energy. The sun merges in the house of moon.[liii]

    If we analyse the above verse we can conclude the following:

    1. God created the entire universe and keeps it running through regular and continuous change.

    2. The various energies created by Him i.e., air, water, fire, light and the matter keep on changing continuously as the Lord desires.

    3. The human bodies have many forms i.e., physical body, the astral body and the causal body. We know that physical body provides the physical strength, the astral body provides energies and the causal body the required psychological strength while the soul provides the spiritual strength for the body to perform. All these bodies within the same body are performing to make the being functional as per His Will.

    The Quantum Theory of Physics and cell theory of Biology have done quite a work towards study of these aspects of the energies trying to give answer to some of the following questions;

    1. Do all these energies exist in bodies as described? Are these energies empirically verifiable

    2. Is there a continuous change of these energies, one energy getting converting into another to keep the universe functional through creation and destruction? If so, how do you explain this sceintifically?

    We shall study these aspects on scientific point of view.

    Energy is the ability of a matter or radiation to work due to its mass, movement, electric charge etc. i.e., kinetic/potential energy. (Oxford ALD 415) Quantum theory has brought up excellent theories with regards to energies. It explains the continuous changing process of the energy from one form into another to keep the world going as has been described by Guru Nanak.

    As stated earlier In the beginning was the word or sound energy where from started the sound wave energy. Sound wave energy frequencies are formed by the nature. These are based on Sacred Geometry and the frequencies of minerals, vitamins, noble gases, amino acids and hormones. These frequencies balance and harmonize the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual bodies. These low frequencies, in the range of 15 to 33 Hertz, will sound like a cat's purr or an engine's hum, etc.; they are not musical. These different tones will help us achieve balance and eventually we will each hear our own harmonic symphony, creating peace in mind and heart.

    Richard Gerber, M.D. states in his book "Vibrational Medicine,[liv]":

    Ø The difference between physical matter and etheric matter is only a difference of frequency.

    Ø Because of their differing inherent frequencies, physical and etheric matter can coexist in the same space, just as radio and TV waves can pass through the same space without interference.

    Ø The higher energy bodies are unseen only because the technologies, which render these energies visible to the naked eye, are still mostly in the developmental stages. The world of radio and x-ray astronomy was also an unseen universe until the appropriate technologies could be developed.

    Ø The key principle behind magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is the fact that the atoms are being stimulated by the transfer of energy of a specific frequency, and the energy is absorbed by the atom only if it is of a particular resonant frequency. It is a revolutionary application of the principle of resonance. With MRI scanners, physicians are using energetic resonance principles to image physical organs of the body in dis-ease states.

    Ø When viral and chemical environmental stressors are introduced into the human biological system, the place where they will cause the most damage will be partially determined by the weakest link in the physiologic/subtle energy chain.

    Ø From an energetic standpoint, the human body, when weakened or shifted from equilibrium, oscillates at a different and less harmonious frequency than when healthy. This abnormal frequency reflects a general state of cellular energetic imbalance within the physical body. When a weakened individual is unable to shift their energetic mode to the needed frequency a certain amount of subtle energetic help may be needed. When supplied with a dose of the needed energetic frequency, it allows the cellular bio-energetic systems to resonate in the proper vibrational mode, thereby throwing off the toxicities of the illness.

    Ø Energy disturbances in the etheric (subtle) body precede the manifestation of illness in the physical body[lv].

    We have different frequencies of a being at different stages of life as given in the table below:






    3/4 to 4 Hz


    Deep Sleep


    5 to 7 Hz


    Semi sleep or dream state


    8 to 13 Hz


    Half Awakening. Feeler (Right) brain works


    14 to 26 Hz


    Full Awakening, Both side brains function


    38 Hz


    Excessively excited or tensed up state

    These states are controllable and alterable. Dr. Adey is the U.S. scientist who tested a Russian device that generates pulsed radio frequencies, which are reported to induce deep sleep. Dr. Adey acknowledged that the device worked..."

    There appears to be a correlation between a specific frequency and the atomic weight of the elements. For instance, if the note of "C" is low in a person's voice, chances are the element of the zinc is also low in the body. The frequency of the note of "C" at the second octave is 65.40 cycles per second (hertz), and the atomic weight of the element of zinc is 65.37. So by listening to the frequency of the zinc the cells of the body will receive the vibration; and when the person eats foods that contain zinc, the body will resonate with this vibration and absorb the zinc. Not only will the body become more balanced, but the voice will improve; for it will produce all the notes in a more harmonious way[lvi].

    The energy field surrounding living things is difficult or impossible to measure using current scientific techniques. However, science and spirituality are on a convergent course. Eventually, we will have instruments that can reflect an individual's state of balance. When we turn the corner from science, we must consider the universal characteristics of energy. Quantum physics states that energy and matter are interchangeable. In a similar fashion, each human is composed of the divine energy of the Soul in the form of body, thought, and spirit. Energy does not emanate or reflect from a person; the energy is the person, the core. This understanding is fundamental to maintaining your energy field and body in harmony. Since the body is a manifestation of human energy, disharmony in the energy field will cause disease in the body. If the human energy field is out of balance, the body will be out of balance.

    Human Energies consist of thefollowing:

    The Soul is 'you as your essential nature plus experience'. Soul is coherent, intentional system, fulfilling its nature. It is God individualized as you and carries your real ideals and commitments, and gives character to your conscience. This divine energy is formless, timeless, and eternal. Soul is the essence as a fulfilling holiness.

    The Personality is composed of the high self, conscious self, and basic self.

    The High Self is a spiritual consciousness that is our higher nature as personality. From a practical standpoint, it can function as our guides, soul, and connection to God. It is the energy of life and form. It is creative and non-inflictive. The High Self exists as a spiritual form in our personal consciousness, which is always in contact with spirit. When I use the word spirit, it is the Holy Spirit and refers to forces beyond our personal domain. High Self is within our personal domain. Sometimes people use the term “higher power.” That may refer to anything higher than the conscious awareness of self and may lump High Self/spirit/etc. all into one thing, which for all practical purposes is fine. As a spiritual expression it follows the same procedures as any spiritual agent, in that it responds to requests. It guides us in our destiny. You might say it is an agent of our soul. It is not soul, but soul-like. It works closely with the Conscious Self and Basic Self. As the guardian angel, it links us with our soul, the universe, and the High Self of others. Because the High Self exists in a spiritual dimension, it cannot violate anyone or anything. Even if the High Self has better wisdom, it will not supersede our conscious choice unless we ask it to.

    The Conscious Self is our waking life and creates new awareness. It is creative and innocent until a choice is placed into action. Its function is to be the vanguard of new experience and here we make choices and gain skill. As we grow in awareness and spiritual illumination, we extend the Conscious Self and become increasingly able to live in the awareness of the High Self and be conscious of the dynamics of the Basic Self. It mediates all three selves.

    The Basic Self is our survival instinct and provides energy according to how we structure our beliefs and make our choices. It is loyal though non-creative and contains our family patterns, social norms and mores, an archetypal pattern of our destiny, our inner child, the seat of body intelligence, and the will to survive. Its job is to maintain the status quo. In other words, the Basic Self has assimilated the beliefs developed through our life span and believes we will die if we change them. The reality of the Basic Self is habit and its self-will fights changes in habit. It will, however, respond to our authority and yield to any transformation that facilitates the actualization of our destiny. Many people have more than one Basic Self - such as male-female, play-persistent, young-old - which give different perspectives[lvii].

    Can the human energy be seen and measured? Yes. The Kirlien Photography is the modern method of seeing this energy. Some photographs taken by Kirlien photography are given in the photographs 1-3.

    The first two photographs are taken by Kirlien Camera. The first photograph shows the energies emerging out of the paws while the second camera shows the energies emerging out of the finger. The Aura around a human body is shown in the third picture.

    Aura is a traditional term for the protective psychic and spiritual energy fields that surround and penetrate the physical body. Historically, artists depict halos around the heads of individuals to denote their spirituality. Biblically, writers refer to the raiment or countenance of light in an attempt to describe the field of spiritual energy around angels, men, and women. It is from this invisible atmosphere that we receive our first impression of people. We use common-sense terms such as blue mood, red with anger, green with envy, full of energy, or radiant beauty. Such terms are similar to how individuals with spiritual sight describe the aura. From this intuitive nature, we form impressions and experience emotions and feelings regarding them and ourselves. Quantum physics describes the universe as energy, with energy and matter interchangeable. Psychology, Eastern therapy, and complementary medicine have terms for life as energy. Yoga psychology views the aura as an energy field surrounding the body, interacting through spiritual and psychological levels via structures called chakras. So we may conclude that the aura is an energy field that surrounds the physical body and is discernible to those of psychical sight. It encircles each of us as the sun's rays encircle the sun or the halo that surrounds the moon. The appearance of the aura, whether attractive or repulsive, depends on one's physical health, mental attitudes, and spiritual development. The human aura is a dynamic matrix that includes the physical, emotional, and mental-spiritual aspects of self. The aura is the self as energy. All the contributing factors in our daily life register in our aura as colors, lines, dots, emanations, and vibrations. Every one of us is different, and our hidden selves are expressed through the aura. Those individuals who live on a strictly physical, mental, and material level have an entirely different emanation than those individuals who are intellectual and spiritual.

