(In Punjabi/ਪੰਜਾਬੀ) Nice Punjabi Songs With A Blend Of Sufism

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
SUFI "ISHQ" is actually similar to the "love" being taught in SGGS..between The Creator Husband and we the Wife !! That is one reason Sheikh farid Ji finds an honoured place in SGGS..Farid Ji was in "Love" with HIM the same way the Gurus were...as were all the Bhagats dhadds Satta balwand etc...ISHQ of the Highest order...
This type of "Ishq" is NOT Mainstream Sunni Islamic way...thats why the Sufis are not very popular among Muslims...and many of their "scholars" actually deride people like Sheikh farid Ji...:faujasingh:


1947-2014 (Archived)
From the comments under the video explains:

Utkarsh Mishra

The final performance couldn't be completed because Ali got very emotional while singing and started to cry. Read somewhere..really a very beautiful song...

Enigma H

It's emotional for him, which is why they couldnt get past the rehearsal. In the BTS of this song, they show him breaking down and crying. Sufi kalams have that power ...

Shah Khan

I must say, I don't normally log in to comment or like videos but this one is an exception. Ali Zafar is an extraordinary artist and puts the effort to get the success he deserves. I believe the session wasn't ever completed because Ali ended up crying in the end. Great job Ali and keep up the amazing work!


They couldn't able to shoot because Ali Zafar got Emotional in between the song while shooting. so they had to postponed the shoot and they didn't reshoot. so that's they use rehearsal version.
i think sufi's are many a times misunderstood ....
there have been times when sufi's had to face wrath of different religious people

but they seems to be TRUE LOVERS of almighty.....
just LOVE nothing else in their hearts
love the starting of this song
Ishq tey atish dono barabar
Adey ishq da ta-vikhayra

Atish sadey hay pakh te-paan
Adey ishq sadey dil jherra

Atish pani naal bujheyndi
Adey ishq da daaru kehraa

Ghulam Farid

Uthay chhana rakhi
Jithay ishq laway dayra


Love and fire are the same
The heat of love overweighs the heat of fire
Fire burns material, but love burns the heart
Fire can be put out by water but.
What is the remedy of love?
Don’t fall in love where the intensity of love is high

Yaar Dadhi Ishq - Ali Zafar - Jhoom (2011) - Yar Dhadhi Ishq - Full Song - YouTube
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bhulle shah kalams put into song

Bulle nu loki matti dinde,

Bulleya aa Baija Vich maseeti,

Bulle nu loki matti dinde,

Bulleya aa Baija Vich maseeti,

Vich Maseetan de ki kuch hunde

Je dilon namaz na Niti

Bahron doye lattan Gode

Anderen Rahi Paliti

Tera dil khadave munde kudiya

Sajde karen Maseeti

Kannan nu haath lave pehle

Pher Nawaz ne Niti

Duniyadara Rabb de naal vi,

Chaar sau vi ten kitti.

Allah Hoo by nooran sister's coke studio @mtv by hitesh sonik - YouTube
Ilmoun bas kari oo yaar
Eko Alif terey darkar

Enough of learning, my friend!
An alphabet should do for you

Ilm n awey wich shumar
Jandi umer, Nahi aytebar
Eko Alif terey darkar
Ilmoun bas kari oo yaar

To it there is never an end
An alphabet should do for you
It’s enough to help you fend.
Enough of learning, my friend!


Ilmoun bas kari oo yaar
Enough of learning, my friend!

Parh parh, likh likh ladain dher
Dher kitabaan, cho pheyr
Kerdey chanan, Wich unheyr
Pecho: “Rah?” tey khabar n satar

You’ve amassed much learning around
The Quran and its commentaries profound
There is darkness amidst lighted ground
Without the guide you remain unsound


Ilmoun bas kari oo yaar
Enough of learning, my friend!

Parh perh shekh mashaikh khawein
Ultey masley gharoon bata dein
Bey ilmaan noon lut lut khawein
Jhotey Sachey karain aqrqr

Learning makes you Sheikh or his minion
And thus you create problem trillion
You exploit oyhers who know not what
Misleading them with wild opinion


Ilmoun bas kari oo yaar
Enough of learning, my friend!

Parh parh nafal namaz guzarien
Achian bangaan changha mari
Manber tey chaRRh waaz pukarein
Keeta teeno ilm khawar

You meditate and you say your prayers
You go and shout at the top of the stairs
You cry reaching the high skies
It’s your avarice which ever belies


Ilmoun bas kari oo yaar
Enough of learning, my friend!

