guru ke pyareo

Guru ke pyareo

Till today wasnt even aware of that this forum existed. I m etinder pal singh
33, based at Saskatchewan, Canada. Originally from Patiala, Punjab,India,
spent some time in New York before reaching Canada. Currently working in the hospitality industry. And have a dream (for which i need all the help) that people across the globe should be aware and be educated of "who we sikhs are" and be able to spread the message of the guru's "manas ki jaat sabhe eke pehchaan bo"
with lots of regards to all the administrators, moderaters and participants, you guys are doing a terrific job in enlightening others and urselves too
guru fateh
etinder pal singh
Fateh etinder Ji,

Its nice to find people like Amarpal, Tejwant, ThinkingOne, Truth Seeker and you here on these forums...

Please enjoy your stay and share your knowledge with us...

A warm welcome you...:)

Best Regards

Tejwant Singh


Thanx for being the part of Sadh Sangat in this forum. Only through SAdh Sangat we can have GURBANI VICHAR.


Peace & Love

Happy Birthday I. Brian

Hi Brian

Many Many Happy Returns for the day... :)

One this day I would love to congratulate you on your successful effort to maintain this website full of quality stuff, clean and very pleasant experience for everyone...

Please keep it up and enjoy Life,

Happy Birthday to You !!!

from everybody at
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Hello Ji

Hello everyone
Im new to this so i thought id say hi and make my presence known - look foward to interacting with y'all :D
Fateh Ji

Welcome to Forums,

Nice to see you around but I was wondering why you seem to be confused in your signatures ?

Anyways, enjoy your stay over these forums.

Best Regards
Hey ppl
Iv got a confused face in my signiture coz thats wat im am confused about everything coz this worlds just a confusing place huna?


welcome to the forum jeeth kaurji

share ur confusions, might be possible that we might be able to solve ours too in the process



Im new here

Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim

Peace be upon everyone.

I hope i am posting this in the correct forum.

I am a Muslim. We call each ourselves Alevi. It is the more mystical and humanist path of Shiaism.

I hope to learn more about sikhism and educate others about Islam. I came to this forum after learning about Sikhs on shiachat. I have actually chatted with one brother named Bahadur Singh, special salams to him.

I hope to enjoy my time here.

With Love And Duas.
Welcome Alevi ji,

Thanks for your time taken to explore the site. On behalf of this site, I welcome you for further mutual learning. In fact, I was going to visit some other religions' forums too. Good to see you here, as recently there were thoughts about the crescent and star symbol. Please add to our knowledge about the same as per

Enjoy your stay :)

Best Regards.
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