    The Aura and Noetic Field

    To the ancient Greeks, the mind is a spiritual faculty. Nous is their term for the intentional, purposeful intelligence that controls and orders the world of matter. Nous emerges from the void as the wind of spirit or the first emanating spirit of creation. Noetic derives from nous and is the structure of perception and understanding in our experience of that relationship or correlation between nous and form. The noetic field is an interacting psycho-spiritual energy that has an implicit intelligence and knows how to interrelate and synchronize with all elements within that coherent system. We are a microcosmic noetic field, and the universe is a macrocosmic noetic field. The noetic field is a sustaining, nurturing, intelligent life field that is universally present. This field can be compared with grace, dharma, nirvana, and heaven. As noetic beings, we have the capacity to generate a noetic field and, by doing so, interface with the universal noetic field.

    The psycho-spiritual structure that we call personality forms an energy field or noetic matrix around the physical body that can be discerned through extended awareness or specialized, electronic instruments. Ancients called this the human aura. The aura has a degree of materiality or substance (a body) that is localized around a person

    Auric Levels

    It is generally believed that the human aura has seven major levels. The physical and etheric levels extend about six inches to a foot from the physical body. The imaginal and emotional auric levels extend about two feet from the body and incorporate the physical and etheric levels. The mental, archetypical, and spiritual auras extent approximately three feet from the body and incorporate the other levels.

    The archetypal aura contains the map of our destiny. It is like a template, things you must do. In your growth you need to learn something. You are given as many experiences as you need to learn that. It can be one or a hundred, all the same to the template. It's like going home - you can go many ways and have many experiences, but you get home, and thus satisfy your template.

    When reflected outside of us, we see the archetypes as the pantheon of gods. When internalized, these archetypes are the angels of destiny, the gods that dwell inside us. As life-long learning, our destiny is synonymous with our Soul's curriculum. We came into physical life with an internal, archetypical lesson plan. The archetypical level is in our subconscious.

    The spiritual aura reflects our transcendent nature into our psychological, social, and physical realities. It reflects and responds to the balance and alignment of all levels. The balancing energy acts as wholeness and moves through the chakras and levels as a process of breathing. Each of the other levels provides a conduit for spiritual energy. As the aura becomes balanced, the spiritual level becomes more evident.

    Through our mental aura and mentality, we construct our relationship to our destiny, karma, and inner life; reflects our beliefs, concepts, and attitudes. Though feelings and emotions are often keys to our beliefs, our mental activity decides what we will build as our internal structure, and how we project ourselves into life. We shape our reality with our minds. Our mind is the constructor, the builder. It reflects our associative ability through which we internalize and develop our integrative learning and personality. This level also dissociative and reflects the constraints that divide us from and within ourselves and from each other. Mental heath or mental illness is reflected in this level.

    The emotional aura carries the artifacts of our feelings and emotional reactions and actions; registers our fulfillment and longs for peace; reflects our warmth, devotion, and what we care about. Emotions give rise to our beliefs and judgments and the impetus to pursue our vision. The emotional aura reflects an aspect of our dharma or causal body (the force that determines and sets causation into our lives). It is balanced through powerful, universally oriented, non-manipulative, unconditional loving. It is the source of our drive for power and dominance, and powers our adversarial and competitive nature. The emotional aura is also the source of passion and the total embracing, loving heart that heals and forgives. It is our peacemaker.

    The imaginal aura is the medium through which we create and transform our circumstances. This aura can be developed as a function of perception or inner-seeing and creativity. Intention, positive self-image, visual learning, visualization and healing, manifestation and success are generated and reflected in this level. Used integratively, it is a power force for connecting, integrating, and aligning all levels. Used dissociatively, the imaginal level can be devastating. Delusions and obsessions are generated through and reflected in this auric level. It is affected by drugs that create forms in the aura that are disconnected from the authentic processes of creativity. Drugs disconnect you from the ability to complete, fulfill, or enhance the soul's purposes. They effectively help us avoid life and the challenges and rewards that our soul is destined to fulfill.

    The etheric aura is a blueprint or archetype for the physical body. Meridians and chakras appear in this formation. The etheric body or double acts as a template for the physical body and appears as an energy matrix. It is described in chi-gung as meridians that transmit chi to the body. Balance and alignment of the aura affect the meridians and their functioning. The meridians interact with the organs and the chakras interact with the endocrine system and nerves.

    The physical aura reflects physical trauma, cell memory, physical health, and somatogenic beliefs and emotions. It penetrates the physical and etheric bodies and reflects the state of the energy fields. In balance, it can accommodate enhanced forces deeper in the psyche.

    Can one energy be transformed into another? To experiment this samples of water were collected from different areas of the world. Water from each location was divided and placed into petri dishes. Various words were then written and taped to the samples. The samples were then frozen, and viewed through a microscope at magnifications of 200-500X.It dramatically demonstrated the effects of the word + intention on the water crystals. In 4-1/2 years approximately 10,000 pictures had been photographed. Since we are principally made of water, it's obvious that frequencies (ex: word + intention), would have dramatic effects on us as well.[lviii].

    Researchers Madjid, F.H. ; Myers, J.M. of Harvard Univ., Cambridge, MA (United States) published a paper on Feb 01, 1993 on Linkages between the calculable and the incalculable in quantum theory and prepared a pyramid molecular Exchanger Unit.[lix]

    "This Pyramid device runs on magnetic free energy provided by Romag or Celestial Particle Transmuter. It uses free energy to form sound waves and magnetic vibrations to function. Pyramid circuitry designed to recycle free energy after it uses it. It does not create pollution, so it is beneficial to the environment. Actual pyramid is made of acrylic and is located between two large spinning magnets of specific composition. It demonstrates that magnetism holds molecules together and that magnetism is the property that unlocks the molecular lock of molecules. Living matter inside pyramid becomes unseen. Pyramid machine can assist in the exploration of uses and properties of magnetic free energy.

    This magnetic device shows that magnetism is the property that unlocks the molecular lock, propelling chemistry and physics into a new area of research. Chemistry and Physics mainly focus on dangerous chemicals and heat, but the process may be far simpler when magnetic current is used under the right conditions. Molecules are held together by a magnetic attract force that has a unique signature for every molecule. Simply applying a magnet to a molecule will not accomplish much because the magnet probably does not match the polarity of the molecule. We are redefining the word magnetism to mean an unending variety of polarities that have an infinite amount of potential uses. We are including in that definition of magnetism the notion of neutral, or relatively neutral, polarities. Neutral magnetic current is capable of taking on the polarity it is offered, thereby allowing many different types of molecules to be altered. As neutral magnetic free energy from a generator like the Romag or the Celestial Particle Transmuter is harnessed by this pyramid unit, the neutral energy changes polarities to match all the polarities needed to make the pyramid device properly function.

    This pyramid unit provides evidence that altering the vibration of molecules can exchange matter into a pure energy form that the human eye cannot see. We use the word "exchange" because all matter has a template that exists at a higher vibration, and this unit exchanges matter with it's matching template that is free of environmentally caused changes. Molecules are held together by magnetic force; this force can be alleviated, allowing the molecules to separate, leaving the molecules that are naturally attracted to each other remaining in tact. For example, injury and disease caused by environmental influences are not part of an organisms matching template, therefore, after an organism is subjected to the energy field of this unit, injury and disease are no longer part of the organism. Obviously, this pyramid device has tremendous potential in the medical field.

    This pyramid unit has an arrangement of pyramids which when magnetically activated, serve as test chambers where matter is exchanged. The magnets that rotate above and below the pyramids produce vortexing magnetic fields that encapsulate the pyramids. Two walls of wires on opposite sides of the pyramids, are charged with flowing magnetic current from the Romag Generator or the Celestial Particle Transmuter to produce a magnified sound of vibration that aids in creating the proper field for matter exchanging.

    The magnetic vortex produced inside this pyramid structure creates a tremendous flow of energy that connects the unit to the energy field of the planet. The rotating magnets, the vibrating wires, and the magnetic current all contribute to the amplification of energy pulses that set a natural process in motion. As this unit functions, energy in the ionosphere begins to respond to the magnetic pulses and sound waves. In the ionosphere, energizing molecules begin to group together and these energy clusters begin to form a vortex that feeds the unit additional energy. A steady stream of energy exchange is established between the unit and the ionosphere that magnifies the energy potential within the unit. New discoveries in science will show that all energy devices use the ionosphere. Some devices use ionosphere energy properly and some do not. Electricity has an extremely negative effect on the ionosphere.

    The wires that line the pyramids aid in producing refractory light which becomes part of the process that makes the object under test appear as though it is not there. The arrangement of hardware causes sound waves to influence the magnetic free energy to manifest as pulses. Magnetic pulses produce powerful vibratory changes to the molecular structure of molecules that change the object into energy that human eyes cannot see. What changes is the visible matter[lx]."

    This unit demonstrates that atoms can be changed without heat. Atoms are magnetic molecular structures that have unique rythmic vibrations and are in a constant state of change. The bottom line for understanding all universal action and events is that there is nothing but energy, which is in a constant state of change. All energy is always forming and reforming until what we call matter results.

