Sikhs In Temples

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Joginder Singh Foley

Jan 26, 2008
Stoke On Trent
Just out of curiousity are you refering to only hindu temples or to all places of worship of all religions as i am curious as to how we as sikhs should behave in places like churches, synagoges, mosques etc ????


Mai Harinder Kaur

Oct 6, 2006
British Columbia, Canada
I cannot comment on the validity of other religions except to say that Guru ji calls those he calls. Anyone not called to be Sikh needs to be devoted to whatever religion or belief system they feel called. Not everyone is cut out to be a Sikh in this life.

As for bowing down to idols, I do not. I bow only to SGGS ji. All my friends know I am Sikh. They know what seems to them my peculiarities as a Sikh. When in a Catholic church or anywhere else, I do not kneel or genuflect. When in a mandir or anywhere else, I show neither respect nor disrespect to idols.

When I am in a culture, such as the Japanese, where a bow in greeting shows respect in a secular context to the other person, I do not hesitate to bow. However, that bow is the same to everyone whether begger or Emperor.

I refuse to argue about other religions. Such argument is fruitless and probably sinful. What right have I to try to undermine anyone else's faith? (Yes, this includes even my born-again-spirit-filled Christian medical caregiver who is ever trying to convert me. In fact, this especially includes even my born-again-spirit-filled Christian medical caregiver who is ever trying to convert me. This evangelising is part of her religion. She would feel sinful if she didn't do her best. When she asks me what about Christianity do I believe erroneous, I tell her that I couldn't say without showing disrespect toward her beliefs and my religion asks me to show respect toward other religions. This answer seems to satisfy her; I think she is a bit nervous about what I might say, if I ever told her.)

Oct 21, 2009
It may be personal question. But when we were in school we were made to visit Churches, Gurudwaras and Temples. We did not know much about faith and religions then. There was no 'sikhism' in mind. I still have vivid memories of Temples in Dehli esp. 'Birla Mandir'. I do visit the temple and find the same peace that I get while visiting any Gurudwara.
I do not believe in Dieties or their strength/power but I do not annoy my friend as well.If they accompany me to My Gurudwara I have to reciprocate and that I do lovingly.

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