Jed main sabaq Ishq da parhaya
Derya dekh Wahedat da warria
Ghuman gheraan dey wich uRRia
Shah Inayat laya paar

The day I learnt love’s lesson
I plunged into the river of devine passion
An overwhelming gale. I was confused and lost
When Shah Inayat cruised me across

Ilmoun bas kari oo yaar
Enough of learning, my friend!

Junoon - Alif - YouTube
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Aur Vee Neevhan Ho fakira
Ucha Sarhoon Garoor Mai Kadi Na Fal Payee Fakira
Aur Vee Neevhan Ho Fakira
Payenga Deedar Sahib Da

Bow Your Head Further Down In Humility
There Is Great Pleasure In Holding Your Head In Arrogance But That Pleasure Will Never Be Fulfilling
Bow Your Head Further Down In Humility
One Day You Will Be Rewarded With His Presence

Hor Vi Neevan Ho, Noori, Coke Studio Pakistan, Season 3 - YouTube
Lyrics Similar to the "bas kario ilmhon yaar"
except few added verses
"Jo Na Janey Haq Ki Takat Rabh Na Dewe Usko Himmat
Hum mann Ke Dariye Mai Dube Kaisi Naya Kya Manjhdhar,Haq"

One WHo Doest Know The Strength Of Truth
God Wont Grant Them The Strength
We are drowning in our own selves
There are no boats, nor storms; only truth

Aik Alif, Noori & Saieen Zahoor, Coke Studio Pakistan, Season 2 - YouTube


Yep,a very good track that i've been listening to lately.
This young lad is real good and has a lot of talent and he sings this track from the heart.
He has studied his Punjabi and music very well being that he is a true born brit.
I believe he went and stayed in Punjab for a few years whilst young just to learn everything Punjabi while his family was back in UK.
Ghoom charkha ghoom
Ghoom Charkha Sai da
Teri kathan wali jeevay
Lariya watan wali jeevay
Charkha bolay saeein saeein
Bair bolay kooh
Gaey Husain faqeer saeein da
Main nahin sab tu
Ghoom charkha ghoom

Spin wheel, spin
Spin wheel, spin
The girl spinning, reeling the thread
Long may she live, while you spin

Spinning wheel says, Lord, Lord
Thread says, You
Shah Husain, a fakir for the Lord
Says, I am nothing, all is You
Spin wheel, spin

Ghoom Charakhra - [Sur-Kshetra - Episode # 24 - 08-Dec-2012] - By; Diljaan - YouTube
Rabba mere haal da mehram tu

(You are the only one who understands my feelings)

“Jo Kuchh baab mere dukh darde, hai kee khabar kise nun”

(No one knows how much pain my sorrows give)“

So yo jane kadar mohammad tanman lagdi jaenoon”

(Only the one who experiences it, understands the pain)“

“Mula Jithay baajh preet lagaee”

(Lord, where u have fixed my living)

“Hoga jis hoorna”

(Things that have to Occur will happen)

“Hasan kheedan yaad na rha piya omer da rona”

(forgot how to laugh and play and sorrow )

“Ander toon hia bahir too hai”

(You are inside me you outside of me)

“Roon roon wich tu “

(you are every bit of me)

“Jis dil ander ishq na rajya”(4)

(The Heart where Love doesn’t find abode)

“Kutta us de changay”

(He is no better than a dog)

“Sawand daykar rakh karday sabir bokhay nangay”

“Jay lakh hood ibadat kariyey bin ishqoon kis karee”

(Thousands Years of Worship without Love renders it useless)

“Jan jaan ishq na saray tanoo taan taan nibhay naa yaree”

(The soul which hasn’t burn in the fire of love, can’t fall in love)

“Dil wich chaa nigah kar wekhan, “

(When I see inside my Heart)

“surat asal sanam dee”

(I always see the picture of true Lord)

“Dilber noo joo kahay muhamad paar kabar is gham dee”

“Tu hai tana tu hai bana”

“Sab kuch mayra tu”

(Your are my every thing)

“Ochee jah dil noo lagaya”

(I fall in love with the ultimate lover, which is my LORD)

“Paree mosibat bharee”

(and this is immensely difficult)

“Yaaran baaj mohammad bakhsha kaun kare damkhari

”(god is kind, my friends are around me who share my grief and sympathise with me)

“Wichoo attish baharoo khaki”

(fire from within dust from outside)

“Jee aik aah dard jee maran hoda mulak weranee”

(The pain of desire has rendered me alone in the country)

“Khokhafa tay sabzay sarday nade rahay naa pane”

(all seasons, green, snow, river have no value to me)

“Kahe hussain faqir nimmana main nahin sub tu”

(Helpless Hussain can only say All this is your energy, not mine)

Diljaan-Rabba Mere Haal Da Mehram Tu(HD)-23.12.2012-Added by Modest Jasdeep - YouTube

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