    All matter is made of various combinations of magnetic molecular structures that maintain a unified field of cohesion through a synchronistic vibration. The energy we call matter is constantly changing. Some energy is systemically changing faster than other energy. The molecules of an energy system, a rock for example, are held together by an attract force that is unique, harmonious, and synchronistic. Objects attract to each other to the degree they are similar. For every structure that is known, there are equal structures being made, off shoots, if you will. Every component of energy (or matter) generates energy that is constantly vibrating and producing the pattern of its structure. All matter sings a unique song that can be slowed down and formulated into additional matter under the right conditions. For every energy structure combination that we perceive there is a structure combination outside of our perception, and these structures blend into an unending variety of combinations not unlike the vast array of color combinations available within the color spectrum.

    A change in substance need not necessarily be a change in molecular structure. Molecular structures can (and do) maintain their own integrity while simply incorporating themselves into different structural formations. If the pyramid unit is used as a tool to expand what has just been stated, it will be a great advance for science. The advancement will be in finding that an intertwining of magnetic circuitry produces the ability to monitor what is called a magnetic pulse-rate. For example, when the hamster is under test inside the small pyramid the very structure of this animal becomes the focal point for the conductive activity within the total generating force. The hamster is made of elements with every single element emitting three different testable magnetic responses that are exclusive to each element. A) Each element has a given magnetic pulse-rate, B) Each element as a given magnetic intensity, C) Each element will respond with a given polarity depending on the conditions surrounding it. Thus, while the hamster is in this new pure energy state we might find that to exist as this particular animal, the creature must have certain essential properties uniquely specifiable for each part of each element. We might say the properties are essential in the sense that as the pyramid unit is shut down all of the elements must be conserved. Naturally, the proof of conservation is the fact that the hamster is unharmed.

    The Universal Mind is offering this unit to us to expand our understanding of the Universe and to heal the ailments we have brought upon ourselves through environmental pollution. The human body is designed to live for countless years if it is free of disease and impurity. Some people who have mastered the ability to raise their vibrations are naturally performing a function very similar to this unit. These spiritual masters are known to heal their own bodies and those around them. This pyramid unit can assist people in learning to work with their energy systems to stay healthy and live free of physical problems. There is no flaw in the human design, it is the choices that we make that create the limitations we experience.

    The applications of this unit are nearly endless. This basic free energy model can be extrapolated from to produce a vast array of devices incorporating this unit's principles. One-day groups of these units just might be arranged to replicate all kinds of elements from other elements. People will use these principles to explore other dimensions, to travel by teleportation, to create unimaginable works of art, to explore micro-cosmos and macro-cosmos, and perform countless other endeavors.

    Suppose an electron exists in a higher energy level (larger value of n). Systems generally like to be in as low an energy state as possible, and so the electron would fall into a lower energy state. However, this process by itself would involve a loss of energy, and so energy would not be conserved. To conserve energy, it was postulated that a particle called a photon carries away the excess energy in this transition Note that the energy of this photon is fixed, as it must be equal to the known difference in the energy levels of the electron transition. It would be natural to identify this photon with the light found when atoms emit light, and for this we need to know the frequency of the emitted light. Another hypothesis was put forward relating the energy of the photon to the frequency of the light wave:

    where ``h'' is again Planck's constant.

    For a given atom, there can be many types of transitions from higher to lower energies, and thus many different energies of emitted photons and, subsequently, many different frequencies of light waves.

    Transitions ending up at the n = 2 level give rise to photons in the Balmer series, which is light in the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Transitions to the n = 1 level give rise to the Lyman series, and to the n = 3 level give the Paschen series. Such series of distinct spectral lines are observed experimentally when a gas such as hydrogen is heated up - the added heat energy excites the electrons, which subsequently fall into lower energy levels, emitting photons of various energies and, thus, light of various frequencies. The observed frequencies correspond very well to what is predicted in the Bohr model.

    This success of the Bohr model in explaining the emission spectra of simple atoms gave birth to an intense, and still on-going, investigation into what we now call quantum theory.

    The fundamental relation that is used to discuss properties of nuclei and nuclear reactions is the very well-known formula of Einstein which, associates an energy E to a mass m, with c = 3.0 x 108 m/s being the speed of light (in a vacuum). The amount of energy contained in a 1 kg mass is therefore enormous - of the order of 9 billion Joules. However, somewhat analogous to potential energy, this mass energy is most useful to us when it gets converted to other forms of energy, especially the kinetic energy of moving particles. This transformation of energy occurs mostly in nuclei, where the masses (and energy equivalents) involved are smaller, as seen in the table below.

    Rest masses and energy equivalents of various particles


    Mass (kg)

    Energy equivalent (MeV)


    1.6726 x 10-27



    1.6750 x 10-27



    9.109 x 10-31


    Recall that the unit of energy used here, the MeV (mega electron volt), is one million electron volts, where one electron volt is the kinetic energy gained by an electron when accelerated through a potential difference of one Volt(1.6 x 10-19J).

    The Pauli exclusion principle was postulated in an attempt to explain some of the properties of electrons in an atom. Actually, protons and neutrons obey the same principle, while photons do not. By state here we mean a set of properties, such as energy, that characterize an electron.

    This principle applies to more complex atoms containing more than one electron. However, in these atoms a complication arises, in that a more rigorous treatment of the problem of an electron orbiting about a proton reveals that, for each value of the integer n of the Bohr model, there can be 2n2 distinct states that a given electron can occupy.

    Let us now consider moving up the periodic table. Starting with Hydrogen, we have one electron, which would go in one of the two possible n = 1 levels. For Helium, the next element, we add one more electron, which will go in the second n = 1 level. For the third element, Lithium, we have to add one electron, but the n = 1 level is already filled, so we have to place this electron in the n = 2 level. We can then add more and more electrons to the n = 2 level until the element Neon, which will have 8 electrons in the n = 2 level, which fills that level. The next element, Sodium, will thus have to have one electron in the n = 3 level.

    Although these more complex atoms are much more difficult to analyze than hydrogen, we can see already a particular pattern developing with this simple analysis. The elements Helium and Neon have filled n = 1 and n = 2 levels, or shells, respectively. These two elements are inert gases, which means that they do not bond readily with other elements. It thus seems that the tendency of an atom to bond with other atoms has something to do with the outer electron shell being filled or not (at least for these lower shells - this analysis becomes more complicated for heavier elements).

    Valence bonds

    These last considerations can also be applied to explaining, qualitatively, why some particular atoms do bond. Consider, for example, the common molecule Carbon Dioxide, CO2, consisting of one Carbon atom and two Oxygen atoms. We see that if the atoms 'share'' their electrons in the manner indicated, then, at times, each atom will have a filled n = 2 shell with 8 electrons. This sharing of electrons between atoms can be viewed in light of the Heisenberg uncertainty relations, which says that it is impossible in principle to say where precisely an electron is located. Such a configuration is energetically favoured, as this molecule is less likely to interact with other atoms and is therefore more stable, and for this reason these valence bonds occur quite frequently in nature.


    Atoms in nature are generally electrically neutral, as they have an equal number of protons in the nucleus and electrons orbiting the nucleus. However, within the nucleus there are other particles called neutrons, which are electrically neutral but have about the same mass as protons. There are two numbers used to characterize a nucleus:

    Z: the atomic number, which equals the number of protons in the nucleus;

    A: the mass number, which equals the number of nucleons (protons plus neutrons) in the nucleus.

    An element X is defined by the atomic number Z, while A denotes the particular isotope of that element. The usual notation for an element X is AZX. For example, there are four common isotopes of Carbon: 11 *1.5mm6C, 12 *1.5mm6C, 13 *1.5mm6C, and 14 *1.5mm6C, with 12 *1.5mm6C being the most abundant (> 98%). Notice that each isotope of a particular element has the same Z but different A.

    The Strong Nuclear Force and Binding Energy

    It may seem strange that nuclei, being composed of positively charged protons and neutral neutrons packed very closely together, are able to exist. One might think that the large repulsive electrostatic forces between the protons should cause the nuclei of atoms to fly apart. Obviously, most nuclei are stable and thus there must exist some other force which binds them together. This force is known as the nuclear force and is an attractive force that acts between all nuclear particles at the short distances between them (about 2 x 10-15 m). Within the nucleus, where the protons and neutrons are very close together, the nuclear force dominates the repulsive Coulomb force and holds the nucleus together.

    One important illustration of the equivalence of mass and energy of Equation has to do with what is called the binding energy of the nucleus. It is observed that the mass of any nucleus is always less than the sum of the masses of the individual constituent nucleons, which make it up. The ``loss'' of mass which, results when nucleons form a nucleus is attributed to a ``binding energy'', and is a measure of the strength of the strong nuclear force holding the nucleons together. In order to separate the nucleons, energy must be supplied to the nucleus. This is usually accomplished by bombarding the nucleus with high- energy particles (atom smashing).


    It is found that nuclei with mass numbers greater than about 100 spontaneously decay into other types of nuclei. Such nuclei are said to be radioactive, and there are three main types of such decays.

    Alpha () decay occurs by emission of an alpha particle (42He nucleus). An example of this is the decay of uranium:

    238 *1.5mm92U

    234 *1.5mm90Th






    Notice that in this -decay process the 238 *1.5mm92U nucleus (called the parent nucleus) loses two protons and two neutrons (this can be seen by the atomic number (Z) and mass number (A) of the daughter nucleus, 234 *1.5mm90Th). The total number of protons and total number of nucleons is, however, the same on both sides of the reaction.

