Sukhmani Sahib Astpadi 2: Essence And Summary


ੴ / Ik▫oaʼnkār
Ḏīn ḏaraḏ ḏukẖ bẖanjnā gẖat gẖat nāth anāth. Saraṇ ṯumĥārī ā▫i▫o Nānak ke parabẖ sāth. ||1||

The saviour from misery and hurt of the poor, the helper of the forlorn. I am at your door creator, holding the coattails of Guru Nanak

In the salok, Guru ji sets the objective of discourse in Astpadi 2. In understanding of the creator solutions and guide to living are found for the forsaken, deserted, in misery and, in sickness.
In the eight pauris/sabads many examples are given to show how it relates to gaining ever increasing understanding of the creator. This is directly through creator’s blessing as well as in the company of the wiser and pious like minded.

Starting from family, issues of attachment and fears like death, abound. Rituals and ceremonies or recognizing anyone other than one creator is not the answer. On the flip side, Kingly living, millionaires, worldly pleasures and such are a source of discontent. One can put worldly and manpower resources to address many scenarios. A sustained answer comes from understanding of creator and all around. The results are contentment, happiness, fulfillment, true worldly respect.

Acumen develops to manage, develop faculties to see true good and bad, hence a living that is in line with creator and creation and always improving so.

Guru ji humbly submit to the aware company of the creator. It is for us to likewise think and live that approach. It is not to do reading so many times either silently or aloud. But to understand in heart and mind so it enriches and gets better with every passing moment. A blissful living awaits all such.

Sat Sri Akal.


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