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  1. Archived_Member16

    What Would I Teach My Child / Myself ?

    http://www.sikhmarg.com/english/sikhyouth.html Sincerely praising leads to eternal happiness What would I teach my child / myself? Following are few ideas. 1. Good and bad co-exist in this world, in our own body and in others. 2. While we cannot ignore the bad, we can train our mind to...
  2. L

    New To The Grp, -brief Intro About Myself

    sat sri akal , my name is Sumeet Singh Luthra, from delhi. am a software engineer and am interested in learning gurbani. -Sumeet
  3. P

    Newbie Here, Just Wanted To Introduce Myself

    Good even ladies and gentlemen :) I'm hear only to learn about Sikhism, I'm studying business admin. at a Toronto University, and work when I can. My interest include cars, theology, reading, gaming, girls, fashion and politics. Anyways, some of my questions probe deeply into finding the...
  4. P

    Introducing Myself And Guru Gobind Singh Ji's Birthday

    Wahegururu ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh! Best wishes to all on occation of Guru Gobind Singh Ji's Birthday. My detail information is available on http://www.parvinder.50megs.com Thank you Parvinder Singh Lecturer(CSE), Guru Jambheshwar university, Hisar-125005(India)
  5. S

    Why I Consider Myself A Conservative/Republican

    Subject: Why I Consider Myself a Conservative/Republican... Why will I be voting for Bush? For the last year, I have been an avid follower of politics. To this day, I can't determine if Kerry is a phony political opportunist or whether he actually has meaningful personal...
  6. Admin

    New SPN'er Introductions

    Now that you are here, it is a place for all new members to introduce themselves to the fellow members and for the existing members to cheer the new arrivals. To introduce yourself now, simply roll down this page and enter your message in the Quick Reply message box! And, please enjoy your...