    Alpha particles are, in general, the least penetrating of the particles produced in a radioactive decay due to their relatively large size and their charge (+2e). Alpha particles are usually stopped or absorbed by a few centimeters of air or a sheet of paper.

    Beta decay occurs by emission of a beta particle (either an electron or a positron). A positron is identical to an electron, except it has charge of + e. An example of -decay is the decay of carbon to nitrogen:

    14 *1.5mm6C

    14 *1.5mm7N


    *2.25mm0 - 1e






    The notation 1 *2.25mm0e denotes an electron (-) or positron (+). is a neutrino, which has little or no rest mass and is electrically neutral. The neutrino was proposed in 1930 by Pauli to account for the apparent loss of energy and momentum during a -decay event. Neutrinos interact very weakly with matter, making them very hard to detect. Beta particles are more penetrating than alpha particles and can usually travel a few meters in air, or a few millimeters through aluminum, before being absorbed or stopped.

    Gamma decay occurs by emission of gamma particles (photons, or quanta of light). Gamma decay usually results when a nucleus is left in an excited state, with excess energy, after an alpha or beta decay. An example of this is the decay of cesium to barium in an excited state (Ba*) by decay, and then the excited barium (Ba*) decays by -decay:

    Gamma particles are the most penetrating of the decay products, being capable of penetrating a few centimeters of lead if they have enough energy.

    As with the previous discussion of binding energy, it is found that the mass of the decaying particle on the left-hand-side of these equations is greater than the sum of the masses of the decay products on the right-hand-sides. This ``loss'' in mass is interpreted, through Equation as a conversion into other forms of energy, mainly kinetic energy of the products. This will be illustrated in some examples later. Although certainly dangerous to life, low-level radioactivity has some important applications in our everyday life, including carbon dating and smoke detectors. Measuring Radioactivity

    The radioactivity of a substance is measured by how many decays per unit time occur. By themselves, these units do not measure accurately how dangerous a given amount of radiation might be for humans - for medical purposes, other units of radioactivity reflecting this aspect are more appropriate. One of these, the Gray (Gy), is the amount of energy delivered to the tissue per unit mass - a related unit is the rad, equal to 0.01 Gy:

    To quantitatively measure the biological damage done by some radiation, a factor called the relative biological effectiveness (RBE) is introduced. X-rays of energy 200 keV are defined to have an RBE of one, and all other radiation sources are compared to this standard.

    RBE values of various types of radiation




    1 - 1.5

    Slow neutrons




    Alpha particles (helium nuclei)


    heavy ions


    The biologically equivalent dose, or simply equivalent dose, is measured in Sieverts (Sv), which is a more accurate measure of the biological danger posed by a given type of radiation. Another common unit to measure this in is the röntgen equivalent man (rem)

    Nuclear Reactions

    The reactions considered so far occur spontaneously, and involve a conversion of mass into (mainly) kinetic energy of the decay products. There is another class of nuclear reactions which can be induced, an example of which is bombarding a nitrogen nucleus with an alpha particle: 42He + 17 *1.5mm7N 17 *1.5mm8O + 11H.

    In this case, the sum of the masses of the elements on the left-hand-side of this equation is less than the sum of the masses of the decay products on the right-hand-side. In order for the reaction to proceed, some initial kinetic energy must be supplied to the left-hand-side reactants; such energy, again through Einstein's relation of Equation gets converted into mass of the products. Some examples will illustrate this later. There are two general types of such nuclear reactions:

    · Fusion, where lighter elements ``fuse'' into heavier ones. An example of this is the following reaction: 11H + 11H 21H + 01e + .

    Fusion reactions are the main source of energy for the sun, and are also used in certain types of nuclear weapons.

    · Fission, where heavier elements are broken into lighter ones. An example of this is the reaction: 10n + 235 *1.5mm92U 141 *1.5mm56Ba + 9236Kr + 3 10n

    where the 10n's are neutrons. An interesting feature of this neutron-induced reaction is the presence of neutrons in the products; it turns out that the initial kinetic energy of the reacting neutrons can be relatively small, and the released neutrons can induce reactions in nearby Uranium atoms. Such a chain reaction has important consequences in the design of nuclear reactors, as well as nuclear weapons.

    The typical energies involved in nuclear reactions are of the order of MeV (106 eV), compared to the eV scale of chemical reactions.

    Due to the relatively large kinetic energy needed for the initial reactants, fusion-based nuclear reactors are not as of yet economically feasible. However, given the risks of runaway chain reactions, as well as the presence of dangerous, long-lived radioactive reactants and products in fission reactors, much research is being invested into this form of energy production

    This same principle applies for a person in need of physical healing, and/or mental and emotional transformation. The correct frequency reminds the body's energy field of its originalblueprint, and brings it into harmony. When we are in the presence of a person who is expressing joy, the energy field of their joy brings our own joy to the surface, so we resonate together. This is true of other manifestations of this principle in both positive and negative ways.

    From the above we conclude that the energies can be measured and they are continuously changing from form into another. This confirms the correctness of Guru Nanak's Theory of Energy.

    God is too great: too great to fall in the measurable capability of human beings.[lxi] He is boundless; He is limitless. No one knows His limits.[lxii] Even if there are limits those are beyond the reach of human beings. We can see some planets, stars and constellations with open eyes from a distance; we can see more stars and constellations in depth of the sky with the help of powerful telescopes; but beyond those we are not able to see. Similarly we can see some beings with open eyes but there are living objects which we cannot see with open eyes because of their smallness. Some of these can be seen with the help of microscopes. For example some of the countless cells, virus, DNA’s, RNA’s in the body of a being can be seen with microscopes. There are bound to be much more of these in a living body which cannot be seen even with the most powerful microscopes. We know about electrons, quarks, fermions, bosons etc., which are not yet fully identified.

    The costly experiments at CERN are planned to find the conditions at the time of big bang which is stated to be the cause of origin of universe and the existence of Higgs Bosons; the fundamental boson of life according to the scientist. The atomic structure comes to life only with the help of Higgs Bosons or God particles they guess. Will these CERN experiments find out the reason behind life or origin of universe is debatable.

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    The Sound of the Abstract (Anhad)

    The word anhat or anhad is from Sanskrit implying unstuck and also in Pali meaning pure or immaculate and eternal in Prakrit. The suffixes, sabd, toora, jhunkara, bani and dhuni stand for word, rhythm, sound or speech. Thus anhat-sabd would mean the unstuck or pure or eternal sound. In a theistic system, anahat sabd would signify an eternal voice symbolizing the reality of God[1].When two or more things strike a sound is created. This is known as Aahat Naad. When the sound is created without any strike it is called Anahat Naad. Siddhas believe that when the kundlini is awakened through yoga, it rises up. With this rise a sound is created which is heard by the yogi alone. According to Siddh Yogis, the body has six chakras i.e., mooladhar, swavdhisthhan, manipoor, anahat, visudh and agya chakra. When kundlini rises from sukhmani and reaches anahat chakar, anahat naad is heard. The experienced yogis claim first this sound is like that of the ocean sound or that of the clouds, then it changes to sounds of shankh and ghadial o temples. At the end it is like that of flute. Actually this is the sound produced in various positions in veins (nadis) which is heard due to the concentration of attention inside. According to Hath Yog Pardeepika (4th Lesson, Shloka 106-7),”Till the Anhat sabd is heard, the Akash is in action. The wordless is parbraham or parmatma. What ever is heard as naad, that is energy. Where all elements vanish, the shapeless exists and that is the God.”

    The Sound of the Abstract is called Anhad in the Vedas, meaning unlimited sound. The Sufis name it Sarmad, which suggests the idea of intoxication. The word intoxication is here used to signify up-lift-ment, the freedom of the soul from its earthly bondage. Those who are able to hear the Saute Sarmad and meditate on it are relieved from all worries, anxieties, fears and diseases; and the soul is freed from captivity in the senses and in the physical body. The soul of the listener becomes All-pervading Consciousness; and his spirit becomes the battery which keeps the whole Universe in motion. . . .

    The Mysticism of Sound

    According to Sarmad, this Sound develops through ten different aspects because of Its manifestation through the different tubes of the body (Nadis); it sounds like thunder, the roaring of the sea, the jingling of bells, running water, the buzzing of bees, the twittering of sparrows, the Veena, the whistle, or the sound of Shankha (Conch) until it finally becomes Hu the most sacred of all sounds. This Sound Hu is the beginning and end of all sounds, be they from man, bird, beast, or thing.

    In the Muslim scriptures, It is variously described as Kalam-i-Ilahi (The Voice of God), Nida-i-Asmani (the Sound from Heaven), Ism-i-Azam (the Great Name), Saut-i-Sarmadi (the Intoxicating Sound), Saut-i-Nasira (the Sound Melodious), Kalam-i-Majid (the Great Commandment) and Kalam-i-Haq (the Voice of Truth) which can be heard inside, and It was taught as Sultan-ul-Azkar or the King of prayers. We have innumerable references to this Sound in the teachings of the Mohammedan fakirs:

    Rise above thy mental horizon, O brave soul,

    And listen to the call of Music coming from above. (Maulana Rumi)

    The whole world is reverberating with Sound, To listen to It you must unseal your inner ears, Then shall you hear an Unending Music, And that shall lead you beyond the confines of death. (Shah Niaz)

    An unceasing Sound is floating down from the heaven, I wonder how you are engaged in pursuits of no avail. (Hafiz)

    Drive away all skepticism from your mind, And listen to the strains of heavenly music, And receive within your the messages of God, For these come only by holy communion with the self. The Prophet declared that he heard the Voice of God, And it fell on his ears as clearly as any other sound, But God has sealed your ears, And so you listen not to His Voice. (Maulana Rumi)

    About the Prophet Mohammed it is said[2] that at the age of forty he began receiving messages from God, after he had for fifteen years practiced communion with Awaz-Mustqim (Anhad Sabd or the Ceaseless Word), and had seen the glimpses of Truth (flashes of heavenly light) for seven years. At one time he remained for two years in the cave of Hira in meditation.

    It is further stated that the prophet practiced in the cave of Hira, for six years, the Sultan-ul-Azkar (Surat Sabd Yoga) and that Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jillani, did the same for twelve years in that sacred cave.[3]

    Anhad in Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

    Anhad appears as anhat, anhad-sabd, anhad-naad, anhad-dhuni, anhad-toora, anhad-jhunkara, anhad-bani and anhad-bain in Sri Guru Granth Sahib. In our own times from Sant Kabir and Guru Nanak down to Guru Gobind Singh, the ten Sikh Gurus, and many others preached of Sabd. Bhagat Kabir uses the word anahat as an epithet of God who is of the form of light (joti sarup anahat). This interpretation is paralleled in Guru Nanak’s Japu where he refers to God, the Creator , as the original, the pure, the beginning-less and the eternal (adi aneelu anadi anahat). The concept of anahat has to be understand in the concept of Sri Guru Granth Sahib, which is different from that of Sidhas-yogis. In the Sikh concept of reality, it is not the mystic sound which is of consequence but it is the source i.e., the God which matters. It is the constant mindfulness of God (nam simran) which has to be made the life-breath (prana-pavan) of the devotee. All the Sikh Gurus and other saints, time and again, taught this very thing in very clear terms. They sing anhad naad as the ecstasy of meeting of aatma with parmatma (soul with God) and is different from that of yogis. It is used to depict a state of ecstasy.

    (a) sMun smwiD Anhq nwd[[khnu n jweI Acrj ibsmwdu[[(suKmnI m:5,pMnw 293)

    (A) ibnvMiq nwnk gurcrx lwgy bwjy Anhd QUry[[ (rwmklI AnMd 3, pMnw 922)

    The Deepest Samaadhi, and the unstruck sound current of the Naad are there.

    The wonder and marvel of it cannot be described.

    suMn smwiD Anhq qh nwd ] khnu n jweI Acrj ibsmwd ]

    (293-17, gauVI suKmnI(, mÚ 5)

    Anhad is the Un-struck Melody which comes out of the body in honor of the Sovereign Lord. It is as if the Lord's Harp vibrates within the body

    ਰਾਜਾ ਰਾਮਅਨਹਦਕਿੰਗੁਰੀ ਬਾਜੈ॥(ਭਗਤ ਕਬੀਰਜੀਪੰਨਾ 92, ਸਤਰ 15)

    The skinless drum plays. Without the rainy season, the clouds shake with thunder. Without clouds, the rain falls, if one contemplates the essence of reality. I have met my Beloved Lord. Meeting with Him, my body is made beauteous and sublime. Touching the philosopher's stone, I have been transformed into gold. I have threaded the jewels into my mouth and mind. I love Him as my own, and my doubt has been dispelled. Seeking the Guru's guidance, my mind is content.

    AxmiVAw mMdlu bwjY ] ibnu swvx Gnhru gwjY ]

    bwdl ibnu brKw hoeI ] jau qqu ibcwrY koeI ]

    mo kau imilE rwmu snyhI ] ijh imilAY dyh sudyhI ]

    imil pwrs kMcnu hoieAw ] muK mnsw rqnu proieAw ]

    inj Bwau BieAw BRmu Bwgw ] gur pUCy mnu pqIAwgw ]

    (soriT, Bgq nwmdyv jI, 657-10-13)

    Contemplating the Guru, the beautiful, Un-struck Sound of the Sabd is obtained.

    ਅਨਹਦਸਬਦਿ ਸੁਹਾਵਣੇ ਪਾਈਐ ਗੁਰ ਵੀਚਾਰਿ॥( ਮਃ 1, ਪੰਨਾ 21, ਸਤਰ 2)

    The un-struck melody vibrates only when we truthfully remember God

    ਪ੍ਰਭ ਕੈ ਸਿਮਰਨਿਅਨਹਦਝੁਨਕਾਰ॥(ਮਃ 5, ਪੰਨਾ 263, ਸਤਰ 14)

    The detached ones are imbued with His Name, the un-struck melody, and the celestial vibrations.

    ਨਾਨਕ ਨਾਮਿ ਰਤੇ ਬੈਰਾਗੀਅਨਹਦਰੁਣ ਝੁਣਕਾਰੇ॥ (ਮਃ 1, ਪੰਨਾ 436, ਸਤਰ 15)

    Then the celestial flutes play the un-struck melody in tranquil peace and poise.

    ਤਉਅਨਹਦਬੇਣੁ ਸਹਜ ਮਹਿ ਬਾਇ॥ (ਭਗਤ ਕਬੀਰ ਜੀਪੰਨਾ 344, ਸਤਰ 11)

    The un-struck celestial melody vibrates in him and the un-blown bugles of ecstasy vibrate for him, who concentrate on the true God.

    ਤਹਬਾਜੇ ਨਾਨਕਅਨਹਦਤੂਰੇ ॥ (ਮਃ 5, ਪੰਨਾ 258, ਸਤਰ 1)

    ਵਾਜੇ ਤਾ ਕੈਅਨਹਦਤੂਰਾ [[(ਮਃ 5, ਪੰਨਾ 393, ਸਤਰ 16)

    The un-struck melody of the sound current resounds with the vibrations of the celestial instruments.

    ਅਨਹਦੋ ਅਨਹਦੁ ਵਾਜੈ ਰੁਣ ਝੁਣਕਾਰੇ ਰਾਮ॥(ਮਃ 5,ਪੰਨਾ 436, ਸਤਰ 13)

    Once the body in the form of vibrates with the un-struck melody, the string of the soul becomes steady, and concentration does not break.

    ਥਿਰੁ ਭਈ ਤੰਤੀ ਤੂਟਸਿ ਨਾਹੀਅਨਹਦਕਿੰਗੁਰੀਬਾਜੀ ॥ (ਭਗਤ ਕਬੀਰ ਜੀਪੰਨਾ 334, ਸਤਰ 19)

    The Un-struck Melody resounds and resonates in peaceful ease.

    ਅਨਹਦੁਵਾਜੈਸਹਜਿਸੁਹੇਲਾ॥(ਮਃ5, ਪੰਨਾ 97, ਸਤਰ10)

    The un-struck melody resounds, and the instruments ever vibrate, singing the Bani of the True Guru.

    ਅਨਹਦਧੁਨਿ ਵਾਜਹਿ ਨਿਤ ਵਾਜੇ ਗਾਈ ਸਤਿਗੁਰਬਾਣੀ ॥(ਮਃ 4, ਪੰਨਾ 442, ਸਤਰ 8)

    The un-struck melody resounds and the happiness comes from devotional worship of the Naam at His Door.

    ਬਿਨਵੰਤਿਨਾਨਕਸੁਖੁਨਾਮਿਭਗਤੀਦਰਿਵਜਹਿਅਨਹਦਵਾਜੇ॥ (ਮਃ5, ਪੰਨਾ 578, ਸਤਰ16)

    When the Un-struck Melody of the Sabd vibrates, beyond the nine gates, the Tenth Gate is found, and liberation is obtained.

    ਨਉਦਰਵਾਜੇਦਸਵੈਮੁਕਤਾਅਨਹਦਸਬਦੁਵਜਾਵਣਿਆ॥(ਮਃ3, ਪੰਨਾ 110, ਸਤਰ5)

    The un-struck melody, the sound current of the Naad, vibrates and resounds.

    ਅਨਹਦਬਾਣੀਨਾਦੁਵਜਾਇਆ॥(ਮਃ5, ਪੰਨਾ 375, ਸਤਰ11)

    The resounding unstruck melody sings the songs of the God with great devotion, dedication and sweetness.

    bwjy Anhd bwjw ] rsik rsik gux gwvih hir jn ApnY gurdyiv invwjw ](5,892-11)

    The one who renouces ego enjoys the unstruck melody.

    haumY iqAwgI Anhid rwqw ](1,1040-4)

    The un-struck melody comes out with the true word hence one must tune himself to the Ttrue God.

    swcY sbid shj Duin aupjY min swcY ilv lweI ](3,1234-7)

    Once the unstruck melody is struck the sweet melodies in God’s honour sprung.

    khu nwnk ris mMgl gwey sbd Anwhdu bwijE ](5,1204-4)

    The five primal sounds (words) of the Guru’s guidance make one lucky to listen to the un-struck melody.

    (a) pMcy sbd vjy miq gurmiq vfBwgI Anhdu vijAw ](m 4,1315-18)

    (A) pMc sKI imil mMglu gwieAw ] Anhd bwxI nwdu vjwieAw ](m 5,375-11)

    The God’s narration is the un-struck melody. By reciting God’s name the unstruck melody provides perfect sound. The word is sung through unstruck melody. The sweet un-struck melody originated by the recitation of naam smoothly tuned provides pleasure of natural ecstasy.

    (a) hir kI kQw Anwhd bwnI ](kbIr, 483-15)

    (A) nwmu lYq Anhd pUry nwd ](5,1144-8)

    (e) nwmu vsY iqsu Anhd vwjy ](5,1082-2)

    (s) Anhd bwxI sbdu suxwieAw ](3,1154-2)

    (h) sUK shj AwnMd nwm rsu Anhd bwxI shj Dunw ](5,1079-12)

    (k) gux gwvih Anhd Duin bwxI qh nwnk dwsu icqwrxw ](5,1077-7)

    These unstruck melodies appear when there are no worries.

    AicMq hmwrY Anhq vwjY] (5,1157-10)

    Benefits of Anhad?

    Egotism is eliminated once the Un-struck Melody of Gurbani is obtained.

    ਅਨਹਦਬਾਣੀਪਾਈਐਤਹਹਉਮੈਹੋਇਬਿਨਾਸੁ॥(ਮਃ1, ਪੰਨਾ 21, ਸਤਰ3)

    One who is blessed with intuitive peace and poise, and the vibrations of the Un-struck Celestial Bani, never suffers again.

    ਸਹਜਅਨਦਅਨਹਦਧੁਨਿਬਾਣੀਬਹੁਰਿਨਭਏਬਿਖਾਦ॥(ਮਃ 5, ਪੰਨਾ 1224, ਸਤਰ6)

    The Un-struck Melody constantly vibrates within; one’s mind is exalted and uplifted-as one is lovingly absorbed in the Lord.

    ਅਨਹਦਧੁਨੀਸਦਵਜਦੇਉਨਮਨਿਹਰਿਲਿਵਲਾਇ॥(ਮਃ3, ਪੰਨਾ 91, ਸਤਰ12)

    The Ambrosial Nectar, the Un-struck Melody of Gurbani rains down continually;

    ਅੰਮ੍ਰਿਤੁਵਰਖੈਅਨਹਦਬਾਣੀ॥(ਮਃ5, ਪੰਨਾ 105, ਸਤਰ15)

    One obtains the nine treasures; merriments are showered as the un-struck melody resounds.

    ਨਉਨਿਧਿਪਾਈਵਜੀਵਾਧਾਈਵਾਜੇਅਨਹਦਤੂਰੇ॥(ਮਃ5, ਪੰਨਾ 577, ਸਤਰ6)

    Once mind is enticed by the un-struck celestial melody; its flavor is amazing!

    ਅਨਹਦਧੁਨੀਮੇਰਾਮਨੁਮੋਹਿਓਅਚਰਜਤਾਕੇਸ੍ਵਾਦ॥(ਮਃ5, ਪੰਨਾ 1226, ਸਤਰ17)

    The Immaculate Bani and the Un-struck Melody of the Sound-current vibrate for the blessed at the Lord's Door, and honor of being at the True Door is obtained.

    ਨਿਰਮਲਵਾਜੈਅਨਹਦਧੁਨਿਬਾਣੀਦਰਿਸਚੈਸੋਭਾਪਾਵਣਿਆ॥(ਮਃ3, ਪੰਨਾ 121, ਸਤਰ8)

    ਅਨਹਦਧੁਨੀਦਰਿਵਜਦੇਦਰਿਸਚੈਸੋਭਾਪਾਇ॥(ਮਃ4, ਪੰਨਾ 42, ਸਤਰ3)

    The Un-struck Melody vibrates, as one dwells within the home of the self.

    ਅਨਹਦੁਵਾਜੈਨਿਜਘਰਿਵਾਸਾ॥(ਮਃ3, ਪੰਨਾ 161, ਸਤਰ18)

    When the Lord of the Universe reveals Himself, and the un-struck melody of the sound current vibrates, the drama of wondrous splendor is enacted.

    ਗੋਵਿੰਦਗਾਜੇਅਨਹਦਵਾਜੇਅਚਰਜਸੋਭਬਣਾਈ॥(ਮਃ5, ਪੰਨਾ 452, ਸਤਰ18)

    Always there is bliss and ecstasy and the un-struck celestial melody resounds there.

    ਤਹਅਨਦਬਿਨੋਦਸਦਾਅਨਹਦਝੁਣਕਾਰੋਰਾਮ॥(ਮਃ5, ਪੰਨਾ 545, ਸਤਰ3)

    As the un-struck celestial melody vibrates at meditator’s door; he is in the process of merging with the Lord.

    ਨਾਨਕਅਨਹਦਧੁਨੀਦਰਿਵਜਦੇਮਿਲਿਆਹਰਿਸੋਈ॥(ਮਃ4, ਪੰਨਾ 1248, ਸਤਰ8)

    Chanting the Naam, (the Name of the Lord); the un-struck melody of the sound current vibrates and resounds and one gets celestial peace, tranquility and ecstasy,

    ਸਾਂਤਿਸਹਜਆਨੰਦਨਾਮੁਜਪਿਵਾਜੇਅਨਹਦਤੂਰਾ॥(ਮਃਪੰਨਾ 618, ਸਤਰ9)

    Day and night, the celestial bugles vibrate the un-struck melody.

    ਅਹਿਨਿਸਿਬਾਜੇਅਨਹਦਤੂਰ॥(ਭਗਤਕਬੀਰਜੀਪੰਨਾ 344, ਸਤਰ3)

    Relationship to Sabd?

    The mind contemplates the Sabd. Hearing the un-struck music of the sound current and accepts it.

    ਅਨਹਦਸੁਣਿਮਾਨਿਆਸਬਦੁਵੀਚਾਰੀ॥(ਮਃ1, ਪੰਨਾ 415, ਸਤਰ16)

    The Sabd vibrates the un-struck melody.

    ਅਨਹਦਬਾਣੀਸਬਦੁਵਜਾਏ॥(ਮਃ3, ਪੰਨਾ 231, ਸਤਰ16)

    Through the Guru's Teachings, the Sabd is heard, while the Un-struck Melody of the Sabd vibrates day and night.

    ਓਥੈਅਨਹਦਸਬਦਵਜਹਿਦਿਨੁਰਾਤੀਗੁਰਮਤੀਸਬਦੁਸੁਣਾਵਣਿਆ॥(ਮਃ3, ਪੰਨਾ 124, ਸਤਰ14)

    The fire inside becomes cool and one is in ecstasy hearing the wonderful, Unstruck Sound of the Sabd.

    ਤਪਤਿਬੁਝੀਸੀਤਲਆਘਾਨੇਸੁਨਿਅਨਹਦਬਿਸਮਭਏਬਿਸਮਾਦ॥(ਮਃ1, ਪੰਨਾ 1217, ਸਤਰ19)

    The Five Primal Sounds (the Panch Shabad) vibrate with the Wisdom of the Guru's Teachings and by great good fortune, the Un-struck Melody resonates and resounds.

    ਪੰਚੇਸਬਦਵਜੇਮਤਿਗੁਰਮਤਿਵਡਭਾਗੀਅਨਹਦੁਵਜਿਆ॥(ਮਃ4, ਪੰਨਾ 1315, ਸਤਰ18)

    The unstruck sound current of the Sabd resounds and contains all sounds of the guitar, tambourine and cymbals.

    ਰਬਾਬੁਪਖਾਵਜਤਾਲਘੁੰਘਰੂਅਨਹਦਸਬਦੁਵਜਾਵੈ॥ (ਮਃ 5, ਪੰਨਾ 381, ਸਤਰ11)

    The lotus of one’s heart blossoms forth, one is ever imbued with the Lord's Love, and the un-struck melody of the Sabd resounds within.

    ਕਮਲੁਪ੍ਰਗਾਸਿਸਦਾਰੰਗਿਰਾਤਾਅਨਹਦਸਬਦੁਵਜਾਇਆ॥(ਮਃ3, ਪੰਨਾ 602, ਸਤਰ14)

    The Gurmukh meets the Lord in His Mansion, the heart deep within; the Un-struck sound of the Sabd vibrates.

    ਗੁਰਮੁਖਿਜਾਇਮਿਲੈਨਿਜਮਹਲੀਅਨਹਦਸਬਦੁਬਜਾਵੈਗੋ॥ (ਮਃ 4, ਪੰਨਾ 1310, ਸਤਰ10

    The Unstruck Melody vibrates, as they dwell within the home of the self.

    Anhdu vwjY inj Gir vwsw ] (gauVI guAwryrI, mÚ 3, 161-18)

    From the above it is sufficiently clear that all Master-souls, whether Hindus, Muslims, Christians, and countless others, were conversant with the practice of the Word, though they did not necessarily expound it as a regular science. Most of them tell of Anhad Sabd only, leading up to Und and Brahmand or the subtle and cosmic regions. But perfect saints, irrespective of whether they belonged to one religion or the other, have gone even beyond this and have spoken of Sar Sabd and Sat Sabd as well, and of regions beyond Brahmand (Par-Brahmand, i.e., Sach Khand, Alakh and Agam Deshas).

    [1] Harbans Singh (Ed.), The Encyclopaedia of Sikhism, Patiala, Punjabi University, 1995, p.117.

    [2] Al-anwar of Maulana Sheikh Mohd. Akram Sabri p. 105

    [3] . Ibid., p. 106
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    ...you're right Chaz, no sound can be compared to "anhad shabd or sabd" [AS], but why ? Because AS is an "experience" that is occasioned by an adept or an individual without any qualifications. That is to say, you don't have to be a good doer, or a bible basher or even a nit namee to be in a place and time to experience AS. This experience is open to the good, bad n the ugly. It is transcendental, meaning, beyond time n space; result of which is; that it cannot be anything matter constituted and cannot be compared with the sound produced by matter constituents found within the universe. Bhagat Kabir Ji on page 340 of SGGSJ writes, ' ....because it is non matter [unstruck sound], how can letters of the alphabet describe, identify or capture the true essence of such an existence?". He goes on to suggest, '...we can inasmuch, approximate to the nearest but not the absolute' In other words, it can only be experienced. And, those who have experienced [Nanak and others], have gone as far as expressing it as an "experience" event only. For this reason, philosophers have left "religion" to be a matter of an individual's faith and, not a matter of knowledge that is quantifiable or qualitatively verifiable using the scientific method and thus, be objective. What does this mean ? It means, science can through empirical observation and rational reasoning tell us all about the animal "dog" but cannot tell us what the experience "being" a dog is. And, subscribes to a view that we can have knowledge of "things" as they are, but cannot have knowledge of the things in themselves. Belief, faith and religion therefore remain disciplines of Art and not Science for that very reason.

    As regards Dr Grewal's theological narrative, it is definitely informative and extensively resourceful. The title says it all, "sound is mum n dad of all there is, all there was and all there will be" meaning, shabd. However, I've couple of notable observations intended to compliment the same and help clarify some of the conventional arrangement of terms and concepts used in the understanding of theological truths. For example time n space, but first, I J Singh's quote:

    "...humans and their faculties are finite while the ultimate reality is infinite. It’s thus a given that the finite cannot wrap its arms around the infinite". How true !

    General Theory of Relativity [GTR] says space and time are on the same footing – together they are the fabric of reality. Quantum Mechanic [QM], on the other hand, treats time and space differently, with time occasionally seeming more fundamental. All this starts unravelling, however, whenever scientists try to combine the two theories to find a greater theory capable of describing reality on all scales, large and small. Conclusion is, they can't as of yet, and like Dr Grewal observes, if modern scientists were to look at the mystics of the East for the missing-link they might be able to find the theory of everything.

    Moving on with Nanak's Nirankar as "being" Akal [timeless] where both time and space are emergent phenomenon's of the one being [Ekonkar] they remain incidental and not absolute, abeit, alive n kicking. And, as a result, ought to be treated independently as entities capable of describing physical reality and not spiritual existence.

    Akal Purakh is "nirgun" as well as "sargun", which means, it experiences itself through the subjective [creation] of its objective being [creator]. Unlike nirgun, sargun is limited to both time n space and is also subjected to certain conditions. The conditions are that whatever we see will first and foremost be perceived as phenomena in time n space - the two forms of intuition if you like. They are rubber stamped onto our mind and precede every experience we have, that is to say, we can know before we actually experience things that we will perceive them as phenomena in time and space. Perceiving things in time n space are innate and belong to the "human condition". They are modes of perception and not attributes of the physical world. In addition, the law of causality is another phenomena rubber stamped onto the human genome. Simply put, we are driven by this condition of cause n effect to look for the cause in everything and of anything, which isn't always accommodating. For example and since we are finite beings some truths are inconceivable, such as the beginning of Everything. Our minds are not designed to conceptualise such self-deterministic axioms. The consideration of the word "sunn" for example [void, Sherdil above] is inconsistent within the wider meaning of Gurbani for it occupies space and is not completely free of matter. Given nothing [sunn] has something [space n dark matter], it will negate the divinity of the Absolute that Akal Purakh otherwise is and beg the question, "was AP meditating in space and amongst matter ?" Although and indeed, it was translated as dark matter and considered in detail no doubt, it fails nevertheless to live up to capture the "absolute" in the realms of the infinite Being, within which Gurbani has framed it. In short, intellectual exercises and human endeavours, with the use of suitable vocabulary can take us to the end of time and space but not beyond it, for beyond is the world of non-matter. This brings me to conclude that the Lord is beyond the comprehension of the human mind. It is immortal, infinite and is beyond the laws of cause n effect. It can only be realised through direct experience and not known per se through intellectual investigation.

    Spiritual Sikhi begins when the mind surrenders to the Guru [absolute]. Great spiritual truths are revealed in SGGSJ when you accept it unconditionally, for you've surrendered yourself to the Guru, thus, free of human conditions and now the enjoyer of the spiritual excursions beyond time n space. Just as a drop of water exists in the ocean and the ocean is potentially in the drop, so too does human resides in Waheguru and Waheguru in human. Human beings are divine by nature and are capable of rising to the level of experiencing the Anhad Shabd, Moreover, they are potentially God. God created the entire universe and then hid Himself in every fibre of the creation disguised as an Atom, meaning, Atman. This is the profound wisdom found within the Gurmukh institution of Nanak's Sikh.

    Thank you everyone, especially Dr Grewal for the interesting article.

    Good night n Godbless
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    Admin Kaur Ishna Bhenji... Sound itself is not real or external. The sound you hear is completely internal!!! What exists is only pressure waves. Your ear the receiver translates those pressure waves into electrical signal which travels on your auditory nerve to your brain. Only once it's deciphered by your brain does it become sound like you think you are hearing. So everything you hear is actually internal! To answer your question about space and sound.... There is not pressure waves like we are used to hearing however here is sound originating. Just in different spectrum. As radio waves. There are actual recordings of sounds from the planets and they are haunting too if you get a chance try and YouTube some of NASA sounds from Jupiter and Saturn!
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    since sound is also a form of energy and resultant of change caused due to pressures caused on atoms/anons.
    It is well accepted that the entire universe is made of energy (Law of Energy) jot(i) nirantr(i) jaaniae (SGGS, p.55-6). This energy is continuously changing from one form to another (Law of change) jo deesai so chalanhaar (SGGS M5: p. 268:13), sab jag chalaltau pekhiae (SGGS, M 5: p.431:6). Energy was created only once (jo kichh(u) paia so eka vaar (Japuji, step 31, p.7) This energy however, remains same; it neither increases nor decreases (Law of Conservation of Energy) (n ghat hai n badh hai, Sri Guru Gobind sahib, Jaap Sahib). The entire energy is concentrated around one point; around which it functions in concentric circles. The centre of all the energy is the One; the Creator of the entire energy; the Creator of the entire universe; The God. Not only the God in SGGS is the Creator (Sabhai jea upaian aap(i) (p. 566) (Karta Purkh(u) Mool Mantra, p.1), but also the feeder (sabhna jia ka ik(u) data, M.1 japuji), the developer, the preserver (Nanak jant upai kai samalh(i) sabhnah, p. 467), controller, protector and the assimilator unlike the Trinity of Vedant. We are all part of this universal energy, because the universe is all energy and the energy is the entire universe (sabh mah(i) jot(i) jot(i) hai soi. tis de chanan(i) sabh mah(i) chanan(i) hoi (p.663). The entire energy is stringed together (sagal samgri tumre sootar dhari, M.5, sukhmani) (string theory). The continuity is the law of nature. The immaculate Divine Light is in continuity. (Nirmal joṯ(i) niranṯar(i) jaaṯee. (M. 1, P.1039) His Divine Light is contained in all. (M.1, p. 413 line 9) (Nirbhau aap niranṯar joṯ). All the bodies are contained in the Lord, and the Lord is contained in all the bodies. He is permeating within all (Har mah(i) ṯan(u) hai ṯan mah(i) har hai sarab niranṯar(i) soee re (Bhagat Kabeer, p. 870 line 11).

    To understand entire structure of the universe one has to know the fundamental structural elements (Jo brahimand khand so janhu (Maru M.1 p.1041). Albert Einstein discovered that the energy can convert into matter and matter can convert into energy. Similarly we have the theory of particles converting into waves and waves into particles (jo sukham soi asthool, M.5). The basic units: atoms and subatomic particles - that form molecules, and cells, and tissues, and organs, and individuals, are thus our common origin. The making and breaking these fundamental elements creates new structures. (sanjog vijog dui kaar chalavh(i) (M.1, Japuji, p. 6) (jud(i) jud(i) vichhude, vichhud(i) jude (p.1233) All new figures are created as ordered by Him (hukmi hovn(i) jeea, hukmi hovn(i) aakaar(i) (Japiji, p.2)

    The atoms and subatomic charged particles do not grow old and are ageless and timeless. We can call these basic units of matter as soul (atma) created from the energy of the universe (parmatma) - the two are inter-convertible and represent atma-parmatma. The individual soul is part of universal soul/energy created from charged particles (electrons, protons and neutron) to atoms to molecules to cells to complex organisms. The atoms in a child or a seedling are no younger than that of a wrinkled person or a yellowing leaf. That is why we can say that soul is eternal and never ages or dies, if we choose to say so.

    Soul never dies either. No one dies; only covers change; forms change: (na ko janme na ko marai, M.5). Soul (atma) is thus a form of energy while God/Universal soul (parmatma) as the creator and central controller of energy. The basic units of life (electrons, protons, neutrons, atoms and molecules) do not die but change form and rearrange themselves. So we can say that the soul (part of energy of the universe) never dies but body does.Soul does not die; it does not drown or swim across (na jio marai n doobai tarai (SGGS, M1, p.151). The charged particles (electrons, protons, neutrons, atoms and molecules), which are basic units of creation including human body and Soul (atma) are created from and end up with the universal energy (parmatma) that we have explained above as divine force or highest of all or Lord of the Universe or almighty God. The God Bosons have been found to be the unifying force of these fundamental particles. Therefore, the God of which we are part of is universal energy/energy of the universe, because the universe is all energy and the energy is all universe. This does not support the Vedant theory of transmigration. The beings, the creatures, the earth all are just going through a change. Earth has changed many times. It has been broken and remade (kai baar pasrio pasaar. sada sada ik(u) ekangkaar (p.276). God created and remoulded it again and again (p.355). So transmigration or avagaman of Vedant does not fit in the Sikh theology as per Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

    This energy is in continuity and there is no space. It may be in the form of wave or particle; but everything in this universe is in regular contact. There is no limit to smallness and greatness of living things. There are countless small things which are not visible to human eye due to the limits of visibility power of human beings. When these small things combine to form one big thing; they become visible. For examples, the quarks and fermions are not visible. When they join they form electrons, neutrons and protons, they still are not visible. When electrons, protons and neutrons join together and form into atoms, they are still not visible to human eye. When atoms join and form molecules; they still are not visible. However when molecules form to make substances they become visible sometimes. Thus group of smaller things when combined make big things and become visible. Similarly the distance from the eyes also affects visibility. For example the things close to us are visible but things which are away for example out of our town will not be visible. Similarly, there are numerous stars and constellations which are not visible to human eye or even to the instruments devised by man. There are countless things away from the visibility of the beings which the individuals cannot see. All these things are in regular contact; though we are unable to see this contact.

    All the energy, matter or things in the universe are in regular contact; all big and small things; all the things close and all the things far away; all are in contact. It means that there is no space. The place where the things are not visible is considered empty; having space. The things that are not visible are considered to be creating space in this terminology. In actuality there is no space; since energy is present everywhere either in the form of wave or particle. All the small things and big things are joined to form continuity. We have things visible and things not visible; things identifiable and things not identifiable; all joined together to form a continuity. There is no space between any two things in actuality even though we find the visible items as separate because of non visibility of smaller items which are in continuity.

    Similarly the origin of time is in question. Since the universe has been moulded and remoulded many times; from which universe we start our time. It is like starting the time with one bubble in a water which when breaks we start thinking of another time. Our present time is the creation of human mind which has been related to the sun. We started with days and nights; hours, minutes and seconds relating these to the sun. If sun would not have been there; days and nights would not have been there. Thus the time is the creation of mind of the man. There was no time when the man was not there. Hence to talk about space and time as the standards of measurements of the past especially of the period when man was not there or when sun was not there or when this universe was not there is a creation of human mind. Animals and birds do not bother about time; though they may link their movements to movement of sunlight.

    The things which we see we identify them with names. We identify the names by their functions or by their attributes. They may be common nouns, proper noun, classified nouns, abstract nouns etc. Among other houses, we have our house which is full in all respects. It has windows; doors, curtains, tables, chairs, beds, cups, saucers, glasses, plates, trays, water, fire, electric switches, plugs sockets and what not which we know and we have given them common nouns. We have classified all things beings used for cooking and serving as utensils; all tables and chairs as furniture; utensils and furniture items are thus classified names. We are husband and wife with children in the house. We have named our children as Raj, Taj, Ram, Mani etc. Parents also gave us the names like Joy, Deep etc. All these are proper names. These are names given to a group of items bound together to be visible and have thus become identifiable. They are linked with numerous other items not being seen which we do not give any name and do not identify. All are however connected. Sagal samgri tumre sootar dhari (M.5 Sukhmani).

    Everything is in a string. The visibility being limited we get different results; thinking processes being different, we have different names, but all remained bound to a single string. The stringing is so intense that there are no gaps; each particle impacting the other at every moment. This impact is continuous; non-breaking: one particle impacts any other particle in any part of the universe systematically. Thus impact on one particle is impacting the entire universe. This also shows that not a single particle in the universe is without impact of other particles, the impact however getting smaller with the increase in numbers of points of contact. The impact is thus gross and not individualistic. This impact can be increased or decreased by concentration. To measure impact on one particle; measuring the impact of only the neighbouring particles thus will not yield the right result. Continuity in total universe thus is relevant.
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    I have pretty much typed everything you have in this thread numerous times in this site :) I am in complete agreement with you! And glad someone else thinks like I do :)
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    All is not sound per say. For sound to happen there must be a source, a medium, and a receiver. Source is the act of striking something or something producing pressure waves, in a medium (in this case lets say air, and the receiver is often stated as the ear. Nope the ear is still medium, the vibrations are turned into electrical impulses and they travel on another medium, the acoustic nerve to the brain. The brain itself is yet another medium... a brain doesn't understand music. A brain doesn't interpret sound. A brain is a processor... but the receiver is your consciousness.
    Literal sound as you say, is nothing more than your ability to translate vibrations / waves in varying different states, into something you perceive as audible sound. Without a conscious receiver, there is no sound. You know the old question... if a tree falls in the forest and there is nobody there to hear, does it make a sound? Well it certainly produces vibration and pressure waves. The medium is there but there is no receiver so in essence, it remains as only waves in the medium. The world really is a quiet place "out there" as audible sound is purely an internal experience only! Strange to think so but its true! Case in point, stand right next to a huge speaker set to maximum volume, then play a sound which is beyond human range of hearing. You will hear nothing. Because those waves are either too small or too large to be captured by the tiny hairs in your ears. The 'sound' is silent and remains as only waves around you in the medium (air).

    This same concept is true for light, colour, radiation, RF, electromagnetic, microwave radiation, heat, in fact EVERYTHING we experience the base is pure vibration. Right down to the atoms, and even smaller. And subatomic particles as shown behave as both a wave / particle depending on whether or not there is a conscious observer (double slit experiment). So we are glimpsing what reality is... and it's not the solid matter we interact with every day. In fact, the only real tangible thing we can say for sure might be our own consciousness.... without form.
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    Question is about the source of sound.
    I find from Gurbani the source to be 'The God'; medium is the dark energy converting into dark matter and the receivers are the new lattices becoming in dark matter which continuously pass on sound in the form of waves. Scientifically speaking, any abrupt change causes sound. The abrupt change here is pushing the concentrated energy i.e., the atoms of dark energy were given an abrupt motion by the initial action. This action caused reactions and activities started. The sequence is abrupt disruption of concentrated dark energy --emergence of light and sound-- dark energy converting into dark matter and gradually to visible matter-uniform universe gradually changing into cosmic web, super clusters, galaxies, Milky ways, spiral arms, stars, asteroids, earths, and moons. For life quarks turning into protons neutrons etc, and then into atoms, DNAs, chromosomes, gases, oxygen, hydrogen, Nitrogen etc., water, greenery, life.
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    If there was a cardinal sin; which of course there is none in Sikhism; regardless we are grossly guilty of it in this thread. As long as we keep falling in the trap that SGGSJ and Guru ji continue to warn us again and again to not fall into, we are simply making a fool of ourselves. This pseudo science while interesting is an ego trip at its very base level. SGGSJ keeps telling us to not try to explain or define all that is creator or creation or what is the complete truth that underlies. It is infinite and cannot be boxed. Extend your understanding and discoveries for sure but don't try to put it into this or that box of concepts. Please hold your horses and think and express in humility. The more we try to explain, postulate, the more there wold be left unanswered.

    Sikhism for sure is for science, discovery and so on and there is nothing wrong with that. There is everything wrong when it is stated as this is it. Whether it is string theory, energy mass transformations, the bangs, the sounds waves/tarangs, the other type of waves, that our limited ears could hear or not hear or other senses could or could not experience. If we were born without hearing, should we really believe that it would somehow change how the universe is or came to be, etc. Similarly if we did not have vision would it change how the whole thing is, hardly so.

    I am no trying to put anyone down, if I come across so please forgive me. I am just suggesting we take a breather in vehemency of theories, assumptions or conjectures as being the complete and final answer or somehow imply that this answer was given by our Guru ji or is in SGGSJ. There is strong discouragement for such an approach from our Guru ji as well as repeatedly so in SGGSJ.

    Sat Sri Akal.
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    Nothing will ever be final answer. Someone once said the further we look, the more there is to see. But science is giving us glimpses of the divine and that is exciting. There is more proof in science of a divine creation, there is of everything just being a big cosmic accident.

    However I also wouldn't say that its exactly impossible to know either... unless you don't believe in the concept of a Brahamgiani.
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